8 thoughts on “4 Insider Tips For Your Disney or Nickelodeon Audition

  1. I really want be a singer and a actor and this is my only chance of a life time for me this had been my dream for this and it is finally coming true

  2. I would love for my daughter to act on Nickelodeon I just to make her happy beacause this has always been her dream

  3. Please please let my loveing daughter to be in her I would love for Nickelodeon to let her be in Nickelodeon

  4. hi Nickelodeon am Matthew Daniella I am 16 yes old and I am a big fan of Nickelodeon since my childhood I will very much like to be one of the actors it is my dream Nickelodeon has always inspired me and I want to show the world my talent I can sing and act very well I wait kindly for a reply thanks and God bless you all

  5. Hi! I just have a couple of questions about a Disney video audition. I love that idea of putting together a series of clips from previous acting/singing experiences, but in the audition directions it says to have a cut from a song that is 30-60 seconds. Is there something similar I can do to stand out? Thanks.

  6. I am12 years old i am really passionate about getting auditions how can i send them my videos? And how can i get them to see i really need this opportunity

  7. Agencies and managers are most definitely not scams! I have signed with an agency and they have helped me tremendously, from getting me multiple Disney channel auditions, other TV/Film auditions, Broadway auditions, and even helped me book a starring role at a major regional theater. This is probably the best way to get your foot in the door for big casting companies and TV channels, as well as films. They also help you to get self-tape auditions and appointments, rather than going to open calls and spending your whole day waiting to go in and be in front of the casting director/creative team. In fact, if you are not AEA and go into an open call, you aren’t necessarily even guaranteed to be seen. And you really only have to pay your agents or manager when you actually book a role. I would highly recommend trying to get signed with an agency or manager, and they DEFINITELY are not scams!

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