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Sasha C.

I have been teaching dance for over 10 years. In that time I have found that, regardless of what style you are learning, everything is made of a few fundamental principals and components specific to that style. There are only so many ways you can move your feet and body. By understanding these principals & components, you can then put them together in any order with different style to create different dances. By laying the proper foundation, students have an easier time following choreography, learning to apply their own style, and even keeping up with a class. Once a dancer has a foundation to work up on, I introduce new concepts in layers to help dances feel better and develop a nicer aesthetic.
/30 minutes

Dawn R.

Hello, Beautiful! Dance your way to fitness! No weights and no sit-ups! Burn calories having fun with ultra feminine and sexy Belly Dance to tone and tighten your abs, stretch and strengthen your lower back, increase flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Wear comfortable clothes, we recommend a sports bra and yoga pants. Barefoot is fine or a soft sole shoe like a ballet slipper or jazz shoe. Belly Dance is perfect for those who are looking for an artistic, graceful and sexy dance class that is also a lot of fun and gets great results. Come ready to have fun and prepare to leave feeling sexy, strong and alive!
/30 minutes

Chrystie S.

learn beginning belly dance moves, choreography and improv.
/30 minutes

Nikkal F.

I have over 20 years of experience as a Bellydance Entertainer and teaching experience! I have taken many years of master classes and specialize in dangerous props!
/30 minutes

Muqaddess D.

I have been teaching dance classes over 15 years. I truly love to dance and to teach dance. Seeing my students express their gratitude after each class is a great pleasure for me. I have seen the transformative power of dance on myself and on all my students. After taking these classes my students started to glow! Time after time they told me about how taking these classes made them feel much better both physically and emotionally. I customize the classes according to the needs of each student. All ages and skill levels welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in the class!
/45 minutes

Gabriela S.

Belly Dance is for fun, and to bring out the femininity of women through dance. In Mexico, I had different presentations at government events, restaurants, hotels, and convention centers. Yalla habibi!
/45 minutes
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Great supportive teacher!

Susan (Belly Dancing lessons with Sasha C.)

I really enjoyed the classes with Dawn and have signed up for 5 more lessons to learn dance steps to a specific song. Thanks Dawn !

Naima (Belly Dancing lessons with Dawn R.)

Dawn was so helpful. She met me at my level and taught me how to improve my moves. Dawn made learning fun!

Debra (Belly Dancing lessons with Dawn R.)

Sasha is a excellent teacher

RacheL Williams (Belly Dancing lessons with Sasha C.)

Great supportive teacher!

Susan (Belly Dancing lessons with Sasha C.)

I really enjoyed the classes with Dawn and have signed up for 5 more lessons to learn dance steps to a specific song. Thanks Dawn !

Naima (Belly Dancing lessons with Dawn R.)

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