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I absolutely loved taking lessons from James. I was just coming off of a long break from acting when I found him, and I’m so thankful that I did. He gave me the confidence boost that I needed to push

Alex (Improv Acting lessons with James W.)

Now bad for my first time.

James (Improv Acting lessons with James W.)

James made my son feel very comfortable for his first session!

Erin Virgili (Improv Acting lessons with James W.)

James is a very caring teacher who took the time to get to know my strengths and weaknesses. He has many years of experience in this field and it shows in his lessons. Thank you James for the trai

Cory (Improv Acting lessons with James W.)

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Improv Acting Lessons

Learn how to think on the fly and make people laugh by taking improv acting lessons with TakeLessons!

Improvisational theater, or improv acting, is a comedic style of acting that is completely unplanned and unrehearsed. This style of acting usually leaves the audience in stitches! In addition to being entertaining, improv acting is a great way to improve your confidence, make friends, and boost your brainpower.

Let our improv acting teachers teach you techniques to improve your ability to think on the spot. Whether you have a natural-born talent or need some help creating your stage presence, improv acting lessons with TakeLessons are always a good time!

Certified Improv Acting Teachers

Our improv acting lessons are taught by qualified and professional teachers. All of our teachers are talented performers who will help you break out of your comfort zone and start to explore your creative side.

Each of our improv acting teachers has prepared a profile that goes into detail about their acting training and performance history. Whether you are looking to become a professional actor or just want to explore a new hobby, you’ll find an instructor for you. These background-checked teachers will use their training and experience to take your improv acting skills to the next level.

The average cost for improv acting lessons on TakeLessons is $75 per hour. However, depending on the teacher, location, and type of lesson, you can expect to spend between $20 and $165 per hour. Whatever your budget, we’re certain you’ll receive the best online improv acting lessons with us!

Once you’ve found the perfect improv acting tutor for you, pick your package, and start working up the confidence to take over the stage!

Improv Acting Online Lessons for All Ages

Improv acting is great for any age! It boosts brain activity and teaches you to think on your feet. It’s also great for exploring your imagination and can help improve your creative writing skills.

Looking for improv acting lessons for kids? Many of our instructors love working with kids! They will create the perfect, age-appropriate class that your child will love.

Regardless of age or skill level, our instructors will customize your lessons to ensure you are learning improv acting at an appropriate level and speed.

Looking for something different to do with friends? Group lessons for all ages are also available. Schedule your in-person or online improv acting lessons today!

Improv Acting Lessons for All Levels

Just getting started? We offer improv acting lessons for beginners that will help you step out of your comfort zone and into your zone of creative genius.

Have some skills but are a little rusty? Our improv acting teachers will help you dig deep and learn how to express yourself while having a great time on stage.

Or, perhaps you have an acting background but want to improve your skills. There is still so much to learn! Taking improv acting lessons with an experienced teacher will help you improve your performance skills, work on your comedic timing, and have you entertaining any crowd!

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Improv Acting Lessons

During improv acting lessons for beginners, you can expect to learn the following topics:

  • Warm-up with free association and other exercises to increase creativity
  • Practice common improv set-ups and scenes
  • Get comfortable on stage
  • Learn to relax under pressure

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Improv Acting Lessons

In intermediate lessons, your improv acting tutor might choose to cover the following topics:

  • Practice and improve your specificity
  • Learn the "Yes and" technique
  • Practice expression emotion while thinking on your feet
  • Understand the significance of character relationships

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Improv Acting Lessons

Advanced course content depends on the student's goals and interests, but your teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Harness the power of the unexpected
  • Learn to wield the power of ignoring the audience's response
  • Audition coaching
  • Performance preparation

Sign Up Today

Let’s start having fun with improv acting lessons! Get started today with our quick and easy sign-up process. We are so certain that you will love your improv acting lessons with TakeLessons that we also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Select your instructor and start acting up a storm today!


How do I get better at improv acting?

The best way to get better at improv acting is with a qualified improv acting tutor like our instructors here on TakeLessons! They have all the experience and knowledge you need to learn the best approaches and techniques that will boost your confidence and have you ready for the stage.

Is improv good for acting?

Yes, improv is great for improving your active listening and scene work. It will also make you a more well-rounded acting partner. The improv acting teachers at TakeLessons know exactly what you need to learn improv acting quickly and correctly!

How hard is improv acting?

Improv acting is actually harder than it looks! Improv acting can take a long time to master. While some people are naturally better than others, all improv actors can benefit from improv acting lessons.

Should I take my improv acting lessons in-person or online?

Students enjoy both in-person and online improv acting lessons, so it really comes down to your personal preference. Regardless of where you meet your instructor, we are sure that you will experience the best improv acting lessons available!

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