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Sacha S.

Sacha S.

In my class the focus will be to tailor the movement to your specific needs whilst sharing with you all my knowledge to help you grow and achieve your goals. We will work on your technique as well as your artistry. A beautiful dancer doesn't only have a strong technique but the ability to embody a character and convey a story through movements. All my classes are open to all levels, if you are a beginner dancer we will take the time to go in details through every moves, if you are more advanced I will challenge your technique and artistry but most importantly we will have fun sharing our common passion for dance. I teach all my classes at my home dance studio with high speed internet and with a professional mic for you to be able to hear me clearly over the music.
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/30 mins
Ferlyn F.

Ferlyn F.

Learn to dance with Ferlyn My History of Ballet: I have been teaching beginning and intermediate ballet for about 8 years. I am knowledgeable of both Classical (French and Russian), and Modern Ballet techniques. My main method of teaching is using Classical French Ballet and incorporate Modern Ballet movements. My Teaching Method: I assess each students' levels, knowledge and styles of learning, determine the best learning paths to incorporate into the lesson and bring a "natural movement" approach of training and education. With my method, this is to provide a collaborative & supportive environment as well as actively develop a person's life, culture and well-being. I strive to take a step further and deeper within the mind of the person who is learning dance and find one's "True Inner Dancer." **Sorry, NO POINTE Training** My Teaching Credits: John Robert Powers, San Diego Kings Dance Center My Training Credits: Kings Dance Center CSU, Los Angeles | BA in Theatre Arts and Dance: Dance emphasis PLEASE NOTE: For a more accurate look into my experience and resume, please refer to my profile. Also, any advanced, duet, group, weddings, birthdays, or any special occasion will differ than the usual lesson rate.
50% OFF$60
/30 mins
Stephanie M.

Stephanie M.

I am a current principal ballet dancer with the San Diego Ballet, where I have been dancing for the past 14 years and 9 years as principal dancer. Prior to that I was a member of the Houston Ballet II. My teaching is based on my background of both the Chechetti Method and The French Method. I have the unique ability to be able to share as a professional ballet dancer what it takes to get to the highest level. I teach all levels, and all ages. I have been teaching in schools all over Southern Calfiornia for the past 14 years, and I am the artistic director of the San Diego Ballet Summer Intensive. My classes include: * Barre work, * Floor barre, * Stretching/strengething, * Body conditioning, * Center work, * Pointe work, * Variations. I make sure in my lessons to share everything I have learned over my 30 years of dancing both in training and professionally. I specialize in finding exactly what each dancer needs to improve. I know that everyone has different needs and I mold my lessons with that in mind. Each dancer gets a personalized lesson, no two are the same. I also love to help with building confidence in each dancer. Ballet is an important art, and my goal is to help pass it on to anyone who wants to learn.
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/30 mins
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Jordan is a wonderful teacher and a very nice person. I have enjoyed my ballet classes very much. Jordan is very knowledgable in dancing techniques and has an inspiring passion. Great experience. Woul

Xuanting (Ballet lessons with Jordan W.)

she is the best for my kid and yours i highly recomend

Rachael (Ballet lessons with Chrystie S)

I have learned how to do a single Pirouette today with Chrystie. She is patient and kind, a good teacher to follow along!

Qingyang (Ballet lessons with Chrystie S)

Awesome teacher and so much fun

Nicole (Ballet lessons with Jordan W.)

Jordan is a wonderful teacher and a very nice person. I have enjoyed my ballet classes very much. Jordan is very knowledgable in dancing techniques and has an inspiring passion. Great experience. Woul

Xuanting (Ballet lessons with Jordan W.)

she is the best for my kid and yours i highly recomend

Rachael (Ballet lessons with Chrystie S)

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Private lessons with top Ballet instructors

The art of ballet is practiced in countries around the world, influencing dance and culture for centuries. Famous ballets such as The Nutcracker are performed for large audiences to this day.

Ballet is centuries old, first originating in the Italian Renaissance period before developing into a concert dance form in France and Russia. Due to its widespread practice, ballet has developed into a highly technical dance with its own particular vocabulary. Along with this, ballet has served as a foundation for many of the dance styles that have evolved over the years.

If you’re in search of great in-person coaching or the best online ballet lessons, TakeLessons offers both. Sign up for a lesson today!

Certified Ballet Teachers

Because of the technical aspects of learning ballet, having a great teacher is vital. All of TakeLessons’ ballet teachers are certified and background-checked, bringing years of training and professional expertise to their students.

Signing up for ballet lessons on TakeLessons is easy. All you do is make a profile, browse through our list of available teachers, and pick one with a rate and teaching style that works best for you. To help make your decision easier, you can read through each teacher’s background and review from students, making it easier to pinpoint your ideal ballet coach.

Rates do vary from teacher to teacher, but the average price for the best online ballet lessons and in-person coaching is $86. Sign up now to start dancing!

Online Ballet Lessons for All Ages

Ballet is a great practice to start at any age. Many children begin taking ballet at an early age, learning to master each move as they move up in skill level. Adults can learn ballet, too, whether it’s simply to improve their dancing ability or prepare for auditions to participate in shows.

For example, our selection of ballet lessons for kids help to take the mystique out of ballet. Ballet has a reputation as a difficult and strenuous art form, one that takes dedication and hard work to master. Nevertheless, our ballet teachers help kids have fun as they learn, offering them achievable steps along their ballet journey.

Sign up today for the best online ballet lessons and in-person dance coaching for kids and adults!

Ballet Lessons for All Levels

Because of its difficulty, ballet can take years to learn and decades to master. Because of this, there are many different levels of ballet lessons we offer for students.

It can be intimidating to be just starting out in ballet. That’s why our ballet lessons for beginners make it easy to understand the fundamentals, including basic terms and moves that will be essential to moving up in the ballet world. Moving up to advanced lessons, students will learn more technical moves and eventually participate in a live ballet performance.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting out, the best online ballet lessons and in-person coaching can get you there. Sign up now!

Ballet Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Ballet Lessons

  • Classical ballet introduction
  • Basic moves
  • Stretching
  • History of ballet
  • Modern approaches

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Ballet Lessons

  • Mastering ballet movements
  • Contemporary ballet
  • Romantic ballet
  • Various ballet methods

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Ballet Lessons

  • Mastering modern ballet
  • En pointe (on point)
  • Choreography
  • Other advanced movements

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Let TakeLessons be your online resource for quality ballet lessons. Our platform offers you the option of in-person coaching or access to the best online ballet lessons on the web. Taking lessons is also worry-free since all of our sessions come backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’ve got the perfect lesson for you or your child, so sign up and get dancing!

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Can I teach myself ballet?


You can teach yourself ballet, although it can be challenging to learn on your own. These days, there are several online options to choose from, including online ballet classes, videos, and even professional dancers and coaches that live stream classes and workouts. Oftentimes, the ideal option is to take private lessons from a certified teacher. At TakeLessons, you can find the best online ballet lessons and in-person coaching for learning this famous art form.

How many years does it take to learn ballet?


It can take many years to learn ballet and even longer to truly master the dance form. This is complicated by the fact that there are many different kinds of ballet, ranging from classical ballet to contemporary approaches. Some ballet experts put the number at 8-10 years to truly become a professional-level ballet dancer. It is difficult to get to that level without taking lessons from expert ballet teachers. Luckily, there are many resources for finding lessons online and in-person, such as on learning platforms like TakeLessons, which provide easy access to certified ballet coaches.

Is ballet difficult to learn?


Just like learning any other skill, ballet requires time, patience, and plenty of practice. That said, signing up for private ballet lessons is one of the easiest ways to master the art of this beautiful dance form. When you work one-on-one with a private teacher, you’ll receive instruction catered to your needs and preferences. Your teacher will be 100% committed to your success and provide you with the tools to help your ballet skills reach new heights. As long as you dedicate your time and energy to practicing and following your teacher’s instructions, you’ll see improvements in your dance skills in no time.

What are the benefits of taking ballet classes with TakeLessons?


Here at TakeLessons, we strive to make learning ballet convenient and hassle-free. That’s why we invite you to choose between group or private ballet lessons based on your preferred learning style. We also let you decide where and when you’d like to take your ballet classes, as we offer both in-person and online sessions. Whether you’d like to meet with your teacher in a classroom setting after work or connect via our online platform on the weekends, we make it easier than ever to fit ballet lessons into your busy schedule.

Am I too old to learn ballet?


No! It’s never too late (or too early!) to begin studying the art of ballet. Our ballet teachers take great pride in instructing students of all ages, from children to seniors. When you sign up for private ballet lessons, your teacher will assess your current skills and determine a customized plan based on your individual needs. Age plays no role in your ability to master this form of dancing, so we welcome students of all ages to study ballet with us.

Are ballet lessons affordable?


Yes, at TakeLessons, it’s our goal to ensure our lessons are affordable so that everyone has an opportunity to learn ballet regardless of their budget. Our certified teachers set their own rates, so you can browse each one’s profile to learn more about their rates. With so many teachers available, you’re certain to find one who suits your budget.

Can I learn ballet online?


Yes, we offer convenient online ballet classes that let you connect with a certified teacher over the internet. As long as you have access to the internet along with a laptop, smartphone, or computer with a camera, then you’re all set to learn online!

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