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Piano with Cheryl (Cher) O.

Arlington, Texas

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Teaches online
Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Age: 5+
Teaching since 2004
Bachelor's Degree - Music Education - Piano

    Learn piano with ease from an experiencd pianist and teacher

    I love to teach piano to anyone age 5 and up. We will work together to learn the basics of piano through games, drawing activities, and of course playing the piano. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and have been playing the piano since I was 7 years old and that is a LONG time ago!

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    Teacher's Studio
    Cedarwood Ct. Arlington, TX

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    About Cheryl (Cher) O.

    I love teaching music to anyone who has an interest! Just about everyone likes some kind of music and I want to be able to help you make your own! Whether you like classical music or that really great song on the radio we will get you to where you can play it. MY PHILOSOPHY Music touches our lives every day. Music is there for us to help express our emotions feelings, fears and hopes. With what you learn in your lessons you will be able to make your own music, whether it be from the printed page or something that you have composed yourself. I will provide a teaching environment that will be encouraging and caring. We will work together to create great music from your very own fingers and who knows, maybe one day you will share your talent with the world!!! MY EDUCATION My story started on the day my mom said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER!! Today, for your 7th year birthday, you are going to start taking piano lessons!!” Well, I didn’t know what to think about that but I started piano lessons and I have been hooked ever since! I studied piano for 6 years with a local teacher and then moved on to a teacher who could help me with more complex music. I was only able to study with her for a short time because we moved to a new town. There I found the greatest piano teacher ever. He helped me grow in my playing and performing. After graduating from high school, I was accepted at Illinois Wesleyan University where I studied piano with Dr. Carol Thibodeaux. I also sang in the collegiate choir and had a great time in theory classes and music history. MY EXPERIENCE I have had many other great experiences as a musician and teacher that include: 1. I have played and sung at many weddings, parties, and social events. 2. I continue to accompany band and orchestra students even though I am no longer teaching in schools. 3. I directed the Bell Singers choir from AT&T for about 10 years. 4. I was the music & youth director for the First United Methodist church in McKinney, TX were I lead the adult choir. I also create a children’s choir program which was a great success. I was also the substitute organist when needed. I have been involved with music of all kinds over the last 40 years and am looking forward to carrying on for many more years to come! *** Lesson Details *** When you arrive for your lessons do not have a worry. I am friendly, kind and very patient. We will work at your speed, not mine. If you are a beginner we will start out with the Bastien series. If you are more advanced than beginner we will select lesson materials just right for you. *** Studio Equipment *** baby grand piano, white boards, etc. , in a room dedicated to music *** Travel Equipment *** I would provide the teaching aids, writing materials . The student would have to have a piano, bench, chair and lesson books. *** Specialties *** I believe young students like to learn with touching and doing. I've use materials from Bastien, Thompson, Aaron along with aids I create for students to get the best learning experience. With adult students, we discuss what the goal is for taking lessons and in what ways they learn best.
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