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About Kelvin L.

Bolingbrook, IL

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"I've been teaching Chinese for 15 years and my students have gone on to develop a deep love of Chinese culture, study abroad in Asia, and more! Within the first few lessons, you'll start speaking simple sentences and as time goes on, you'll be able to conjugate like a pro!
Chinese language learning materials as part of an integrated curriculum designed to motivate students in non-native Chinese environments to start speaking Chinese.

About Kelvin
I am a highly organized, outcome-driven and motivated professional musician and educator with solid experience in the classroom. For the past 25 years, I have been employed with Amati music academy and seven years on the faculty of University of St Francis.
I am very comfortable with all aspects of the current music syllabus, including teaching musical concepts (such as duration, pitch, dynamics, tone color, texture and structure) as well as performance, composition. I am fully qualified, with a Bachelor of Education in Music, Double Masters in music performance and education from University of Nottingham.
I am proficient in classical, jazz and Celtic fiddle violin and possess solid skills in piano (grade 8-13) Royal conservatory system.
Throughout my teaching career, I have been driven to help students achieve their very best. I str
ongly believe that music has the power to change lives – to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people, and serve as a profound medium of personal expression. Professional perform experience: The Chicago, Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson, Three tours with Moody Blues, YoYo Ma etc....
The most important thing I look for in a student is communication skills, as well as talent. I like to nurture students and help identify their individual strengths, which is a key factor in shaping a musical persona that will make its mark both on and offstage. I do not advocate a uniform technique for all students. Physical differences and learning styles are always taken into consideration. Potential is as important to me as early achievements and experience. My goal is to help students become self-sufficient, discriminating artists. I discuss practice techniques often and develop individualized scale routines. I encourage initiative and expressive musicality as well as precision. Above all, music needs to bring obvious joy to the student, regardless of the difficulties.”

*** Lesson Details ***
I use Suzuki and traditional method for my students... for Suzuki beginner they will play a song in four days....

*** Studio Equipment ***
In-Studio- Lessons in separate music lesson room, piano and violin are available. Students and parents will enjoy comfortable and clean studio environment with recent remodeled new hard wood floor and studio patio window over looking at beautiful garden. Free WiFi available for parents while waiting during the lesson appointment.
University of St Francis Joliet- can teach in rehearsal rooms at the university.
Online class at world class teaching studio

*** Travel Equipment ***
violin, viola, cello, piano and guitar

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in Suzuki teaching method for beginners, traditional conservatory method for intermediate and Royal conservatory recital program for advanced level students..I also teach orchestration program to help students prepare their auditions for major symphonies through out the country including Chicago symphony orchestra etc...
Noah August 11, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Very patient with my 4 year old! Kelvin is very skilled beautiful pianist !
Anh H. July 9, 2019
· Violin · Online
Angela A. June 25, 2019
· Guitar · In home
Kelvin is a phenomenal teacher of classical guitar. Our teenage son wanted to take classical lessons for a while, after having happily done a couple years with School of Rock. He and Kelvin meshed well, and I feel our son learned a lot over the course of a couple more years.

When one of us had a schedule conflict, we had the ability to do a lesson via Skype. Let me tell you, that came in mighty handy in the winter of 2019.

Schedule with Kelvin; I am certain you'll be glad that you did.
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Kelvin L.

Bolingbrook, IL 60440
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Lily S.

Provo, UT
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I've been studying Mandarin for ten years and have lived in China several times for different periods. I'd love to help you get started with your Chinese.

About Lily
I've been sewing since I was 13. I've sewn things over the years such as dresses, pajamas. I do a lot of tailoring things too. I just love to sew, and I love teaching people to sew too!

The way that I teach is to help the student develop their own style. I have students work on their own individual projects that they pick out while asking me questions that they might have while they are doing their project.

However, if they would like there is an option for me to develop lessons for the student on certain sewing techniques that the student could learn. Although, be aware that learning how to sew takes time and that all the techniques of sewing cannot be done all at once.

Then, there is the third option that the lesson could be a mix of the student doing what they want (choosing their own project) and learning some pre-designed

My first goal is to give my students all of the tools they need to feel confident from the very first lesson. I would like for all of my students within the first lesson to finish either of two basic projects (pajama pants or a draw string bag).

My lessons are not like videos you may find online. Meaning projects will take longer than you think they will. I will work with you to properly construct a quality finished project without too many frustrations and in a timely manner. I recommend buying lessons in 90 minute packages, since sewing always takes longer than expected.


In these lessons we will go over the following, which can be adapted to how you want:

- Sewing safety and how to use a machine
- Learn about the sewing tools you'll be using
- How to read, cut out, layout, and follow a basic pattern instructions
- How to pin and sew a seam, finish seams and sew hems
- Learn to sew on an elastic band (to pajamas or for a tote).
- Learn how to unpick your projects when a mistake is made.
- Learn how to do a basic stitch and the gather stitch.
- Pajamas
- Sewing Tote
- Basic Dress
- Pillow case

- Cement what you learned in the while a beginner.
- Learn to hand sew hems etc.
- Learn about different fabrics and when to use them.
- Sew a basic zipper onto clothes or bags.
- Learn about the different foots.
- Learn to do other stitches
- Intermediate Dresses/ Clothes
- Bags

Whether it is for a hobby, to decorate your house, to prepare for design school, or to make your own clothes, I can teach you from the very basic sewing skills, to more advance topics such as modifying your patterns to make clothes that fit.
Jerad September 6, 2019
· Computer Programming · Online
Maddy B. September 4, 2019
· Sewing · Online
Really great lessons that are tailored to your needs / projects.
Hayk September 2, 2019
· Python · Online
Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Very easy to communicate. Was prepared for the lesson and able to go through everything that planed.
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Lily S.

starting at
$27 / 60-min

About Yuexin C.

Pacific Grove, CA

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I'm a Comparative Literature major at Colorado College. I'm bilingual, patient, and know how to encourage new language students.

About Yuexin
Hi! I am an undergraduate student at Colorado College, majoring in Comparative Literature and Music. I am from Shenzhen, China, and moved to the U.S. when I was 18.

I play the banjo, do all forms of arts, and have a never-dying crave for traveling. I lived in Brazil and Finland for a little while. I have a talent in learning new languages and am passionate about teaching them.

I have taught Chinese to people of all age. I specialize in teaching listening and speaking. If you would like to take lessons with me in person, then I am good at teaching reading and writing as well. My strength is in my patience for my students. I understand that learning a new language, especially Chinese, is not an overnight progress. As a language learner myself, I emphasize with the frustration, yet the excitement of learning the language and the cultu

So trust me! Let yourself or your child be in good hands.
Sarah February 19, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · In home
I'm really enjoying my lessons with Yuexin. She's very patient and is able to answer all my questions. She's also happy to customize the lesson to suit my interests; for example, we took some time to go over voice lines in a video game that were in Chinese and then work on the pronunciation and pinyin for them.

The textbook and workbook she had me get have been helpful, and I've been supplementing by practicing on my own using Duolingo. I think the combination has been really effective for learning the language. Yuexin has been great for correcting my pronunciation and teaching me how native speakers would actually speak and write.
Lilian C. December 21, 2017
· · Online
Yuexin is an excellent Mandarin teacher for kids. My 8 year-old has started lessons and is progressing well. Yuexin researched and picked out a good textbook for kids. She is patient, clear, and easy to schedule with. We are happy!
Nick October 13, 2017
· Mandarin · Online
Yuexin is a fantastic teacher. She is very good at teaching all things China, whether that's teaching mandarin or giving out helpful tips about China. Great teacher.
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Yuexin C.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Michael H.


I majored in Chinese Literature and Language at the University of California Irvine and studied abroad for a year on a full scholarship at one of the top universities in China: Beijing Normal University. I love teaching languages because it is a window to learning different cultures and parts of our world.

About Michael
I graduated from the University of California Irvine. I have been teaching for over 15 years. I teach health, emotional healing, and languages: Chinese and ESL. I use digital flashcards that I have created to help my Chinese and ESL students continue practicing and applying the language they are learning in between lessons. Helping others grow and learn is my life's greatest passion.

I majored in Chinese Literature and Language at the University of California Irvine and studied abroad for a year on a full scholarship at one of the top universities in China: Beijing Normal University. I can teach all ages well even if you do not have any background.

I have a TESOL degree and also fluently speak Chinese and Korean. which helps my Chinese and Korean students learn English much faster from me than from other ESL teach
ers who do not speak these languages. I have a great passion for teaching and understand how to help my students master the English language by learning through application. Learning a language is like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Once you know how the puzzle pieces of a language work and interact with each other, you have the critical foundation for mastering any language.

Health & Life Coaching:
I have a practice called Heal From the Ground Up where I target the underlying root causes of my clients' body and mind related health problems, in particular: depression, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety disorders, emotional stress, detoxification, hormone imbalance, candida, digestion, nutrition. exercise, medication induced nutrient depletion, and more.
michael .. January 24, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · Online
Afiya November 29, 2018
· Mandarin Chinese · Online
Amazing teacher!
Steven November 19, 2018
· Mandarin Chinese · Online
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Michael. Although I have no background in learning Chinese Michael made learning a new language, which I was at first intimidated by, very easy to understand. After the first class, I felt excited because I was already making basic sentences. I am looking forward to many more classes with Michael!
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Michael H.

starting at
$35 / 45-min

About Bill L.

Chicago, IL
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Grew up in America (born in Taiwan) for over 13 years and native speaker of both English and Mandardin Chinese.

About Bill
I have always been a self-studier in my entire life. Being able to learn with just books and your brain is a crucial skill to have! However, I know not everyone (and sometimes even myself) have the discipline and motivation to keep going during hard times. This is where a tutor would come in handy.

I enjoy tutoring (doing it ever since I was in high school for my classmates) and helping other overcome problems that I have encountered myself because it enhances my own understanding and makes me happy that my self-studying is helping others. Sometimes, my students even bring up alternative ways of thinking that I have never thought of before!
Britney N. August 12, 2019
· Python · Online
Good communication and best explanation
Nathan F. January 26, 2019
· Python · Online
Good explanations and efficient with time!
Jasmine November 21, 2018
· Classical Piano · In studio
Had played piano when I was young, and missed playing it. Bill is an excellent motivator and helped me enjoy practicing again and playing new pieces!
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Bill L.

Chicago, IL 60661
starting at
$29 / 30-min
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About Alina Q.

Roseville, CA

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Firstly, I speak standard Mandarin Chinese from North Eastern China, which is the same kind of pronunciation found in professional teaching material and stipulated by the People Republic of China. Secondly, I have over ten years experience teaching second language to students of all ages and proficiency levels, which includes preparing students to take the HSK. Thirdly, I earned a bachelors degree and teaching certificate in teaching English, which has given me the pedological and speaking skills to explain Chinese grammar and culture to beginning level Chinese speakers.

About Alina
你好 !My name is 强耀萱, but if you are a beginner you can just call me “Alina” for now. Firstly, I speak standard Mandarin Chinese from North Eastern China, which is the same kind of pronunciation you would find in professional teaching material at universities and is also stipulated by the Peoples Republic of China. Secondly, I have over ten years experience teaching second language to all ages and proficiency levels. I particularly have experience in teaching school children Chinese. I am also proficient in preparing students to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). Thirdly, my bachelors degree is in English Education, so I understand important pedological methods and can explain grammar and cultural concepts to beginner level students.
Raquel B. May 19, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · Online
Alina is wonderful. There's just no substitute for a professional teacher like her if you really want to learn a language. I think this is especially true for a language that is as difficult and foreign (to an English speaker at least) as Mandarin. Thanks to Alina, I finally have gotten the hang of the tones and am learning the characters for real. I LOVE the textbook she teaches out of--it's part of a very thorough series of Chinese language-learning textbooks, the sort you would use in an actual class at a university or in an immersion program. In addition, she prepares pdfs which she sends me to supplement the textbook vocabulary/grammar. We're on chapter 6 now and I'm feeling very excited and motivated because after years of wanting to learn Mandarin and dabbling casually with various materials, I feel that I've finally begun to make progress.

Alina, in addition to being a great teacher, is also a very warm and considerate person. She won't make you feel pressured or uncomfortable if you aren't perfectly prepared for your lesson. She's also been very conscientious about sending materials, being on time for our lessons, and making sure that I understood all of the lesson material, even if it means going a little over the designated hour. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning Mandarin.
Teagan N. December 16, 2018
· Mandarin Chinese · Online
Very fun environment that she created which makes learning easier. Looking forward to learn more with her
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Alina Q.

starting at
$20 / 60-min

About Zhenni L.

Dublin, OH

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I'm a native Mandarin speaker who lived in the states for 8 years. Being a Mandarin tutor in college for 4 years, I had the experience helping students with their pronunciation, reading, writing and listening. I am also familiar with the curriculum designed in college for students who learn Mandarin Chinese. I believe that learning a language is an open door to a new world, and it brings people and cultures together. I am passionate about teaching and making friends! Let's connect and have fun learning :)

About Zhenni
I am a native Mandarin speaker who lived in the states for 8 years. Being a Mandarin tutor in college for 4 years, I had the experience helping my students with their reading, writing, pronunciation and listening. I am also familiar with the curriculum designed in college for students who learn Mandarin. I enjoy teaching language and making friends. I believe that learning a language is an open door to a new world, and it brings people and culture together. My experience and passion helps me to make the learning experience easy, stress free and fun. Let's connect and have fun learning!
Teal August 30, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · In studio
Zhenni really is the best instructor EVER! Aside from being one of the most caring and sweet humans I have ever encountered, she is a dedicated lesson-planner and instructor who is sure to help you progress in your Mandarin studies. I can say with absolute certainty that, as a non-native speaker, I could not have progressed to an advanced level of Chinese without knowing Zhenni. She is truly skilled at making Chinese language and culture feel cozy and familiar--a real gem!
TJ August 30, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · In home
I was taking Chinese at university level, but my professor was very fast paced and I didn't get much practice speaking. That's why I loved taking lessons with Zhenni! She's very thorough - correcting my grammar, tones or pronunciation whenever I make a mistake so that I don't develop bad habits. She also supplied a lot of additional insight into how modern people speak Chinese, so that I would sound more authentic and not just repeat lines I learned from a text book. Zhenni is also very personable and easy to talk to, which I found really helped me not be so self conscious when she would ask me to have a conversation in Chinese.
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Zhenni L.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Yajuan M.


Practice listening and speaking Mandarin Chinese skills with a native speaker, a former radio host, a 20 years of classroom teacher in a variety topics that relate to current events in the world.
Reading exercises are equally emphasized in the lessons learning.
Writing skills will be embedded in email writing or message exchanging.
Students are encouraged to explore their learning needs and learning interests. In other words, the teacher tailors the curriculum and meet learners' learning desire in every possible way.

About Yajuan
I gained my BA in Chinese Language and Culture, first MA in Chinese Language and Literature, second MA in Education (from Bucknell University, PA).
I have been teaching American students, from kindergarteners to adults, for the past 19 years at a variety of schools settings including colleges/universities, private high schools, public middle/high schools, and summer immersion language programs.
I am the Master teacher for the New England New Teachers' Association to train all the new Mandarin Chinese teachers for the independent schools in the New England area.
My former students went to Middleburry College, Swarthmore College, Oberlin College... and some of them had become Ambassadors of America.
I am a sophisticated Mandarin Chinese teacher who has many interests and the love of teaching the language and passion on language learning
Matvei January 10, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · In studio
Very good teacher. I really like having lessons with her at school. She is super nice and gives very clear explanations on the lessons.
Anya January 10, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · In studio
Ms. Min is a wonderful teacher! She is patient and makes learning Chinese enjoyable and interesting. My reading skills have improved immensely under her teaching.
Robin January 10, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · In studio
I have been in Ms Min's class for three years. Before I had her as a teacher, I barely knew how to speak, read, and write Chinese; now I am able to speak, write and read Chinese! When I am ever confused about any Chinese material, I am able to reach out for her help which really boosted by Chinese skills. Her class is filled with activities that most Chinese classes do not have. Chinese class with Ms Min is definitely one of my favourite classes at school.
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Yajuan M.

starting at
$27 / 30-min

About Meixu L.

Jersey City, NJ

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Trust me, I will be your most loved Chinese teacher.

About Meixu
I am a professional cellist with more than 20 years of performing experience and teaching professionally for more than 10 years. I completed my Master of Music at Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Music with a scholarship. Additionally, I received a Professional Studies Diploma which is the highest level of performance at The New School Mannes School of Music which is a top conservatory in New York with scholarship as well.

I am performing with top orchestras at the notable concert venues in the US every year, such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center as both soloist and principal cellist with various orchestras. Now I am the principal cellist of The Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, I presented and produced my own charity recital at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall with not only classic music with piano but
also trios with Chinese traditional instruments for the world premiere pieces which composed by the famous Chinese composers. All the proceeds of the concert are donated to UNICEF. My charity concerts tour spread across more than a dozen states and cities of the US. I have been interviewed and reported by newspapers, magazines, news, TV programs and other media at home and abroad.
Sheila July 21, 2019
· Cello · In home
I would highly recommend Meixu to everyone who is looking for learning cello. I just finished my ten lessons and my experience has been wonderful. I'm an adult who never learned cello before and have been waiting to play cello for years. Thank Meixu who make my dream comes true. Meixu is incredibly nice, positive and encouraging. She is good at reminding me to enjoy the music while challenging my practice to the next level.
Aki July 17, 2019
· ·
Michelle is a very responsible teacher with refined skills and great patience to her students. I enjoyed learning from her very much.
Celia July 16, 2019
· · In studio
Meixu is absolutely a great cello teacher! This is my first cello class ever and she made me even dream about to become a professional cellist like her. She is not only a truly patient teacher but also very detail-oriented instructor. I went to her apartment to take the class. It’s a very nice space. We start from very basic musical knowledge to elementary level cello practice. She got such a natural fun personality so it does make me feel very comfortable and confident to continue learn from her. Highly recommended her class!
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Meixu L.

starting at
$60 / 30-min

About yenling W.


I have been teaching Mandarin online and face-to-face with children and adults for over 5 years.
I am from Taiwan and have lived in Los Angeles for 12 years. I know the challenge of learning a second language and it's quite normal to make mistakes when we are learning a new language, I am the native mandarin speaker and you will even catch me making some mistakes! Don't be shy, I will try my best to help you overcome your challenge and reach your goal.
I am flexible, friendly, patient and passionate about teaching. I will give you fun, enjoyable and engaging lessons.

About yenling
Why do I want to teach Mandarin?
I was born in Taiwan and lived in California for 12 years.
My passion for teaching grew after I decided to teach my son at home. Now I’m totally in love with teaching Mandarin.
I completed the Montessori Chinese teacher certification in 2013 and became a tutor and continually attend teacher training and professional development.

Why did I become an online Mandarin tutor?
I am also learning online to improve my skills. I found online learning could be a convenient, effective and fun way to learn a new language. I want to help more people who want to learn Mandarin. So I joined Taiwan’s official Multimedia Chinese teacher training program to expand my teaching skills online.
Through online learning, I have complete the UCEs (Inservice Credit Units) certifications :
2018: Building Children's Readi
ng Skills
2017: Building Self-Esteem in Children
2015: Understanding Learning Styles

I have the following certifications in teaching Chinese.
1. 2019: Startalk: Planning for Authentic, Interactive Language Experiences
2. 2014: Multimedia and Chinese teaching certification from the Chinese Culture University (CCU)
3. 2014: IQ Chinese teacher certification
4. 2013: Montessori Chinese teacher certification

Conversation class for CHILDREN: beginner learners

As you know that children tend to pick up a second language as naturally as they learned their mother tongue. I can provide support to English-only children in my class. I will slow way down when I speak.
First, I use hand gestures and finger animal puppets a lot to engage students.
Second, I point to objects and digital pictures to help them understand.
To help my students master Chinese, I will arrange the lesson into topics and use related chants, songs, stories, and games so that they can learn to use Chinese during the conversation in their daily life.
Third, this program is based on the principle that if you can type, you can learn!
If you want to learn Chinese characters, let’s type them! Sure, writing them by hand is nice, but typing them allows a different type of memorization.
Plus it is faster and fun, so you can run through them more quickly and actually get somewhere in terms of writing.

My students and my son enjoy language activities a lot with me. We play pictures and games. I can’t help but smile when I think back on the language activities with them.
I would more than happy to help you study Mandarin online!
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yenling W.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

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