8 Outstanding Spanish Learning Websites to Bookmark Now

spanish learning websites
The web is full of resources for learning Spanish and testing your skills! Here, we’ll share some of our favorites.

If you’re interested in learning Spanish, working with a private tutor is the best way to learn a new language. But there are tons of other resources you can use in between lessons to practice your skills and have a little fun. Here’s a roundup of Spanish learning websites to add to your bookmarks.

1. TakeLessons Live

Bookmark TakeLessons Live to make learning Spanish fun with the help of a live instructor in a group setting. After signing up for the free membership option, you have access to a variety of online classes to choose from. Whether you want to learn basic vocabulary or conversational skills, you can join the classroom from your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. With instant feedback and guidance from an expert, you’ll start to see significant progress in your skills in no time. You’ll also get to meet and interact with other students at your level, from around the world.

2. BBC Language

Bookmark BBC’s Spanish page for engaging narrative videos and interactive resources that will get you excited about learning Spanish. BBC offers an interesting approach to learning through an interactive video drama mystery. You can watch 22 episodes of a mystery series that is created to teach beginner Spanish. After every episode, there is a learning activity to test mastery. If you can’t watch the videos, print the full transcript to read as a mystery novel. Other components of the site include crossword puzzles, essential phrases, Spanish slang, and suggested Spanish news, TV, and radio channels.

3. 123 Teach Me

Bookmark 123TeachMe for a comprehensive online database of helpful resources and activities. Free games for your computer or phone allow you to test thousands of specific vocabulary, grammar, and verb skills. Free resources are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, including: 360 lessons, videos, and quizzes; 410 listening comprehension activities; 360 reading comprehension passages and mini-quizzes; 450 dialogues; 175 Spanish videos with subtitles; 800 interactive quizzes; 100 verb flashcard quizzes; and two million Spanish sentences with English translations. You can also sign up to receive one free word, verb, and phrase every day.

4. Study Spanish

Bookmark Study Spanish for bite-sized lessons that are organized into units, making it manageable to master a conversational range of Spanish. This website allows you to progress at your own pace with 50 pronunciation lessons, 104 grammar lessons, 55 vocabulary lessons, and 28 verbal drills.

5. SpanishPod101

Sign up for a free subscription to SpanishPod101 for thousands of free audio and video lessons. These engaging and culturally relevant podcast recordings make learning Spanish fun and easy from your computer or on the go. All four skill levels are broken up into about five “seasons,” which each include 20  to 25 audio recordings intended to teach a specific skill or vocabulary set. Each audio recording is about 15 minutes, making it easy for you to advance through the levels. Visual vocabulary and grammar resources are also accessible on the website, in addition to three-minute video lessons to learn words, phrases, and cultural facts.

6. Conjuguemos

Bookmark Conjuguemos for thousands of interactive activities and flashcard-style study guides. Depending on your skill level, you can choose to set a timer as you progress through bite-size activities. The graded activities test your knowledge of specific vocabulary and grammar skills with or without the help of site-provided flashcards and study charts.

7. Fluencia

Sign up for a free subscription to Fluencia for step-by-step language acquisition activities. Upon subscription, you set your skill level. There are nine levels, each consisting of 10 units. You can also upgrade to gain access to more than 500 lessons and results comparable to Rosetta Stone for as low as $7.95 a month. In addition to interesting games, video, and audio, Fluencia allows you to set goals, track growth, receive constructive feedback, and even set reminders for daily practice.

8. PeppyBurro

This free site has tons of resources! As they explain, PeppyBurro offers everything you need to become proficient in Spanish — except for willpower! Here you can find dictionaries, podcasts, proficiency tests, flashcards, helpful infographics, and much more.

These eight Spanish learning websites are fantastic resources to bookmark. Just remember that they shouldn’t replace the time you spend with a private tutor. This time is invaluable because your tutor can pinpoint specific pronunciation struggles you may be having, and make sure you’re learning at the right pace. Combine your private lessons with these online resources, and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the language.

LaurenPPost Author: Lauren tutors various subjects in New York, NY. She has her Master’s Degree in Education (with a concentration in students with learning disabilities), and is a certified NYC Special Education teacher. Learn more about Lauren here!



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