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Ashley L.

Ashley L.

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, having completed a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS). I have a carefree and easy-going demeanor and my ability to articulate when cueing poses helps make yoga accessible to all students ranging from beginner to advanced. I love technology and enjoy teaching virtually as well as in person! I created a private studio to share my passion with others. As a high school Spanish teacher, I love being creative and making each class fun and unique, traits I bring to my yoga teaching. During the pandemic, I founded the Yoga Club for the high school students, offered weekly Zoom yoga classes to her fellow staff members, and now continue to teach yoga to both students and adults. Each week, I teach online classes to people in the community, in-person classes at Midtown Athletic Club, and do mindfulness workshops for students and teachers. I train weekly with a mentor teacher as well as take yoga classes from other teachers to gain new ideas and strengthen my own practice.
/30 mins
Elise M.

Elise M.

Guiding clients into relaxation & stillness with a variety of conscious BREATHWORK techniques, visualizations, mantras & music. Curating artful BREATHWORK, MEDITATION & MUSIC THERAPY journeys that reprogram negative subconscious programming & induce heart coherence. Unlocking clients to their potential & educating them on both yin & yang style pranayama techniques to integrate into their weekly routine. Balancing nervous system fast with techniques that hack the body system to restore balance and harmony. Releasing stress, worry, fear, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, painful memories, repressed and suppressed emotions gently, with grace. Discover BREATHWORK techniques to integrate into your weekly routine (both YIN = calming and YANG = energizing styles). Learn tools to somatically calm, "work" and release heavy emotions out of the body, mind & luminous energy field. *Certified PAUSE Breathwork Facilitator (100 hour core curriculum & practice). *Certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine (300 hour core curriculum & practice) from The Four Winds Society Light Body School.
/60 mins
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