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About Ryan B.

Allen, TX

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Mainly for younger students, I teach piano basics, including reading music, chords and lead work

About Ryan
Hey There! Let's play some music!!

My name is Ryan B. I play and teach guitar, bass and drums, and piano and would love to teach you or help you improve your abilities! I have been playing all four instruments for 25 years, and I have a personal, laid-back style that helps connect with each student.

I have been with TakeLessons for over seven years now, and am truly blessed to have worked with so many great students.I will teach you what YOU want to play, regardless of style or genre you like in music. I design my lessons around YOU, and what YOU want to learn!

Let's talk guitar! Guitar is the ultimate instrument to learn! It is versatile and portable and you can learn quickly, regardless of your favorite style. I teach acoustic and electric guitar. I cover basics, such as chords, scales and solo work. I cover a wide r
ange of artists such as: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Regardless of your favorite band or style, I can help you accomplish your goals!

Piano is one of the most important instruments to learn, especially for children. The benefits are endless. For piano, I teach beginner through intermediate students. Piano is a popular choice because it has a very friendly layout with the keyboard. I use a proven 6 level method to take you from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Ode to Joy! I cover how to read sheet music and cover a wide variety of musical styles!

As a kid did you set up pots and pans or pillows and hit them with spoons like I did? Well, then the drums may be for you! You can learn drums with a pair of sticks! Drums are a total BLAST to play, and if you are not one who wishes to read sheet music,then the drums are perfect for you! I cover a TON of different styles, and if you have a favorite drummer, you can learn to play like him or her relatively quickly!

I offer private in-home lessons, lessons at my studio and on-line lessons!

*** Lesson Details ***
Students can expect my lessons to focus on your goals. I cover a lot of fundamentals and basics to start, and then go through more advanced techniques as the student progress. In a short period of time, you will know chords, notes, techniques, rhythm and timings, just to name a few!

Guitar students will learn basic chords, barre chords and soloing techniques. Bass students will learn bass notes, bass lines and soloing.

Drum students will learn timing, fills, soloing and lead drumming.

Piano students will learn how to read music, fingering, chords and song performance.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Equipment available:
6-string acoustic guitar
12-string acoustic guitar
Electric guitar
Bass Guitar
2 amplifiers
Full Drum Set

*** Travel Equipment ***
acoustic guitar, bass guitar

*** Specialties ***
I love and can play almost every style of music imaginable! Whatever style of music you like, I can help you improve and learn!
Ricky February 16, 2019
· Guitar · In studio
I started Learning guitar with Ryan in Jan. Its only been a month and I have learned so much. He is very accommodating with his schedule and Extremely knowledgeable about all things music. I had many question and he was able to answer them all. I will continue to take lessons from Ryan for as long as I can foresee.
Eli July 5, 2018
· Piano · In studio
Ryan's style is relaxed and friendly. He walked carefully and deliberately through the material in the first lesson, but not so slow that it was boring.
Robert S. February 15, 2018
· Drum · In studio
Ryan is a great teacher! Very patient and encouraging!
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Ryan B.

Allen, TX 75002
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Joel M.

Arlington, TX

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I started playing recognizable melodies at 18-months old. I have over 40 years of performance experience, and 20 years of teaching experience. I love sharing classical and contemporary tools with those that desire to create and to perform.

About Joel
I started playing recognizable melodies on the piano at 18 months old. At that time I was told that I even had perfect pitch. By age 5, my mother started giving me classical, gospel, and improvisational lessons. I was one of her 50 students until my senior year in high school. Through elementary, junior high, and high school, I received a lot of performance experience from school marching/concert bands, choirs, church choirs, piano concerts, band/choral conducting, and composing.

I received my BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington; through college and to the present, I have received over 25 years of performing/directing experience from overseeing two mega-church music ministries. At these ministries, I served as the department head, responsible for lead piano, directing, arranging, worship leading, and departmen
tal oversight.

I have produced 10 personal instrumental projects, and I have produced and recorded over 40 projects for other local, regional, and international artists. I currently travel with national, jazz, recording saxophonist, Joseph Vincelli, and my personal band Zamar. We have performed with a number of acts from Kirk Franklin, Darren Rahn, Kirk Whalum, Boney James, Fred Hammond, and many more.

As an instructor, I have been blessed with an ability to be relatable, relevant, musical, creative, fun, and engaging. I understand the language of music as a performer, and instructor, but most importantly, I value the ability to help the student find their own path of learning the joy of making music vocally and instrumentally. With over 18 years of private teaching experience and 30 years of group experience, I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to be instructive and personal with the young or older beginner, intermediate and even advanced players. Let's grow together musically.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is very laid back, although goal-oriented. We have fun while seeing progress. For piano, I typically use the Alfred Series "Alfred Basics 1 - 6" or the Adult All-in-One for the Older Beginner. In the first 3 - 6 months, one will become familiar with basis technics and concepts behind creating music. These concepts will be the foundation behind learning how to read music, play by ear, and create your own songs in any style.

We would move a little faster for the older beginner and work through the Alfred's All in One in conjunction with introducing my 5 steps to performance for any popular style. These steps have been very valuable for those that are wanting to play piano, guitar, bass, or even sing.

For vocalist, I work through Estelle Liebling, Vocal Course, Alfred Piano (as an instrumental reference) and a number of practical performance techniques that I have gained over the years to sing in more of a pop, jazz, gospel setting. We will work on performance techniques and develop the ear to gain confidence to perform in various popular settings. I will also introduce creative ways to make up original music using basic theory and ear training.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Acoustic Piano, Yamaha MOXF8, Roland Fantom, Protools 9, Logic ProX, Midi Keyboards, Bass Mod 5 String Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, and Tama Drum Kit.

*** Specialties ***

marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and
have received the highest feedback rating from students.

I specialize in gospel, R&B, Neo Soul, Blues, jazz improvisation, arranging, lead sheets, rhythm charts, and music arrangement theory
Teresa May 10, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Joel was professional, friendly, and interested in my goals. Joel had patience with my being nervous yet making me comfortable. I left feeling energized and positive that my time and money are not being wasted. He also explained our exercises in a way that I could understand.. thank you Joel. looking forward to next week...
Jesse February 4, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Joel is very knowledgeable, practical, and capable to teach at any level. As a graduate music student, I have gained so much from his lessons than in class.
Alice December 14, 2018
· Singing · In studio
Thank you Joel. I am looking forward to my next session. I left very inspired.
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Joel M.

Arlington, TX 76002
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Nick M.

The Colony, TX

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I love teaching beginner piano at any age level. While my main instrument might be trumpet, I have also been playing piano since I was a kid. This is a great tactical instrument to start any student on and to learn the basics of how music works.

I'd love to help you find a budget friendly piano that is also a quality instrument to learn on. Let me know if you have any questions.

About Nick
I am a 29 year old, energetic teacher of almost any instrument, with my main instrument being trumpet. I have my masters in jazz studies from The University of North Texas, near Dallas Texas. I also have been teaching since 2008!

As a performing musician in the DFW area my goal is to help students understand how music works, develop great practice techniques, and create a hobby or profession that will last a lifetime.

*** Lesson Details ***
Each lesson is an hour long consisting of several different parts to help students to understand music from several different view points.
- First we engage in some guided listening to broaden our perspective of music and learn about the history of music.
- Second we work on fundamentals that help us to play music. This is like learning the alphabet before you learn to spell. We don't ski
mp on this part!
- Third we work our mind from a theoretical approach to understand the math behind how music works.
- Finally we spend the last third of the lesson applying all of this knowledge to a solo, song, or lesson book.

I aim to give you the tools to study the music you want to study!

*** Equipment ***
Students should have a stand and their instrument for our first lesson. After the first lesson we will pick a book, song, or solo based on your level. If you need help, I can help you to find an affordable quality instrument.

*** Specialties ***
Jazz Improvisation/Performance
Classical Trumpet
Cover Band (Trumpet)
Beginner Trumpet or Piano
Theory at all levels.
Solo Music Preparation
Audition Prep.
How to make a band.
Music Management (how to manage a band).
How to get a gig (any age level).
David July 8, 2019
· Trumpet · In home
My son started taking lessons a year ago, Nick used his strengths to help him learn. He has become inspired with the trumpet, and started to play a little every day.
Jose July 8, 2019
· Trumpet · Online
I am taking online lessons with Nick, and he has helped me to understand what it is to be a musician. Before I started taking lessons, if someone asked me to play something, I was not able to do it without getting a sheet of music out and struggling A LOT. Now I am starting to be able to play the music I want to play, both by ear and reading. He teaches much more than just playing band music. I wish I could take more than a few lessons this summer.
Vaishnavi July 6, 2019
· Piano · In home
I have a 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son both have been learning Piano for the last 2 years. Nick takes a holistic approach in teaching piano as opposed to sticking with the book. It includes creating a passion about listening different music, learning scales and chords outside of the book. I have recommended Nick to all my friends
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Nick M.

The Colony, TX 75056
starting at
$60 / 60-min

About Natasha B.

The Colony, TX
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I create a step-by-step monthly plan that I tailor to each student taking into account their music goals and education level.

About Natasha
I am an opera singer and pianist who studied at the Aaron Copland School of Music in NYC and I recently moved to Texas to further my studies in music education.

I started teaching piano and voice privately in New York City in 2012 and I continue to in North Texas. I have experience teaching ages 4 to 80 in both voice and piano. I started training in both singing and piano in 2001 and as result have performed from Carnegie Hall to the Vatican.
Charlotte W. August 3, 2019
· Opera Voice · In home
Natasha is amazing....she is very kind, positive, inspirational, and uses valid and easy to understand techniques that accelerate learning.
Tanya B. May 9, 2019
· Vocal Training · In studio
Natasha has been a wonderful teacher for our daughter. Our daughter has learned a lot. Natasha is patient, kind and has a wonderful teaching ability!
Alexandria H. April 25, 2019
· Singing · In home
She is very kind and patient
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Natasha B.

The Colony, TX 75056
starting at
$34 / 30-min

About Jamie Leigh G.

Dallas, TX
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I care. I want students to enjoy learning, and am happy to be a part of their musical journey. I do treat students as individuals, and tailor lessons that are unique to each student based on their level, and talents. I also consider their personal goals and wishes, favorite music genres, and in many cases; parents' wishes. I try to help a student become a musician as well as a player by instructing them on theory, and technique. I also have an extensive performance background as a professional musician in classical, rock, and pop music which gives me a variety of stylistic choices to assist the student during lessons. I am a hard teacher; yet a fun teacher!

About Jamie Leigh
I am a professional vocalist and pianist. I perform and do studio work all over the country. I have studied music at North Texas State University (UNT), and at New England Conservatory in Boston. I am classically trained; however; my career has been made singing and playing comtemporary popular music. I also have professional theatre experience as well.

I have had the pleasure of teaching many students who have gone on to professional music careers. I am a very caring teacher, and will do my best to help a student become the best singer or player they can become. I am able to teach all styles of music. I am a very fun teacher; yet challenging teacher. I am encouraging, and I have years of training to share.

I have been performing in my band SHAZAM! as an encore favorite across the country. In 2012 I was a featured vocalist on Dymaxi
on Vehicle's CD....that recording won the coveted Artist In Music Award in Los Angeles. I have had a CORI Check as required by law to work with children. I am also a mother myself as well.

I tailor lessons based on the level, talent, skills, and areas needing work in the student's musical development process.I treat students as individuals...similar to a tutor or coaching relationship. Many students are naturally talented, and simply need more direction, and perhaps, technique, and basic music theory knowledge. In vocal study, proper breathing, vocal exercisers to improve singing and flexibility, and strength are part of lessons. In addition; I assist in choosing material, prepping for performances or auditions, and preserving and enhancing the natural voice of the student.

As a piano teacher; I can work with students at all levels as well. I am very good with beginners. I also have more to offer more advanced students in a concentration on technique, and add a music theory component to lessons as it helps them to become a better musician and instrumentalist. Thank you for your time!
Madeline Andrew March 6, 2019
· Piano · In home
Jamie Leigh was amazing, she put me right at ease and immediately began working with me to determine how to showcase my strengths and how to improve in areas of weakness. She is a talented performer and teacher, as well as patient and personable, I highly recommend her!
Pat May 7, 2018
· Piano · In home
I am a senior citizen who never had played piano before. Jamie was very patient with me and tailored lessons to my needs and interests. I made a lot of progress with her encouragement. She has a wonderful personality.
Elaine May 6, 2018
· Jazz Voice · In home
Jamie is very skillful at demonstrating vocalization techniques and getting it out of the student. In 4lessons she helped me move my break point and my vocal range by two whole steps. Patient, supportive.
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Jamie Leigh G.

Dallas, TX 75252
starting at
$51 / 30-min
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About Jenna H.

Fort Worth, TX

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I grew up being trained classically, and although I value the skills I learned from classical training, I realized that I did miss out on the other aspect of learning piano skills. Those skills include improvisation, creativity, song-writing, and much more! I purposefully incorporate more than just sheet music reading while also trying to make reading music more accessible and relatable. Each student also has different individual goals with piano playing that I think are of utmost importance in the way I teach.

About Jenna
I am a pianist, singer, choral director and lover of many different genres of music from classical and jazz to musical theatre and indie/folk. I graduated from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas with a Bachelor's of Music Education, emphasis in Piano.

If you are studying voice with me, I think you'll find that I am passionate about connecting each of my students to the own unique beauty of their voice and using that connection to bring about free singing, confidence and musicality by way of foundational singing technique. I also have extensive training in a cappella arranging/singing if you are interested in learning how to start/direct your own a cappella group.

My training in classical piano began when I was five year old and I've had some incredible instructors along the way who have enhanced my skills in contempor
ary keyboard, including beginning-intermediate jazz and jazz improvisation. I love to teach students to read sheet music and pursue classical/technical excellence, but also to learn how to play music using chord charts, by ear or all three, depending on your personal goals and preferences.

With a passion for music theory and improv techniques, I love to help students who are aspiring songwriters to develop that creative side, especially in combination with learning piano skills -- they pair very well together!

The most successful musicians I know are well-rounded and have developed solid foundations in technique so that they can perform well in many different styles and adapt quickly. This is such a necessary skill in today's technological world where we can share music from across the world with a click of a button! In my lessons, I love to help my students study a variety of genres.

Speaking of technology, I'd like to make a quick plug for my husband :) He is a fantastic videographer and primarily works for a film producer in the DFW area, but he also loves doing independent creative work on the side. He has experience creating quality music videos and would love to create content for any student interested in this!

I really look forward to meeting you and helping you become a confident, skilled musician!
Nickolas P. July 25, 2019
· Piano · In home
Jenna was way more than I expected. She is knowledgeable and friendly. My son is 7 and tends to normally get off track but she was able to keep him engaged the whole time. My son ended his lesson and kept playing even after she left.
Jayde June 11, 2019
· Classical Voice · In studio
Jenna is so involved with teaching her students how to sing, she shows so much support and really works with students to make sure they’re confident in their own voice and they have the right technique.
Brooke June 11, 2019
· Jazz Voice · In studio
I’ve gotten so much support and I learned so much about jazz and music!
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Jenna H.

Fort Worth, TX 76105
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Rosie H.

Joshua, TX

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Rosie has been teaching piano lessons for more than forty years. Many of her students have gone on to major in music and music theory. Did you know that playing the piano creates new neural pathways between the two hemispheres of the brain? Music makes you smarter!

Rosie teaches a relaxed but focused lesson, with heavy emphasis on music theory and proper technique. It's called "playing" the piano because it is the same kind of fun as doing puzzles. Let's get started!

About Rosie
I'm a cheerful musician. I fell in love with piano in third grade and never looked back. Over the years I have taught hundreds of students to love music too. My studio is cozy but challenging; I seek to bring out the best musician in every student. Everyone loves music; it is my job to make it accessible to you and stretch your brain AND your fingers!
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Rosie H.

Joshua, TX 76058
starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Emon G.

Allen, TX
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I am a 18 year old student at Allen High School and I'm trying to inspire kids and teenagers to get into music and start with piano. I've been trained by some of the best instructors in the DFW area and I've done multiple concerts throughout Texas. I teach students with any amount of musical experience and hope to further their musical education.

About Emon
I've been mostly playing in more formal recital and group based concerts, but have done a few solo performances in places like AT&T performing arts center and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. I hope to take my own skills to a professional level one day while concurrently teaching and sharing this wonderful life skill to the next generation of pianists.
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Emon G.

Allen, TX 75013
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Su Hyun K.

Plano, TX

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1. Trained over 4 years with Suzuki Piano Method
2. You can participate in annual recitals and competitions
3. teach music theory as well
4. over 10 years of teaching experiences
5. Taught SMU for Preparatory School for Children for 2 years

About Su Hyun
Eastman School of Music / MM
SMU/ Performance Diploma
UNT/ Doctoral Degree in progress.

1. Trained over 4 years of Suzuki Piano Method
2. over 10 years of teaching experiences
3. You can participate in annual recitals and competitions
4. more detailed resume, please contact me, I can send to you!
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Su Hyun K.

Plano, TX 75025
starting at
$34 / 30-min


Lewisville, TX

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Learn to play as you learned to talk

I'm a piano and guitar appreciator since childhood and music amplifies our horizon and vision of life. Now, in the same way that someone gave me my first musical instructions, I am doing the same, giving lessons to beginners.

*Computer Skills*
I've been working with excel, ms access, linux for almost 30 years (Ms project 15YRS), I basically started when I was 16 while I was assisting my dad who was an state auditor and had to do a lot with accounting data.

Since the good usage of information values gold, I have been using these IT tools intensively throughout my whole professional career and they definitely provided me a good growth.

So, now I'm sharing part of the lessons learned during these years, teaching these important computer skills: Excel, Ms Access, Linux, Ms Project.

Looking forward to meeting you.
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Lewisville, TX 75077
starting at
$50 / 30-min

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$40 average
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