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Anthony C.

2 Reviews
Brooklyn, NY
Starting at $100
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Teaches Middle School, High School, College
  • Bachelors of Science from University of Minnesota
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Anthony C.

2 Reviews
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Private Math Teacher

I have experience tutoring this in the past.

About Anthony

With 10+ years of tutoring experience under my belt, I've developed a teaching style that is supportive and compassionate, but also no-nonsense. I help students work to the highest level of their capabilities, providing expert knowledge and encouraging them to be active participants in their learni

Recent Reviews
Anthony is a thorough professional and devoted tutor. My teenage daughter, who is homeschooling and takes 1 or 2 intensive courses at a time, was able to swiftly move through the geometry material with the excellent instruction and guidance of Anthony as her teacher.
I have referred several students to Anthony in subjects ranging from AP Physics to ACT prep. He is highly skilled in the subjects he teaches. Just as importantly he is very empathic, and kids enjoy working with him. He is kind with them while still being able to keep them focused and on track.
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Jeremy C.

3 Reviews
New Rochelle, NY
Starting at $50
  • Speaks Spanish, English
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
  • Teaching since 2009
Teaching Locations:
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Jeremy C.

3 Reviews
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Private Math Teacher

I'm an engineer with over 10 years experience in the field. Math is fundamental to everything. I'll make it interesting and learning fun.

About Jeremy

Jeremy-Paul's passion is music and has worked as a music teacher and assistant primary school director (part-time) for over six (6) years and also as an engineer (full-time) for over five (5) years. He has experience teaching students between the ages of ten (10) to twenty-four (24) as well as adul

Recent Reviews
Jeremy sings and plays the flute in our church choir. He has proved himself to be the ultimate musician. Always amazed by his great skill and talent in enhancing our sound. He would certainly have much to offer the up and coming flutist.
I was one of Jeremy's first students. My parents were forcing me to pick up music as a hobby and i was very hesitant because it seemed tedious to me. My mom then heard about Jeremy from her friend and asked if he was willing to teach me. He was very patient as i admit i was not the best student, but he stuck with me and now i am taking auditions to play for an orchestra as a principal flute player. I will always be grateful to him for getting me to love and enjoy music as i was against it in the beginning, I would recommend that everyone make him your teacher, he really is awesome! Love ya teach!
As a teacher myself, I find Jeremy-Paul's tutoring service is to recommended as he is very patient and understands the student's capability. As a new learner, he has really given me an excellent start. He makes his lessons interesting and demands a high level of expectations. He is very passionate about his craft and is very enthusiac about engaging his students.

Aleksander R.

6 Reviews
Staten Island, NY
Starting at $67
  • Speaks English, Russian
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
  • Teaching since 2006
Teaching Locations:
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Aleksander R.

6 Reviews
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Private Math Teacher

My objective is to get my students in the top five (5) percentile. My mission is to provide the kind of quality of learning that will serve for years to come. Our understanding of the physical world manifests itself through mathematics. My goals are therefore dual in nature. I aim at raising my students grades and developing an appreciation for mathematics.

About Aleksander

Dear Student: I am am an Instructor with over 10 years of experience helping students learn and do well on their tests. By utilizing unique teaching methodology, I approach each student's needs and learning styles individually and develop customized lesson plan. To date, 100% of my students pa

Recent Reviews
Great teacher
Bea R Shemesh
Excellent teacher, very well-versed in subject matter!
Aleksander was a pleasure to work with. On time, professional, and very knowledgeable about QuickBooks. He is a great teacher - I would recommend him to anyone that needs help with QuickBooks. Thanks Aleksander!

G. Fried Carpet

Meet Online Math Teachers Serving Hollis, NY

Soni C.

4 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $42
  • MBA International Management from Baldwin Wallace University
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School
  • Teaching since 2003
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Soni C.

4 Reviews
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Online Math Teacher

Homework help and learning strategies that make math very easy to understand for your child. Once your child understands the work, most of the lesson consists of the student doing practice work or homework with me.

I can work with grades level 2 -7. Skittles, M&Ms, Starburst may be required.

Discounts may be applied for groups of 2-5 working together within one session.

About Soni

Hi there! My name is Soni and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I have a Masters of Business Administration(MBA) in International Management and CELTA certification from The University of Cambridge via The International House of Prague. Most of my work experience has been in the field of education and

Recent Reviews
She is very nice understanding and friendly. Thanks to her
The best teacher! Thank you.
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Mary Lou H.

Teaches Online
Starting at $15
  • Teaching since 1987
  • Bachelor of Science - Education/Mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)
  • Awarded District Award of Merit from Osceola District Boy Scouts of America
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Mary Lou H.

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Online Math Teacher

Are you ready to improve your grade in Math? I'd love to help you understand the math course you're taking and have fun with it.

No matter what the course is called – Arithmetic, Math, College Math, General Math, Basic Math Skills - if you need assistance to understand the way it is presented in the book, I’ll help you comprehend every lesson. We can even try an alternate method until the light bulb comes on. Because once you understand a concept, you can return to the required method.

My only goal is for you to succeed!

Concepts in Math/Arithmetic:
Sorting (similarities and differences)
Measurements – time, length, weight, volume, area
Odd or Even
Number / Numeral
Place Value
Order of Operations
Probability & Statistics
Word problems

About Mary Lou

I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Education/Mathematics. I am a "real" math teacher. I have taught math to elementary students, algebra and geometry in junior high and high school, and all levels for college students. For example, my first stud

Ilona M.

18 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $35
  • Speaks Polish
  • Teaches students 4 and up
  • Awarded Piano Teacher from National Piano Guild
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Ilona M.

18 Reviews
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Online Math Teacher

Any level

About Ilona

When I work on any subject I always amend to the student's request adhering to all guidelines and ensure I meet my student's and his/her parents expectations on this and make my student achieve the best grade possible because that is my objective. That is my promise to my students. I am e

Recent Reviews
Adriana L.
I am finally learning how to play the violin and read music. Ilona is a great teacher, very patient and friendly.
Very detailed oriented, and professional
Bryce G.
I'm sorry, I cannot handle this Instructor for my children. She wasn't me but she's not quite the people person I expected. Her personality is not a good match for a high school tutor. Unfortunately her English is not good enough. Her accent is entirely too strong. Also she does not know enough Geometry to help my kids.

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The average cost of 60-minute math lessons in Hollis is $80. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $40 and $240 per hour.
30 min
$49 average
45 min
$64 average
60 min
$80 average

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"Marwa is a wonderful math teacher, she helped my kids in math and Improve their ability to solve math problems 💯 satisfied and I couldn’t ask for more"
Took Math lessons from Marwa A.
"My daughter, Anna, is attending 6th grade maths. The lessons inspire Anna and she is now more confident and proficient. The lessons are very interesting and useful. Thank you very much Ashwini teacher!!"
Took Math lessons from Ashwini S.
"Janis first tutored our son in math. I was impressed with her admission to me that our son was smart enough to do the math on his own, but needed only motivation. She allowed us to be the ones to decide if we wanted to spend the money on tutoring after having this knowledge. We did continue, and she was really great with him. His grade was raised before we knew it! We then found out she gave guitar lessons and hired her to teach my daughter. She was incredibly patient and made the lessons fun. Both my son and daughter developed a strong relationship with her. I highly recommend her to teach anything!"
Took Math lessons from Janis V.
"Pedro is a very good tutor. He is patient and explains the subject matter well. The student was comfortable with him and therefore was able to ask questions whenever it was needed. I appreciated Predro's schedule flexibility as well."
Took Math lessons from Pedro D.
"Marta - thank you for patiently instructing my 11-year old in algebraic equations. He enjoyed his lesson and gives you two thumbs up. On the other hand, I enjoyed seeing him so engaged.."
Took Math lessons from Marta B.
"We absolutely loved Erin. What a sweetheart! She was recommended to us by friends and we were so happy to have her work with our son, Joey. Erin helped him with his Calculus work and preparing for the ACT his senior year of high school. Joey's scores improved (ACT score went up 5 points) and there was a definite positive change in his self-confidence and attitude. Erin was dependable and went out of her way to be thorough in keeping my husband and I informed during the process. We've had quite a few tutors over the years, and sometimes it's hard to find a good one, so we were really glad we found Erin!"
Took Math lessons from Erin W.
"Excellent Math and Science tutoring for my boy... And the guitar lessons for both of us great! Much practicing to do..."
Took Math lessons from Lilia B.
"She explained the steps in a clear and understandable way. She is very patient."
Took Math lessons from Morgan L.
"Ms. Yu is extremely professional and has a very good way of explaining and breaking down a math problem for students to understand it. She has exhibited excellent math skills with students and has worked in the school district on a daily basis with many different levels of students. She’s very positive and keep the learning environment fun as well as informative! I would highly recommend Ms. Yu to any student wanting to further their knowledge and understanding of mathematics!"
Took Math lessons from Angela Y.
"Colin tutored me in business math and he did such great job!!! He explained it so well for me to understand and he knew the material. Very professional."
Took Math lessons from Colin S.
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