Musical Theatre Audition Songs: 6 Great Options for Kids


Does your son or daughter have an audition coming up? Here are some ideas for musical theatre audition songs, courtesy of Hayward, CA teacher Molly R...


It’s not always easy to find the right musical theatre audition songs–and the same can definitely be said when it comes to kids’ repertoire!

Is there a way to avoid warhorses like “Annie” and “Oliver” while finding songs that will excite your young actor and the audition panel? YES! Here are some suggestions that will make your young actor a standout at his or her next audition.

For girls:

  • “I Always Knew” from “Annie Warbucks” — No need to be the zillionth young auditionee with “Tomorrow”. You can show them you’re the perfect plucky orphan with a song from the lesser known SEQUEL–and it happens to be a lovely song!
  • “Gee I’m Glad I’m Nobody Else But Me!” from “Anne of Green Gables” — This is a delightful uptempo number that is hardly overdone–perfect for the young soprano.
  • “Sayonara” from “How to Eat Like a Child” — The right performer can really get smiles and laughs out of the audition panel with this sassy and funny number. In fact, the whole show is packed with great options.

For boys:

  • “When I Get My Name in Lights” from “The Boy from Oz” — This is for the young song and dance man–the extrovert!
  • “My Best Girl” from “Mame” —This is a really effective ballad, and would work especially well if auditioning for a role like the lead in “Oliver” or any other show from the 50s-60s.
  • “Big Blue World” from “Finding Nemo” — Looking for something newer? Look no further–this show is great for young boys to sing from! Because this show is only performed at Disney World, you don’t have to worry about everyone else walking in with this one.

So there you have it! There is so much to explore out there as far as musical theatre audition songs go, but remember that the right material shows off both your voice AND personality, no matter what your age is.

Lastly, remember that working with a voice teacher is the best way to find the song or songs that are right for you.  He or she will have plenty of ideas about repertoire, both classic and new, that will suit your voice! Your teacher can also help prepare you for the big day and help you gain the confidence you need to really sell your song. And most voice teachers are knowledgeable about upcoming auditions in their respective communities, so they can help you or your child find local opportunities you may not normally hear about. Break a leg!
Looking for even more song ideas? Check out our list 400+ songs to sing!

mollyrMolly R. teaches online and in-person singing lessons in Hayward, CA. Her specialties include teaching beginner vocalists, shy singers, children, teens, lapsed singers, and older beginners. She joined TakeLessons in November 2013. Learn more about Molly here!



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