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image of Kristen P.

Dance with Kristen P.

Louisville, Colorado

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Teaches online
Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Age: 16+
Speaks English
Teaching since 2015

    Specializing in making dance accessible and fun for adults at all levels

    I’m available to teach private lessons for teens and adults interested in learning to do tap or ballet for the first time, or who want to improve their skills. My strengths are patience, enthusiasm, and an unusual way of approaching dance. I’m not famous or particularly interested in becoming famous, so if that’s your goal, I’m not the right teacher for you. I strongly believe everyone can dance, and should. All bodies can learn to dance and enjoy themselves. Dance should be joyful, about self-expression, and a way of learning about your body and your spirit. Finally, I believe it’s never too late to start learning something new, and your bucket list should not wait until you retire.

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