5 Free & Fun Spanish-Learning Websites for Kids

5 Fantastic and Free Spanish Websites for Kids

5 Free & Fun Spanish-Learning Websites for Kids

Looking for resources on learning Spanish for kids? There are so many strategies for teaching Spanish to kids that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the options.

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled some of the best, top-rated websites to learn Spanish for kids below. These are websites that your child can visit daily and expect to discover something new and exciting each time. All five of these Spanish websites for kids include activities that are fun, and best of all – free!

5 Free Websites to Learn Spanish for Kids

1. OnlineFreeSpanish

5 Free & Fun Spanish-Learning Websites for Kids

OnlineFreeSpanish is one of our personal favorites for learning Spanish for kids. Based on your child’s familiarity with Spanish, you can adjust the difficulty level from beginner to intermediate or advanced. The site includes 19 lessons that are precursors to several activities and fun games.

Parents can even print out coloring pages related to each of the lessons! Your young scholar will quickly learn Spanish vocabulary relating to farm animals, the seasons, emotions, schools supplies, and more.


5 Free & Fun Spanish-Learning Websites for Kids

ABCYA teaches elementary school students a multitude of subjects. On their Spanish page, you will find two exciting carnival-like games to enhance your child’s skills.

Spanish Word Bingo has 11 categories to choose from, which feature more than 200 vocabulary words and phrases. Spanish Word Toss also has 11 categories to choose from, including animals, months of the year, and transportation. We recommend these games for Spanish learners in first grade and up.

3. Digital Dialects

5 Free & Fun Spanish-Learning Websites for Kids

Digital Dialects is great for older, middle school aged kids. Learning Spanish for kids is different than learning it as an adult, and perhaps more fun with engaging websites like this one!

On Digital Dialects, students can practice greetings, verb conjugations, units of time, and more with fun and interactive games.

4. PBS

5 Free & Fun Spanish-Learning Websites for Kids

PBS is well known for its learning programs, and this is no exception! The “Oh Noah!” videos are sure to build your child’s Spanish vocabulary. Learners will discover the Spanish language through activities, games, and videos along with the relatable star character, Noah, who lives with his grandmother in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood.

Each activity and game uses a variety of useful Spanish vocabulary. Your kids will learn how to use adjectives like colors, how to discuss chores, and more.

5. Rocklingua


When it comes to learning Spanish for kids, this site is a must-have. Rocklingua is a multi-faceted learning site run by teachers, musicians, animators, and computer programmers.

Through songs, games, worksheets, videos, and a picture dictionary, your child will build his or her foundation in the Spanish language. The free songs and games are clearly labeled, and other learning opportunities on the site are available for purchase.

BONUS: Check out Spanish Playground’s YouTube Channel for more fun songs and videos for teaching Spanish to kids!

Keep in mind that all of these websites, though great resources, are not the same as Spanish lessons for kids. In order for your child to be truly invested in learning the Spanish language, he or she will need a Spanish teacher.

These websites work best when used as supplemental tools to help your child practice the material taught by his or her Spanish tutor. A tutor may also have additional recommendations, such as Spanish learning apps, for making practice fun and engaging.

Breeana D.Post Author: Breeana D.
Breeana D. teaches Spanish lessons in Abington, PA. Specializing in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education, she is currently enrolled in Temple University’s Elementary Education program. Learn more about Breeana here!

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  1. Genndy
    Genndy says:

    Hey Breanna!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list. I really needed some other things to vary my class, I think this list show a wonderful variety that will be very helpful to my students.

  2. Stacie Huttmann
    Stacie Huttmann says:

    im looking for something like the endless spanish cartoons on youtube, they speak a word in spanish and translate it to english and viseversa, my children are just learning to read at 6 and 7 so reading a word right now is not as effective as hearing both english/spanish
    any suggestions?

    • Jessica Dais
      Jessica Dais says:

      Hi Stacie! Have you heard of TakeLessons Live? Your child can easily learn Spanish in our live, online classes – and you can join in as well! There are a variety of fun Spanish classes, from beginner basics to conversational skills, offered all throughout the day so you can find one that works best with your schedule. The first month of classes is completely free, so you can try it out with your kids if you’d like! Hope that helps 🙂

      • Stacie Huttmann
        Stacie Huttmann says:

        I am just now seeing this Jessica Davis! Thank you. for the information! I will be looking into it TODAY!!!!!
        THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Maria Toledo
    Maria Toledo says:

    I am a Spanish Teacher, and I am looking for a curriculum for my Middle School students. They have not had Spanish before, and all the material available is usually kid-like for middle school students or too advance. Do you have any suggestions? I am desperate to find something that is fun and oriented to this age group.


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