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Learn the Basics of Spanish Grammar

Mastering Spanish grammar is essential for writing, speaking, and understanding the language!

But we get it — it can be a lot to take in. So whether you want to brush up on the language for an upcoming vacation, need help passing a class, or simply want to learn something new, these guides from our experienced Spanish tutors will help you learn the basics.

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Online Spanish Lessons

We make it easy to learn Spanish online through live video lessons via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Spanish Verb Conjugation – Lesson 1

New to learning conjugations? Check out part one in tutor Jason N.’s guide to learn the basics.

» Intro Spanish Verb Conjugation | Tips, Charts, & More

Spanish Verb Conjugation – Lesson 2

Now, learn how to conjugate stem-changing verbs like pedir, poder, and querer.

» Part II: How to Conjugate Stem-Changers in Spanish

Spanish Verb Conjugation – Lesson 3

Next up: learn how to conjugate in the preterite tense. Bonus: Memorize the 12 irregular conjugations that may trip you up!

» Part III: Conjugating Preterite Past Tense in Spanish

Spanish Verb Conjugation – Lesson 4

Need to describe something that happened in a habitual, repetitive, or routine manner? Check out this post!

» Part IV: How to Conjugate the Imperfect in Spanish

Spanish Verb Conjugation – Lesson 5

The conditional tense is similar to the imperfect, but here’s what you need to know to conjugate correctly…

» Part V: Conjugating Future & Conditional Tenses in Spanish

Spanish Verb Conjugation – Lesson 6

Lastly, you’ll need to know how to describe past actions, thoughts, or beliefs that are still happening — i.e. the present perfect tense!

» Learn Spanish Grammar: Present Perfect Conjugations

Spanish Subjunctive

Spanish Subjunctive Feature

Once you’ve mastered the different conjugation types, it’s important to also learn about the Spanish subjunctive. Get started here!

» Learn Spanish Grammar: Intro to the Subjunctive Mood

Ser, Estar & Other Word Pairs

What’s the difference between ser and estar? How about por vs. para? Find out in this post!

» 3 Key Word Pairs You MUST Memorize in Spanish

Spanish Formal Commands

As you continue learning Spanish, understanding how to form commands is a great next step. Check out our guide here!

» The Best Way to Learn Spanish Formal Commands

Spanish Cognates

Does pretender mean “to pretend” or “to try”? Test your knowledge of Spanish cognates here!

» Watch Out! 16 Spanish Words That Easily Fool New Learners

Comparisons, Superlatives, etc.

Do you know how to compare people or objects in Spanish? Here’s what you need to know!

» Spanish Grammar: Comparisons, Superlatives, & More

Masculine vs. Feminine Nouns

How do you know when a noun in Spanish is masculine or feminine? Here are some general rules to follow, plus a quiz to test yourself!

» Masculine & Feminine Spanish Nouns | Test Yourself!