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Biology with David L.

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Teaches online
Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
Age: 8+
Speaks English
Teaching since 1991
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Certified Science Teacher with over 26 years public school teaching experience

I am a NJ Certified Science Teacher with 26 years public school teaching experience. My degree is in Biology. Since retiring, I found I absolutely love online tutoring, and my students look forward to their lessons with me. I build their confidence and understanding. As a professional teacher, I know how to uncover the difficulties specific to each individual and guide them toward success. Rather than just explaining a concept to them, I lead my students with questions and examples so they can explain it themselves. With true understanding rather than mere memorization, grades naturally improve. My online equipment includes a laptop with webcam, 2nd monitor, 4K document camera, headphone/mic, and iPad (if you also have a tablet, we can use it as a collaborative, real-time whiteboard, much superior than the whiteboard provide by Zoom). I can also show you how to use your phone as makeshift document camera, so I can see what you are writing.

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