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Tango Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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I can't even explain how great this made me feel. I suddenly felt like I could actually achieve this bucket list dream of mine.

Kyle, Country Guitar (In-Person)

I love teaching because I love passing on my knowledge to others who want to learn.

Kathy, TakeLessons Teacher

An hour lesson just flies by and 've learned so much... I'm so excited to return to France and to use all that I've learned!

Malia, French (Online)

I was able to connect my son to a live, interactive Spanish lesson within 24 hours...We're having a blast!

Brittany, Spanish (TakeLessons Live Class)

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Tango Lessons

The tango is a style of dance that emerged in the dance halls of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the 1880s. It’s a combination of various dance styles, including the Spanish tango, Argentine milonga, and even the Cuban habanera.

If you’ve always dreamed of learning this sultry dance, perhaps it’s time to take tango lessons with us! At TakeLessons, we offer hands-on, in-person classes and the best online tango lessons around. Whether you’re a dancing newbie or borderline pro, our talented tango teachers will provide you with the skills you need to take over the dance floor.

Certified Tango Teachers

Learning to dance the tango isn’t exactly something you can master from reading a textbook or watching a tutorial. To really get the hang of it, you’ll need to work one-on-one with a certified tango teacher who can show you the moves and provide you with constructive feedback.

Here at TakeLessons, we only work with qualified teachers who have undergone background checks. To find your ideal dance instructor, browse each tutor’s profile to find out about their expertise, schedule, and rates. Rates start at $50 an hour, with the average 60-minute session costing $139.

Need help selecting a tutor? Our friendly counselors are eager to assist you! Once you’ve selected the perfect tango teacher and picked your schedule, sign up and choose your package. At TakeLessons, it’s our goal to make learning a new skill as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Tango Online Lessons for All Ages

Have your kids been begging you to learn to dance the tango? Or are you looking to pick back up where you left off years ago? The beauty of this performance art is that anyone, young and old, can learn the moves and techniques to dance the tango!

At TakeLessons, you can sign up for tango lessons for kids or adults because our tutors are skilled at teaching students of all ages. Whether you’re signing up your child or yourself, it’s never too early or late to tango with us!

Tango Lessons for All Levels

One thing we love about teaching tango lessons is that our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some students are new to dancing with no experience on the dancefloor, while others have been performing the tango since they were tots. Every student has a different set of skills and knowledge, which makes the learning journey so fun!

At TakeLessons, our tutors offer tango lessons for beginners, intermediate dancers, and advanced students. It means that everyone can find a session that suits their needs and goals. Sign up today to find a tutor who will personalize your dance curriculum.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Tango Lessons

Tango lessons for beginners will cover topics such as:

  • Walking
  • Turning
  • Essential figures
  • Primary steps
  • Tango etiquette
  • Posture

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Tango Lessons

Intermediate learners might focus on:

  • Isolating the movement in upper and lower body
  • Mastering giro
  • Combining tango styles

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Tango Lessons

Your advanced lessons may cover techniques such as:

  • Ocho cortados
  • Molinetes
  • Boleos
  • Ganchos

Sign up Today

Ready to hit the dance floor? Sign up for our in-person or online tango lessons and you’ll be cutting a rug in no time. Take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction when you join. Simply choose your tutor and schedule and pick your package to start dancing to your heart’s content today!


Is tango easy to learn?

The tango is not difficult to learn if you turn to the right resources. For example, learning to dance with a private tango teacher will be much easier than trying to teach yourself this style of dance on your own.

When you sign up for our private tango lessons, your tutor will give you step-by-step guidance. Once you master each move, you can build on them and add more advanced techniques. You’ll also receive individualized instruction and constructive feedback to ensure you’re maintaining proper posture, mastering all the technicalities, and avoiding bad habits.

What are the three types of tango?

There are actually eight styles of tango: Argentine tango, Uruguayan tango, show tango, salon tango, tango nuevo, tango apilado, and Finish tango. If you’re interested in learning more about a certain style, speak with your private tutor about your specific goals. Based on your interests, your tutor will create a personalized curriculum that aligns with your preferences. When you take private tango lessons with us, you get to focus on whatever you want!

How can I practice tango?

Once you’ve learned some basic moves in our tango lessons, it’s time to put them into motion. To practice, find a dance partner who is willing to work through what you’ve just learned. Alternatively, you may have a tango group in your neighborhood you can join. No dance partner? No problem! You can always practice your tango moves by yourself. If you go this route, try practicing in front of a mirror to ensure you’re mastering each move. What’s more, you can always ask your tutor for additional tips on how to practice on your own.

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