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Science Tutoring for Maumelle, AR

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Apurva G.

Apurva G.

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My extensive background in Computer Science, both through work and education, enables me to offer various different ways of teaching various topics in software development whether that be, foundational knowledge, making a website, or even building/designing a database. I am well-versed in both Front-end and Back-end development and have deep knowledge of data structure/algorithm concepts. If the need is help with coursework, wanting to start a new project, learning new technologies, or just getting started in coding, I am a great fit for your needs. General tutoring process with me: 1. Set goals and identify pain points with student's current methods (if needed) 2. Develop a plan based on students' struggles and strengths to help them achieve goals in a specific time frame. 3. Prepare lessons beforehand depending on the needs of students. 4. Multiple check-ins throughout the week to make sure student is staying on top of their plan. 5. Communication whenever needed by the student (within reason) for help with small tasks, questions, advice, or if they just need a person to talk to. (If a student is a minor, with the supervision of a guardian). You can expect learning programming concepts in an easy, practical, and hands-on approach. Unlike classroom, I will adapt my teaching according to your expectations and needs. As a Computer Science student and software engineer, I have been using Java for the past 5 years. I graduated with top grades in all CS courses so feel free to reach out. I have explained and helped solve Java assignments and concepts to more than 200+ students during my undergraduate degree. I can teach you in the way that is most comfortable for you.
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shes really nice. i hope i get to see her again, shes a great teacher. -jenelles daughter

Jenelle (Science lessons with Ulyana P)

I have experience of online teaching 2 years and total experience is 8 years

Luxmikant G. (Science lessons with Luxmikant G.)

Corrie is an excellent tutor! She is very patient when instructing. She is thorough and knowledgeable regarding the subject she teaches. I highly recommend her.

Michelle (Science lessons with Corrie B.)

one of the best teachers I've come accross. has a friendly approach with the kids and will tune the lectures to your understanding. had the best time learning with her

pranathi (Science lessons with Trupthi K.)

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