50 Free Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids

50+ Free Online Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids

50 Free Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids - Worksheets, Games, and More

Teaching kids Spanish doesn’t need to be difficult. Whether you homeschool your child or you simply want them to become worldly citizens, learning Spanish will benefit them tremendously. In fact, raising a child bilingual is one of the best educational decisions a parent can make.

Why Should You Teach Spanish to Kids?

Childhood is the perfect time to learn a new language. As early as infancy, we learn language by listening. Frequent exposure to different words and sounds fosters and develops these skills. As we get older, however, it gets harder and harder to learn and retain new languages.

The benefits of being bilingual are vast, and by teaching your child from an early age, he or she will be at an advantage over their peers. Even a basic knowledge of a second language can help them immensely when they get to high school or college courses and dive deeper into more advanced Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Later in life, being bilingual can even lead to more job opportunities, a wider cultural understanding, and even a higher salary.

So, where should you start? Below are some great options for you to explore, from websites with learning modules to fun and addictive online Spanish games for kids. And if you don’t speak Spanish yourself, don’t worry — you can learn together!

Feel free to jump ahead by category with these links:

50 Free Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids - Spanish Websites for Kids

Spanish Websites for Kids

  1. 1 2 3 Teach Me
    This is a great site with pronunciation guides (audio), flashcards, videos, songs, lyrics, and more. For vocabulary in particular, check out these flashcards.
  2. SpanishDict
    Here you can find interactive flashcards to teach kids the Spanish words for colors, clothing, numbers, and more!
  3. Digital Dialects
    This site is full of fun, easy-to-play games that teach Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. The Spanish games cover a wide range of topics, including greetings, colors, numbers, foods, units of time, animals, and clothing.
  4. GeoCom for Kids
    This is a fun-filled site featuring games, animations, coloring books, and printables for learning Spanish.
  5. Salsa
    This is a children’s TV show that is free to watch online. It’s all in Spanish, but it includes a translation of each episode. There are also a few games and activities for kids to play.
  6. BBC’s Mi Vida Loca
    Mi Vida Loca is another free Spanish TV show, but it’s meant for older kids. The series includes lessons and learning activities, as well as a teacher’s guide and syllabus to follow.
  7. Rockalingua
    This subscription-based site also offers a lot of free content, including songs, videos, games, and picture dictionaries.
  8. Online Free Spanish
    This site is full of resources in Spanish from level one up to advanced. It includes songs, vocabulary, and grammar lessons.
  9. Spanish Town
    This site has several different activities to learn Spanish, including crosswords, word finders, tests, and lessons in vocabulary and grammar.
  10. Spanish Playground
    This site includes vocabulary lessons, songs, printables, crafts, activities, books, and more.
  11. BookBox
    Bookbox offers online books available in different languages. Your kids can build reading and listening skills while they listen to stories with Spanish subtitles.
  12. Calico Spanish
    Calico Spanish is a wonderful resource for elementary Spanish curriculum. In addition to their classroom and homeschool materials, they offer free online Spanish videos via YouTube.
  13. PBS Kids
    Noah is the protagonist of the PBS Kids digital series Oh Noah! The series is designed to introduce children ages four through seven to Spanish in an entertaining way.
  14. Story Place
    Toggle over to the Spanish version of the site for books and activities in Spanish.
  15. Spanish Simply
    This blog, written by an elementary Spanish teacher, has some great ideas for activities that work for in-home practice as well!
  16. BBC
    This BBC site features vocabulary lessons, games, videos, photos, and songs.
  17. Hello World Spanish
    This website has more than 700 free Spanish games and activities, including logic puzzles, matching games, and bingo.

Fluent in Spanish? The following websites offer games and activities for kids — but they’re all in Spanish, so you’ll need to know how to speak it yourself!

  1. 9 Letras
    This is a blog by Alberto Abarca Fillat of Huesca, Spain. Alberto shares his free elementary Spanish resources, along with several printable activities for young Spanish learners.
  2. Pakapaka
    This site features activities, games, videos, stories, printables, and tongue-twisters!
  3. Make Beliefs Comics
    Have some ideas for what you want to teach your kids? Use these blank comic templates to create your own lessons!
  4. Educapeques
    This site offers exercises categorized by grades and subjects.
  5. Proble+
    Math word problems are excellent reading comprehension practice! Proble+ (pronounced proble-mas) offers engaging online games that combine Spanish reading comprehension and basic math skills.
  6. Chile Crece Contigo
    Created by the Chilean government, this site offers online games for preschoolers. The games are an excellent introduction to preschool vocabulary and concepts for Spanish language-learners.
  7. Manualidades con Niños
    This is the Spanish companion site to SimpleKidsCrafts, featuring hundreds of short tutorials for simple crafts with Spanish audio. Try having your kids watch a video and translate the Spanish, then use the language you heard while completing the craft.
  8. Discovery FamiliaThe Spanish version of Discovery Family offers videos, games, and printable activities in Spanish.
  9. Chillola
    Learning Spanish is easy here with lots of games (with audio) and free printable resources for parents.
  10. Disney
    Check out the Spanish version of Disney’s official website to play a variety of games and watch video clips!
  11. El Abuelo Educa
    This is a great site to learn Spanish, with lessons and games categorized by topics (math, geography, etc.).
  12. Enchanted Learning
    This site features fun activities, printables, and a vocabulary builder.
  13. Cuentos Interactivos
    This site has interactive stories for intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers.

50 Free Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids - Spanish Websites for Kids

Looking for worksheets, games, videos, or vocabulary specifically? Check out the lists below for direct links.

Spanish Worksheets for Kids

  1. Gus on the Go 
    This site offers several free Spanish printables and worksheets, including numbers flashcards and an animal vocabulary fortune teller. They also offer a great app for $3.99 (available for both iOS and Android), in which kids interact with Gus, an adorable owl character, for games and vocab lessons.
  2. Spanish4Teachers
    Although this site is geared toward Spanish teachers, many of these worksheets offered are simple enough for parents to understand and use with kids.
  3. GeoCom for Kids Printables
    View and print vocabulary activities organized by themes like animals and seasons.
  4. Rockalingua Worksheets
    These worksheets also teach Spanish vocabulary, including words for seasons, colors, numbers, and weather.
  5. OnlineFreeSpanish Coloring Pages
    Download and print these coloring pages to learn numbers, animals, and more.
  6. SpanishTown Vocabulary Sheets
    Practice vocabulary with these printable activities and worksheets.
  7. Enchanted Learning Printables
    Here you can find short, printable books to practice vocabulary and Spanish reading comprehension.
  8. Living Montessori Now
    Check out Deb’s list of free Spanish printables and Montessori-inspired activities for some great ideas!
  9. Spanish411 Printable Resources
    This site offers maps, charts, activity sheets, handouts, games, and posters.
  10. Memorizing the Moments Spanish Resources
    Here you’ll find flashcards and lessons created by Kaysha, who blogs about early education.
  11. Nick Jr Dora Flashcards
    Learn simple Spanish greetings with these flashcards featuring Dora and all her friends.
  12. Boca Beth Free Bilingual Resources
    Boca Beth offers free language card downloads, as well as coloring and activity pages.

Spanish Games for Kids

Free Spanish Games for Kids

  1. 123TeachMe Games
    This is a great list of links to interactive games on other sites, such as Sid the Science Kid on PBS Kids.
  2. GPB Kids
    Practice vocabulary with the interactive games and coloring books here.
  3. Rockalingua Games
    This site has interactive games for learning about colors, numbers, feelings, and more.
  4. Spanish Playground Toys and Games
    Here you’ll find printables and online games, as well as app recommendations for kids.
  5. Calico Spanish Flashcard Games
    Flashcard games, matching games, and concentration games for beginner Spanish learners.
  6. Oh Noah! Games
    Check out these interactive games with the same characters as in the videos.
  7. Spanish Games
    Choose a topic, learn with tutorials, and then select from seven free Spanish games to practice.

Spanish Videos for Kids

Spanish Videos for Kids

  1. Calico Spanish
    This website features paid curriculum programs, but also offers tons of great free videos on their YouTube channel.
  2. 123TeachMe
    Here you’ll find short stories, along with questions that test your child’s understanding of the stories.
  3. BBC’s Mi Vida Loca series
    BBC offers this interactive video drama and Spanish course geared toward older kids who are beginners.
  4. Rockalingua Videos
    These Spanish videos for kids include songs about numbers, colors, feelings, parts of the body, and much more.
  5. Spanish Playground Videos
    On this site you can explore many clips with easy vocabulary for kids.
  6. Oh Noah!
    Young kids will love this video series featuring Noah and his language-learning adventures.

Spanish Vocabulary for Kids

Spanish Vocabulary for Kids

  1. Rockalingua Picture Dictionaries
    Review easy Spanish words for kids with these worksheets to color.
  2. 19 Easy Spanish Vocabulary Words to Teach Your Kids
    Check out TakeLessons’ handy guide and infographic with Spanish words for kids!
  3. Spanish Town Vocabulary
    Here you’ll find vocabulary with audio, as well as printable vocabulary sheets in PDF form.

Bilingual Parenting Blogs

Bonus Spanish Resources

  1. Billboard Latino
    Check out the charts for the top Latin artists, then use Spotify to stream them online at home! (See also: How to Use Fun, Creative Songs to Teach Spanish to Kids)
  2. YouTube
    Explore Latin music videos and additional Spanish lessons — simply enter your search terms and see what’s out there! (Hint: Check out Señor Jordan’s channel — one of our favorites!)
  3. Wikibooks
    This open-source Wikimedia project is designed to extend educational material to anyone willing to learn it. The website’s Spanish section starts off with basic conversation and grammar lessons, which gradually increase in complexity.
  4. ¡Hola Viajeros!
    This site provides a series of free audiobooks in slow Spanish along with transcripts. By listening to the audio while reading the transcripts, you and your children will quickly learn Spanish pronunciations, inflections, and other nuances.
  5. Amy Leonard’s Pinterest Boards
    If you’d like to create your own curriculum for your kids, this Spanish teacher’s resources are a fantastic place to start. Her website has additional worksheets and lessons.
  6. Pimsleur Approach
    Another great site for creating your own curriculum, where you can find tons of helpful links and resources for teaching Spanish.

Bilingual Parenting Blogs

Bilingual Parenting Blogs

Finally, want a little inspiration as you teach your child another language? The following are a few bilingual bloggers we love:

  • Latinaish
    Married to a man from El Salvador and raising two sons, blogger Tracy shares her insight on Spanish language, culture, food, and family.
  • Mommy Maestra
    Written by a homeschooling Latina, Monica, this blog is an amazing resource for anyone raising or teaching bilingual, bicultural kids.
  • All Done Monkey
    Leanna writes wonderful articles on language and culture in a balanced and inspiring approach to parenting.
  • Spanglish House
    In this blog, Cece, a Bolivian mom in the U.S., shares her experiences keeping her language and culture alive for her children.
  • Discovering The World Through My Son’s Eyes
    Written by a Puerto Rican mom, Frances, this blog is full of resources and inspiration for raising children with two languages.
  • A Life With Subtitles
    In this blog, Sarah, a mom married to a man from Guatemala, shares her family’s experiences and her insight in funny, yet moving articles.
  • Juan of Words
    Juan, Anjelica, and son Edgar share their experiences in the leading U.S./Hispanic Lifestyle blog on Mexican living.
  • Los Gringos Locos
    In this blog, Tina shares funny stories about living abroad in Mexico with her husband and four kiddos.
  • Españolita
    Living in the US but raising a bilingual daughter, Audrey blogs about Montessori education, parenting, language tips, and more.

What other Spanish websites, games, and worksheets did we miss? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it in. Want to take it a step further? Consider signing your child up for private Spanish tutoring for additional practice and customized lesson plans. Make learning fun, and you’ll set your child up for success!

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