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Salsa Dancing Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

TakeLessons experts are ready to teach. Get a deal on a private or group lesson, or browse on-demand content 24/7 for free.

Private lessons with top Salsa Dancing instructors

Dive right in and start getting results with 1-on-1 lessons from expert Salsa Dancing instructors.
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Excellent! Friendly, patient, professional. Can’t wait until my next lesson!

Sharon (Salsa Dancing lessons with Steven R.)

She's very nice, friendly and definitely know how to dance salsa. I like Elena, I feel like we are friends because she's a very warm hearted person, I'm like that as well.

Jacy Baker (Salsa Dancing lessons with Sapphire- Elena A.)

I loved my 1st lesson with Elena. She’s so fun to learn from! She’s kind and patient and knowledgeable!

Jessica (Salsa Dancing lessons with Sapphire- Elena A.)

Jenny was great at guiding us with the basic dance steps and made sure to answer any questions we had.

Guadalupe (Salsa Dancing lessons with Jenny L.)

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Salsa Dancing Lessons

Ready to feel the rhythm? Tap into the beat with salsa dancing lessons with TakeLessons!

After taking New York City by storm in the 1970s, salsa dancing has become a worldwide favorite form of dance. In addition to being a fun form of entertainment, it’s an excellent way to burn calories, boost your metabolism, and improve your balance, coordination, and posture.

Let our salsa dancing teachers guide you through the steps of this cultural and quick-moving dance style. Whether you have a natural-born talent or need some coaching to help you nail those spins and dips, you will love your salsa dancing lessons with TakeLessons!

Certified Salsa Dancing Teachers

Our salsa dancing lessons are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. All of our teachers are talented performers who will teach you how to build a strong foundation to grow your salsa dancing skills.

Each of our salsa dancing teachers has carefully prepared a bio that explains their dance training and performance history. Get a feel for who they are as instructors and decide which would match your learning style. These background-checked individuals will use their wisdom and expertise to teach you how to feel the rhythm and dance like a professional!

The average cost for salsa dancing lessons on TakeLessons is $84 per hour. However, depending on the teacher, location, and type of lesson, you can expect to spend between $38 and $120 per hour. Regardless of the cost, we are positive that TakeLessons offers the best online salsa dancing lessons around!

Once you’ve found the perfect salsa dancing tutor for you, pick your package, and start working up a sweat while moving to the rhythm.

Salsa Dancing Online Lessons for All Ages

Learning how to salsa dance is a fun activity for all ages. Everyone can benefit from this low-impact exercise.

Here at TakeLessons, we offer salsa dancing lessons for kids as well as lessons for adults. Whether you are starting from scratch or have been grooving at 250 beats per minute for years, you will find the perfect instructor to help you on your journey.

Regardless of age or skill level, our instructors will customize your time together to be sure that you are comfortable and learning salsa dancing at an appropriate level and speed.

Want to have a fun date night? Grab your favorite dance partner! Group lessons for all ages are also available. Schedule your in-person or online salsa dancing lessons today!

Salsa Dancing Lessons for All Levels

Need to start with the basic steps?

Don’t worry! Our salsa dancing lessons for beginners will teach you the basics in a fun and exciting way.

Ready to shake it with some more technically challenging moves? Our salsa dancing teachers will have you moving like you’re on “Dancing With the Stars” in no time!

Or, perhaps you are an advanced salsa dancer. There is still so much to learn! Taking salsa dancing lessons with an experienced artist will improve your flexibility, teach you more complex combinations, and show you how to wow the crowd with your expressive dancing and undeniable stage presence.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Salsa Dancing Lessons

During salsa dancing lessons for beginners, you can expect to learn the following topics:

  • Learn the four basic salsa steps
  • Introduction to turns
  • Learn a few basic combinations
  • Introduction to salsa etiquette

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Salsa Dancing Lessons

In intermediate lessons, your salsa dancing tutor might choose to cover the following topics:

  • Complex salsa combinations and patterns
  • Technically challenging moves
  • Expressive dancing

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Salsa Dancing Lessons

Advanced course content depends on the student's goals and interests, but your teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Improve your stage presence
  • Work on improving balance and posture between you and your dance partner
  • Endurance, strength, and flexibility training
  • Performance preparation and coaching

TakeLessons classes will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to dance like a professional!

Sign Up Today

Ready to start moving to the beat? Get started today with our quick, easy, and frustration-free sign-up process. We are so confident that you will love your salsa dancing lessons with TakeLessons that we also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to all new students. Select your instructor and start following your dreams today!


How can I learn salsa dancing at home?

The best way to learn salsa dancing at home is with a qualified salsa dancing tutor like the instructors on TakeLessons! They have all the experience and knowledge you need to learn the correct technique and form to become an incredible salsa dancer.

How long does it take to learn salsa dancing?

It only takes a few months to master the basics of salsa dancing. However, perfecting the moves and honing your stage presence could take longer. But the salsa dancing teachers at TakeLessons know exactly what you need to learn salsa dancing quickly and correctly!

How much do salsa dancing lessons cost?

The average cost of salsa dancing lessons on the TakeLessons platform is $84 for a 60-minute session. However, the price varies from teacher to teacher, so students should expect to pay between $38 and $120 per hour.

Should I take my salsa dancing lessons in-person or online?

Students have seen success through both in-person and online salsa dancing lessons. We have instructors who offer both, so you’ll be sure to find someone that can teach you in your preferred format. Regardless of where you meet your instructor, we are positive that you will experience the best salsa dancing lessons available!

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Ready to learn Salsa Dancing?

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