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50+ Free Spanish Worksheets and Online Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids

January 13, 2022

50+ Free Spanish Worksheets and Online Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids

50 Free Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids - Worksheets, Games, and More

Teaching kids Spanish doesn’t need to be difficult – and these Spanish worksheets can help you do just that!

Whether you homeschool your child or you simply want them to become worldly citizens, learning Spanish will benefit them tremendously. In fact, raising a child bilingual is one of the best educational decisions a parent can make.

Spanish worksheets, videos, websites, and other resources can help you teach your kids Spanish in an easy, accessible way. Consider these tools to help you out on your journey!

Why Should You Teach Spanish to Kids?

spanish worksheets

Childhood is the perfect time to learn a new language. As early as infancy, we learn language by listening. Frequent exposure to different words and sounds fosters and develops these skills. As we get older, however, it gets harder and harder to learn and retain new languages.

The benefits of being bilingual are vast, and by teaching your child from an early age, he or she will be at an advantage over their peers. Even a basic knowledge of a second language can help them immensely when they get to high school or college courses and dive deeper into more advanced Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Later in life, being bilingual can even lead to more job opportunities, a wider cultural understanding, and even a higher salary.

So, where should you start? Below are some great options for you to explore, from websites with learning modules to fun and addictive online Spanish games for kids. And if you don’t speak Spanish yourself, don’t worry — you can learn together!

Feel free to jump ahead by category with these links:

50 Free Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids - Spanish Websites for Kids

How Can I Teach My Kids Spanish At Home for Free?

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There are countless ways you can teach your kids Spanish – all without leaving home or having to spend tons of money. Some good options include:

Whichever option you choose, make sure you check out this video of the best practices for learning the Spanish language so you know exactly what to look for in your Spanish worksheets or other resources you choose to use:

General Spanish Worksheets for Kids

spanish worksheets

Here are a few basic websites you can visit to find helpful Spanish worksheets for kids (we’ll get more specific below!).

  1. Gus on the Go 
    This site offers several free Spanish printables and worksheets, including numbers flashcards and an animal vocabulary fortune teller. They also offer a great app for $3.99 (available for both iOS and Android), in which kids interact with Gus, an adorable owl character, for games and vocab lessons.
  2. Spanish4Teachers
    Although this site is geared toward Spanish teachers, many of these worksheets offered are simple enough for parents to understand and use with kids.
  3. GeoCom for Kids Printables
    View and print vocabulary activities organized by themes like animals and seasons.
  4. Rockalingua Worksheets
    These worksheets also teach Spanish vocabulary, including words for seasons, colors, numbers, and weather.
  5. OnlineFreeSpanish Coloring Pages
    Download and print these coloring pages to learn numbers, animals, and more.
  6. SpanishTown Vocabulary Sheets
    Practice vocabulary with these printable activities and worksheets.
  7. Enchanted Learning Printables
    Here you can find short, printable books to practice vocabulary and Spanish reading comprehension.
  8. Living Montessori Now
    Check out Deb’s list of free Spanish printables and Montessori-inspired activities for some great ideas!
  9. Spanish411 Printable Resources
    This site offers maps, charts, activity sheets, handouts, games, and posters.
  10. Memorizing the Moments Spanish Resources
    Here you’ll find flashcards and lessons created by Kaysha, who blogs about early education.
  11. Nick Jr Dora Flashcards
    Learn simple Spanish greetings with these flashcards featuring Dora and all her friends.
  12. Boca Beth Free Bilingual Resources
    Boca Beth offers free language card downloads, as well as coloring and activity pages.

Spanish Games for Kids

More Beginner Spanish Worksheets

spanish worksheets

Here are some more free Spanish worksheets for kids – or other learners who might consider themselves to be beginners! Use these to practice Spanish throughout the day. 

Kindergarten Spanish Worksheets

First School

This website has all kinds of Spanish alphabet worksheets that can help the tiniest tots begin to master the basics of the Spanish language.

Teacher’s Cafe

Here, you’ll find links to all kinds of Spanish worksheets that can be completed online or downloaded for repeat use. 

123 Teach Me

This last website is unique because it allows you to make your own Spanish worksheets for your kindergartener (or even for older learners!). 

Body Parts in Spanish Worksheet Downloads

Cut Out Activity

This fun, hands-on activity for the littlest Spanish learner is a great way for them to build their gross and fine motor skills – while they’re learning Spanish!


Rockalingua has some of the best worksheets for Spanish learners – these Spanish worksheets about body parts are no exception!

El Cuerpo

If you’re teaching your kids about body parts in Spanish, you’ll want to check out these Spanish worksheets for sure!

Spanish Colors Worksheets


These Spanish coloring pages are perfect for kids to learn Spanish both in and out of the classroom. There are nearly 50,000 different coloring activities found at this site. You can teach Spanish colors as well as other types of Spanish vocabulary with these activities. 

Softschools Rainbow Colors

These fun Spanish colors worksheets require your child to label the different parts of the rainbow with the correct color.’s Colors in Spanish Worksheet

These fun worksheets help your child learn everything they need to know about Spanish colors, from pronunciation to spelling and of course, basic identification. 

Printable Spanish Worksheets for Learning Numbers

Spanish Numbers by TLSBooks

This set of worksheets is hefty – about 12 pages! – but will test your child’s knowledge of Spanish numbers through various games, like counting objects and matching games. 

Learning Number Words in Spanish with Spanish4Teachers

These printable Spanish worksheets are pretty basic – but still effective. Kids just have to write the Spanish number for the word in each corresponding blank. 

Counting in Spanish with

This fun worksheet will have your kids running around the house trying to find how many items in certain categories you have. The catch? The answer has to be written in Spanish!

Subject Pronouns Spanish Worksheet Downloads 

SpanishOne’s Pronoun Worksheets

These Spanish worksheets consist of matching, fill in the blank, and other activities to help little learners discover more about pronouns. 

ABCTeach Grammar Worksheets

You’ll find all the printable grammar worksheets you need here, including those for pronouns, verbs, and other types of Spanish words and grammatical concepts. 

Spanish Learning Lab Pronouns Worksheet

This worksheet is perfect for any learning environment, be it the classroom or your own

living room.

Spanish Websites for Kids

spanish worksheets

Spanish worksheets aren’t for everyone – even the most energetic little learners can get bored with worksheets after time! Here are some websites you can use with your kids to shake things up a bit. 

  1. 1 2 3 Teach Me
    This is a great site with pronunciation guides (audio), flashcards, videos, songs, lyrics, and more. For vocabulary in particular, check out these flashcards.
  2. SpanishDict
    Here you can find interactive flashcards to teach kids the Spanish words for colors, clothing, numbers, and more!
  3. Digital Dialects
    This site is full of fun, easy-to-play games that teach Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. The Spanish games cover a wide range of topics, including greetings, colors, numbers, foods, units of time, animals, and clothing.
  4. GeoCom for Kids
    This is a fun-filled site featuring games, animations, coloring books, and printables for learning Spanish.
  5. Salsa
    This is a children’s TV show that is free to watch online. It’s all in Spanish, but it includes a translation of each episode. There are also a few games and activities for kids to play.
  6. BBC’s Mi Vida Loca
    Mi Vida Loca is another free Spanish TV show, but it’s meant for older kids. The series includes lessons and learning activities, as well as a teacher’s guide and syllabus to follow.
  7. Rockalingua
    This subscription-based site also offers a lot of free content, including songs, videos, games, and picture dictionaries.