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5 Travel Bloggers to Inspire Your Next Trip to Spain

Dreaming of visiting Spain? It’s a common bucket-list destination for any world traveler, and an even better destination if you’ve been learning how to speak Spanish!

We’ve given some recommendations for Spanish-speaking countries to visit on the blog before, but if you’re looking for more in-depth info, we recommend exploring the many Spanish travel bloggers documenting their adventures. Below, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorites to check out.

Spain for Pleasure

spanish travel bloggers

Spain for Pleasures’s tagline is “The adventures, misadventures and quiet musing of a guiri in Spain.” Blogger Josh is an English teacher and freelancer writer who has lived in Granada since 2010, and offers advice on everything from adrenaline-pumping activities to try in Spain to general Spanish-learning tips, plus dedicated sections for several other cities (including Andalucía, Portugal, and Valencia). When asked for his best travel tip for Spain, Josh told us:

I’d always go for peer-to-peer services over commercial ones, for example Blablacar instead of taking the bus or train and Airbnb instead of staying in a hotel. They are generally great ways to meet people, practice your Spanish and save money!

Latitude 41

spanish travel bloggers

Blogger Justine has lived in Spain since 2008, and shares gorgeous photography, personal stories, and travel tips for all things Barcelona and beyond. Her blog is an awesome insider look into the culture and traditions of the area, and she writes in a way that is particularly inspiring. Her post about Park Guell made me want to pack my bags immediately and check it out! Here’s Justine’s best travel tip:

It’s always great to discover an authentic local restaurant or shop in Spain. The best way to beat the local crowds, especially in larger cities, is to go when it opens. Spanish people are pretty late risers. If you find a popular local restaurant, show up around 1pm for lunch — it’ll be less crowded, and you can have a peaceful, enjoyable meal.  

Sunshine and Siestas

spanish travel bloggers

After moving to Spain to teach English, blogger Cat started Sunshine and Siestas to document her experiences living the expat life in Seville, teaching English abroad, and much more. Not only does she write fun posts about things like the best Spanish cuisine and tapas, she also runs co-runs the Como Consulting Bureau, a website dedicated to helping aspiring expats “get around Spanish red tape” and make their dreams a reality!

Cat’s best travel tip:

Spain is notorious for weather mood swings in many areas, so dress in light layers to go from breezy mornings to scorching middays to balmy nights. And ladies, no heels for the cobblestone streets, unless you want to twist an ankle!

Oh Hello, Spain

spanish travel bloggers

Madrid is a top destination for travelers, and this blog is a fantastic look into the city’s best attractions, local cuisine, and culture! After traveling throughout her teen and young adult years, blogger Kate eventually moved to Madrid in 2013, and works full-time as a commissioning editor of English language teaching materials. Kate’s posts are inspiring, interesting, and helpful, whether you’re traveling to Spain on a budget or want recommendations for exploring Madrid’s cuisine! Here’s Kate’s travel tip:

Spain operates on its own timetable – and has its own dining schedule too. Breakfast is commonly available until 12, while lunch doesn’t really start until 1:30 at the earliest. If it’s summer and you’re in a small town, make like a local and have a siesta after your midday meal – many shops and services close during the afternoon. The evening is perfect for a paseo (walk) and a drink on a sunny terrace before dinner (eaten anywhere from 9-midnight). Unless you want to constantly dine with fellow tourists, switch to the Spanish schedule! 

Adventurous Kate: The Solo Female Travel Blog

spanish travel bloggers

Ladies, listen up! Kate’s blog is an awesome resource for solo female travelers, offering advice on everything from world travel (not just Spain) to building a career as a travel blogger. Whether you’re headed to Barcelona, Costa Brava, or even Belgium, Belize, or Australia, you’ll find articles and tips to help you along the way.


Following Spanish travel bloggers is just one of the many ways you can supplement your Spanish lessons. If you find a blog you like on the list above, we recommend subscribing to their newsletter so you can get updates when new content is posted.

Readers, what other Spanish travel bloggers have inspired your learning or wanderlust? Share with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Rosalie Rice
    Rosalie Rice says:

    Really useful information! I am going to visit Madrid next month. I love Spain. My plan is to study there! I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to visit this gorgeous country. Thank you for sharing this list with blogs. I have learned so interesting things. Best regards!

  2. inder
    inder says:

    Spain is beautful country.last month i visited in spain with my friends.we went to many places.amazing places.spanish food was so i suggest one time visit on these place

  3. kanchan Thakur
    kanchan Thakur says:

    Spain sounds beautiful place. I really want to be go there. Hope I will go there soon and enjoying this trip. Thanks for sharing

  4. Jennifer Grey
    Jennifer Grey says:

    I love travelling, the post is definitely a true inspiration for every traveler, who loves to explore. I have been to Barcelona with my parents and I would prefer to visit this destination once again. I have planned a journey for next three years, I will start from Rome and so on… Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

  5. Agness of Etramping
    Agness of Etramping says:

    Wow! I definitely need to start following these travel bloggers as they are so inspiring, Suzy! Spain an exceptional travel destination and so worth visiting! 🙂


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