5 thoughts on “8 Piano Apps Worth the Download

  1. Great article!

    I personally have a metronome, ear training, and keyboard app on my Iphone. The keyboard app does not help with practicing, but helps if I think of a good melody and want to play it on a keyboard so I do not forget it.

    I am still a bit reluctant to use a sheet music app for learning a score because I do not like the idea of staring at a bright screen for multiple hours while learning a piece of music. Also, it is much easier to write notes down on paper sheet music than with a digital copy.

  2. I am in my church choir but I can barely read sheet music and I occasionally have a tough time learning the harmony (I sing alto). Is there an app that can read a PDF of sheet music and play the notes for just one part.. or if I were to hide or white out all the other notes but my part, is there an app that can read read notes in a PDF of sheet music and play them aloud for me?(Sometimes it’s just a few notes that I can’t seem to get, so at the VERY least I need to find a keyboard app that I can use to plonk out the correct notes on my own.)

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