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About Shahadoth C.

Huntington Station, NY
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Shrewd understanding with precision.

About Shahadoth
I coach people to be more efficient academically and practically, resulting in greater clientele capabilities.
Hanyuan C. December 26, 2017
· Writing · In home
Excellent tutor! Helped me a lot!
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Shahadoth C.

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$75 / 60-min

About Prof. Thirunavukkarasu

Bellevue, WA
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• Former College Faculty member in Chemistry for 37 years
• 16 years of teaching experience as Postgraduate Professor of Chemistry in a Postgraduate College
• Appointed as Chairman for Chemistry valuation for theory in different Universities in India.
• Appointed as Chairman for Question paper setting in Chemistry in different universities in India

Elementary schools
Middle schools
High schools
15 years in USA/CANADA through online using SKYPE
30 years in India
One-to-one tutoring in Bellevue, Seattle
One-to-one tutoring in the University of Washington
As a Private Tutor in Chemistry in the University of Washington Seattle.
16 years for IIT-JEE students in India
Consultant for tutoring MATH for SAT 1/PSAT/ SSAT/ISEE and CHEMISTRY for SAT II/ MCAT / DAT

• Master in Chemistry
• Master in Organic ...

About Prof. Thirunavukkarasu
Prof. Thirunavukkarasu.C., also known as Prof.Arassu.
1) Bachelor in Chemistry with Math and Physics
2) Master in Chemistry
3) Master in Organic Chemistry

1}15+ years of expert tutoring experience in Math,Chemistry and Physics in USA
2) 30+ years in overseas.
1) Online tutoring using Classroom of TakeLessons.com,
2) Online using SKYPE
3) One-to-one in Bellevue,Seattle.
Students save money and time by my tutoring.by about 300%!
Example: When a stud
ent pays $30/= per hour he / she gains
about 3 hours of tutoring benefits in one hour by way of
money and time following my instructions. Therefore, student
benefits 2 to 3 hours in one hour of my tutoring.
!) Able to teach all levels of Chemistry / Math/Physics from the
fundamentals to advanced level in a simple and interesting
ways to achieve the goal of students.
2) Capable of clarifying doubts in any part of ChemistryMath and
Physics at any time.
3) Guiding easy techniques to solve difficult problems.
1) Most of my students have scored high rank in their quiz and
final exams from low scores.
2) Helping students for home assignments, web assignments,
quiz and exams.
3) My teaching style will be motivating,inspiring and guiding to
4) Students will find elevation to achieve high ranking position
after my tutoring.
6) Thousands of my tutored students have joined in Medicine,
Pharmacy, Engineering, Bio-engineering,Biotechnology IT
etc.,etc. both in US and overseas.


Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra,College Algebra, CLEP Calculus IB Mathematics HL, IB Mathematics SL,
AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Calculus 1,Calculus 2, Calculus 3,DUPE, Differential Equations, Pre-Calculus,
Pre-Algebra,Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra 3/4,Elementary Algebra, Elementary Math, Statistics.
PSAT Mathematics, SAT Mathematics, SAT II:
Subject Test in Mathematics – Level 1, SAT II:
Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2,
Algebra 3/4, CLEP College Algebra,Geometry, Elementary Algebra, Elementary Math,
ACT Math, COMPASS Mathematics

LSAT,IB Chemistry SL, IB Chemistry HL GRE Subject Test in Chemistry
Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,
Organic Chemistry, CLEP Chemistry,
SAT II: Subject Test in Chemistry, PCAT Chemistry

AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Physics, AP Physics 1 – DUP
Vik May 12, 2018
· AP Calculus · Online
Very Good instructor... really works through problems and focuses on what you want to do and need.
Susan May 2, 2018
· · In home
Very helpful in reinforcing and teaching concepts
Dana November 8, 2017
· Math · In studio
Mr T is excellent! He puts time and effort into teaching. So glad to find him. I highly recommend him.
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Prof. Thirunavukkarasu

starting at
$30 / 60-min

About Hannah C.

Jamaica Plain, MA
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Standardized tests can be tough, but as someone who scored a 33 on the ACT (comparable to a 2180 on the SAT), I'm ready and qualified to help you do the best you can! We will work through multiple practice exams, and I review all the test prep material before we meet so that we can work through the test question by question to help guide you through subject areas that might be tougher for you. We will also talk about general testing techniques and tips that will help you be the best standardized test taker you can be!

About Hannah
I am a woman of many hats, as you can most likely see by the subjects in which I offer lessons! I am a recent graduate of Simpson College, a small liberal arts school in the Midwest, with a double major in Vocal Performance and Mathematics. I am also a graduate of the International Baccalaureate program in high school, making me a strong writer and communicator. I am currently attending the Boston Conservatory for my Master's of Vocal Performance and I specialize in opera.

My goal is to always give you the most personalized experience possible! Whether it's a voice lesson or a math tutoring session, I cater the entire time to your exact needs and work outside our sessions to make sure I come in as prepared as possible to give you the exact experience you want.

I would love to talk to you in more detail about any of my areas of expe
rtise! Please feel free to get ahold of me and we can discuss what will best help you achieve your goals.
Kip July 6, 2017
· Opera Voice · Online
Hannah was the music director at the Scotch Ridge Presbyterian Church in Carlisle, Iowa for the past three years, and was a wonderful addition to our congregation! I serve as the pastor of that church, and was always impressed with Hannah's ability to help not only plan the music for worship - this include weekly hymn selections - but also her incredible singing voice and vocal range. She will be missed dearly, and I do not hesitate in the least to recommend her expertise and skills in teaching.
Kim June 7, 2017
· Classical Voice · In studio
Hannah is kind, patient, and knowledgeable. She is extremely musical and has a beautiful voice - and she plays the piano well! I highly recommend her!
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Hannah C.

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Clinta V.

Elmont, NY
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To score high in SAT, time management is the most important thing. Want to learn tricks and tips to solve a problem quickly?
Join my class!!

About Clinta
Though today it seems somewhat countercultural, for as long as I can remember I have maintained an affinity for math. This love naturally grew into computer science in college. I am now majoring in Computer Science and Information Technology in John Jay College Of Criminal Justice CUNY, and I believe my courses in programming and math have prepared me well for an intensive and challenging tutoring sections for students.I did my schooling in India. The education system in India exposes children from younger age to higher mathematics courses. My exceptional problem solving skills made me master in the field of mathematics. Mathematics is a mind game. All that you need to know is the rules. Once you understand the concept, It is no longer a burden.
I am here to help you build a strong foundation and share my tricks and methods of approachi
ng a problem.
Karyn March 21, 2019
· Algebra · Online
Jimeka F. March 17, 2019
· Math · Online
she did an amazing job she walked me through every supported me the whole time and more I would definitely recommend her .
Ben January 6, 2019
· Algebra · In home
Clinta is a very good tutor. My son gained more of an understanding in the topic he was studying because Clinta worked around his strengths and weaknesses in the particular unit of the Algebra course. It was nice to have a tutor who's schedule is flexible and will try to meet you when it's best for you and your child.
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Clinta V.

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$60 / 60-min

About Meagan J.

McKinney, TX
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Recent college graduate and experienced tutor. I have experience with special education students and curriculum differentiation. All lessons are personalized to the student's individual strengths and weaknesses. I have experience with the SAT, Praxis, and TExES exams. I provide all study material and practice exam questions.

About Meagan
I am a student teacher in Texas, and background checked through fingerprinting (I can provide the results). My student teaching placement is in grades 1-8 Core Subjects and a special education resource room. I have passed both the Praxis 5001: EC-6 Multiple Subject Knowledge exam and Praxis 5543: Special Education Applications exam with flying colors. I have completed hours of coursework on pedagogy, methods of instruction, lesson planning, curriculum differentiation, assessment practices, IEP implementation, and more. I love teaching! I always make sure to personalize lessons to the student, and include their interests in the subject. I strive to make tutoring a fun experience!
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Meagan J.

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$34 / 30-min
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About Timothy P.

Flint, MI

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The first step to achieving SAT success is to learn about the structure of the test and why it's so essential for your future. The SAT is predictable. The more comfortable you are with the test structure, the more confidently you will approach each question type, thus maximizing your score.

It’s not just about knowing what’s on the SAT; it’s about knowing how to take the tests. I will help you identify and excel at the question types most common on the exam, and I'll share the proven strategies that will help you succeed on the SAT.

My proven strategies help you manage the exam effectively. You will gain confidence in knowing what to expect on the exam and knowing how to handle questions quickly and accurately.

Scoring high on the SAT is all about pacing. I will teach you how to stay ahead of the clock without getting careless. On the SAT, there’s no penalty for wrong answers; you'll learn when to spend time on a question and when to guess and move on.

The only way to improve is ...

About Timothy
University of Michigan graduate Timothy Puckett has over 30 years experience serving Michigan families and students by providing expert, highly-individualized, academic tutoring in all academic areas: kindergarten through college. Professional references from current and former students gladly provided!
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Timothy P.

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$49 / 30-min

About Burak S.

Carlstadt, NJ
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SAT Math

About Burak
8 years experience

Maths, K-12, Elementary, High School, College, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, Praxis, TOEFL IBT tutoring.

Quizzes, result reports, mock exams, practical techniques, time management, elimination methods, detailed explanations
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Burak S.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Madison S.

Brookline, MA
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Ready to make standardized testing much less stressful? I have a high personal SAT and GRE score record and with bachelor's degrees in both Biology and Music, my interests and skills are wide-ranging. I offer a rigorous and focused but warm and welcoming tutoring environment, and I will tailor your sessions to your strengths and weaknesses so you can get the most improvement for your dollar. I have experience tutoring in math, English, and writing at multiple skill levels, and I know that SAT scores are not always reflective of someone's true ability - and I don't want a low score to hold you back from your academic goals. So let's get you on track to your dream school!

About Madison
I'm a student at Boston Conservatory at Berklee pursuing my master's degree in Vocal Performance, but my interests range far beyond singing! I'm originally from Sarasota, Florida, and I graduated from Duke University in 2016 with dual degrees in Biology and Music.

I know how stressful standardized testing can be, and I've been through the process myself with the SAT, and recently the GRE. SAT scores don't always reflect someone's true intelligence or abilities, and I want to help you reach your educational goals without being impeded by a low score! My teaching style is warm and supportive, but rigorous and focused. I love language and writing in particular, and I hope that this love and appreciation helps engage my students with their testing material. I have been tutoring in math, English, and writing for many years (I even spent a su
mmer teaching English classes in China!) and I cherish any opportunity to help a student reach their dream school.
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Madison S.

Brookline, MA 02445
starting at
$34 / 30-min

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