50 Best Audition Songs for Musical Theater

50 Best Audition Songs for MusicalsLooking for recommendations for musical theater audition songs that are sure to impress? Take a look at this list from voice teacher Liz T...

So you have a musical theater audition coming up and you’re panicking about what song to sing? Have no fear, the list is here!

In this article, I’ve compiled some of the best musical theater audition songs to sing, broken down by recommendations for each voice type. Check out the list, and then read on for some extra tips for acing your audition.

50 Musical Theater Audition Songs

Audition Songs for Sopranos:

1. “Better” — Legally Blonde

2. “Think of Me”  The Phantom of the Opera
3. “I Could Have Danced All Night” — My Fair Lady
4. “It’s a Fine, Fine Line” — Avenue Q
5. “Moonfall” — The Mystery of Edwin Drood
6. “Home” — Beauty and the Beast
7. “Somewhere” — West Side Story
8. “The Light in the Piazza” — The Light in the Piazza
9. “How Lovely to be a Woman” — Bye Bye Birdie
10.“Matchmaker” — Fiddler on the Roof

Audition Songs for Altos:

1. “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” — Grease

2. “Holding Out for a Hero” — Footloose
3. “Always True to You in My Fashion” — Kiss Me Kate
4. “Astonishing” — Little Women
5. “Welcome to the ’60s” — Hairspray
6. “Pulled” — The Addams Family
7. “All for You” — Seussical
8. “I’m Not At All in Love” — The Pajama Game
9. “Mama Who Bore Me” — Spring Awakening
10.“Beautiful” — Carole King’s Beautiful

Audition Songs for Tenors:

1. “Maria” — West Side Story

2. “Magic Foot” –The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
3. “I Believe” — Book of Mormon
4. “Almost Like Being in Love” — Brigadoon
5. “Close Every Door” — Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
6. “Santa Fe” — Newsies
7. “Fortune Favors the Brave” — Aida
8.“Some Enchanted Evening” — South Pacific
9.“Dancing Through Life” — Wicked
10. “When the Sun Goes Down” — In the Heights

Audition Songs for Bass Singers:

1. “I Wanna be a Producer” — The Producers

2. “Try to Remember” — The Fantasticks
3. “The Music of the Night” — The Phantom of the Opera
4. “Comedy Tonight” — A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum
5. “Ol’ Man River” — Showboat
6. “Coffee Shop Nights” — Curtains
7. “Mr. Cellophane” — Chicago
8. “My Defenses Are Down” — Annie Get Your Gun
9. “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” — Spamalot
10. “Edelweiss” — The Sound of Music

More Audition Songs for Male and Female:

1. “On Broadway” — All that Jazz

2. “Man of La Mancha” — Man of La Mancha
3. “Take Me or Leave Me” — Rent
4. “Heaven On Their Minds” — Jesus Christ Superstar
5. “One” — A Chorus Line
6. “Another Hundred People” — Company
7. “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (of Mine)” — Showboat
8. “Before the Parade Passes By” — Hello Dolly
9. “It’s De-lovely” — Anything Goes
10. “Who Will Buy” — Oliver!

Tips for Musical Theater Auditions

Once you’ve picked your perfect musical theater audition song, keep the following tips in mind to make a great impression:

  • As you prepare, remember the typical 16-bar and 32-bar cuts, and make sure your song fits appropriately.
  • When you step into the audition, introduce yourself, smile, and be pleasant! Directors sit through many, many auditions, and you want to catch their attention in a positive way.
  • Consider preparing both uptempos and ballads, no matter what show or part you are auditioning for. You never know what the director is looking for!

There are so many wonderful Broadway songs out there, but the list above includes many fresh, new songs that are appropriate to sing for contemporary musical theater auditions today.

If you would like individual attention as you learn how to sing any of these songs (or any other songs!), feel free to schedule a lesson with me today through TakeLessons!

LizTPost Author: Liz T.
Liz T. teaches singing, acting, and music lessons online. She is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music with a B.M in Vocal performance and currently performs/teaches all styles of music including Musical Theater, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, and Country. Learn more about Liz here!

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15 replies
  1. Karina Yum
    Karina Yum says:

    did anyone else notice that it said “I could have danced all night” is from The King and I? It’s from My Fair Lady. Most of these are also way overdone. Never audition with “Think of Me”. Also, the name of the song from Rent under both male and female audition songs is “take me or leave me” not “take me for what I am”.

  2. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    Pulled is not a song an alto should sing. Yeah, some altos might be able to hit some of the higher notes but not all altos can.

  3. morgan
    morgan says:

    so many of these are backwards, “there’s a fine, fine line” should be sung by and alto and “pulled” is defiantly more of a soprano song over an alto song

  4. Jane Dodd
    Jane Dodd says:

    Please check out the various web pages of audition songs to avoid! The songs above are fantastic songs, but most of them are over done and audition panels want to hear something else.

  5. You Know I'm Right
    You Know I'm Right says:

    I kind of want to call in question the education of the author…

    The song you posted from the producers… is actually for a Baritone/Low Tenor. The vocal range is A3 to Eb5… which if you want to be exact, is just slightly low/out of range for a tenor. I have ONE year of high school choir 10 years ago, and I could HEAR it.

    We exist.

    Stop perpetuating the stigma on the limitations our voices have.

    Sopranino (A3-)D4-C6(-F6)
    Soprano (F#3-)B3-A5(-D6)
    Treble (F3-)Bb3-Ab5(-Db6) (This voice type applies to children under about 11, primarily boys whose voices haven’t changed yet, although some people classify them as Sopranos, Altos, etc…)
    Mezzo-Soprano (E3-)A3-G5(-C6)
    Alto (D3-)G3-F5(-Bb5)
    Contralto (C3-)F3-Eb5(-Ab5)

    Countertenor (Bb2-)Eb3-Db5(-F#5)
    High Tenor (G#2-)C#3-B4(-E5)
    Tenor (G2-)C3-Bb4(-Eb5)
    Low Tenor (F2-)Bb2-Ab4(-Db5)
    High Baritone (Eb2-)Ab2-F#4(-B4)
    Baritone (D2-)G2-F4(-Bb4)
    Bass-Baritone (C2-)F2-Eb4(-Ab4)
    Bass (B1-)E2-D4(-G4)
    Low Bass (F1-)Bb1-Ab3(-Db4)
    Octavist (B0-)E1-D3(-G3)

  6. Tattyanna
    Tattyanna says:

    Most of these songs are way over-used. Also tip for the audience, If you are auditioning for a certain musical, most directors don’t like it when you sing a song from that specific show. If you are trying out for a specific role, an example; Jasmine from Aladdin the Musical, (unless assigned) DO NOT SING “A Whole New World”. It would be craftier if you sang a song such as “Part of Your World” because the songs are very much similar and the two female roles (Jasmine and Ariel) have very similar vocal ranges.

  7. mert
    mert says:

    hey so im a low tenor (chest voice) but my falsettos are realy high i was thinking about fortune favors the brave but i just cant find a song i wanna sing in a baritone tone but go to high notes with tenor tone with my head voice what is the best song for me please help me??!!!?!?


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