8 thoughts on “Piano Finger Exercises for Beginners: Improve Speed & Technique

  1. Nice post ryan specially for the beginners. I am learning the music specially piano and in the first stage of learning. Quite a useful article.

  2. Great tips. As a complete beginner who just bought a digital keyboard, and 51 years old, I hope these will help. Fingers seem brittle. Thanks.

    1. Ray, i am 49 n just began with my ebony n ivory. I have no teacher n groping here there. Would you share your steps please

  3. Finger exercise is good as a stress reliever after work. This is one of my routine after having a hard work every day.

  4. Thank you for a good post. This is a very detailed tutorial but still easy to learn and follow. It will help a lot for beginners to play the piano. Hope you will have more articles on how to learn to play the piano.

  5. i love your practical narration and illustration it has given me some insight about piano, the finger use and so much more. thanks very much indeed

  6. For this passage here:

    “The primary power source of most playing will actually come from the finger–specifically the knuckle at the top of the hand–rather than the wrist or arm.”

    Do you mean the joint that’s closest to the fingernail? Or the knuckle that attaches the fingers to the hand?


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