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Christopher A.

I have tutored all sections of the ACT for over eight years and have helped dozens of students significantly improve their scores.
/30 minutes

Natalie G.

For over 10 years, I’ve tutored many high school students in ACT test prep. I use different techniques to approach each section so they can score high. The ACT Math section is similar to the SAT math section but with a visible focus on geometry and trigonometry concepts; it also has a more diversified mixture of advanced math problems and a tighter time limit. Out of all the ACT sections, I have worked the most on ACT Math. Students first go through a complete concept review based on their performance in practice material. Then we work on concept-specific practice questions to ensure that they avoid past mistakes and raise their scores. The ACT English section tests grammar usage, mechanics, and rhetoric. Students need to understand and recognize correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to score well in this section. I have helped many students with ACT English, targeting concept knowledge and skill application as part of their test prep. They continue to study outside of lessons through a customized test prep routine. For the ACT Writing section, I coach how to write a strong, descriptive, and succinct essay response within the time limit. Since the ACT Reading section has four passages always set in four predetermined topic areas, I drill students through key question types and testing strategies to strengthen their reading comprehension, analytical skills, and time management. In addition to working through practice tests with me and on their own, they also complete practice homework outside of lessons. Students who committed to their study plans always raised their scores and felt confident about this section. I always emphasize ACT Science does not require extensive scientific knowledge or skills. It tests high school students' analytical skills, ability to correctly interpret graphs and data, and form conclusions. I help them maximize their reading comprehension skills to glean necessary information and “translate” it into simple instructions that help them find the right answer to a question in less than a minute. Since the ACT Science time limit is the most formidable in the entire test, I also walk students through practice tests to confront any mistakes immediately and correct them so they can learn from the process and be better prepared.
/60 minutes

Farobag C.

Specializing in Reading and Math sectors
/30 minutes

Katrina Z.

I've been teaching the SAT and ACT for 9+ years and my students have gone on to boast their scores by 200+ points. I love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you! Coming from a background of online education and homeschooling as well as attending an Ivy League university, I am extremely capable of not only helping you reach your goals, but pushing you further in accomplishing amazing achievements! Boost your scores by learning with a tutor who achieved a perfect score on the SAT and ACT.
/30 minutes

Joanne T.

I've helped students with the ACT for a number of years. There is a mindset to learning the "tricks" of this standardized test. I want students to recognize the patterns to the test questions so that they can know exactly how to answer them.
/30 minutes

Ryan B.

I cover all ACT subject areas, tips and strategies for the ACT test. I have over 10 years of ACT test prep experience
/30 minutes

Mary Lou H.

Are you preparing to take the ASVAB? I'd love to help you. After you take a practice test with me, we'll identify what concepts need to be reviewed to prepare you for the big day. My only goal is for you to succeed! Concepts in Mathematics: Measurements – time, length, weight, volume, area Place Value Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Order of Operations Decimals Fractions Equations Inequalities Properties – Commutative, Associative, Distributive, Identity Concepts in Algebra: Simplifying - Distributive, FOIL Exponents Polynomials Negatives Substitution Method Angles Graphs & Graphing Slope of a Line Factoring Square Roots and Radicals Probability & Statistics Geometry Word problems I’m also a devotee of grammar and proofreading skills. I have been hired be several published authors to proofread their novels prior to publications. So if you need assistance with improving your Writing Skills, I am available for this as well – two tutors for the “price” of one.
/30 minutes

Tim K.

I have been teaching for 24 years and have worked with students at every level from pre-kindergarten to university. I received six hours of college credit in English from Trinity University based upon my entrance exam scores. I have tutored students in several different subjects, including English, Math, Science, study skills and test preparation.
/30 minutes
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My son enjoyed ACT prep with Katrina. He said that he learned several different techniques that he was not aware of. We will continue Act Prep with Katrina. Thank you !

James (ACT lessons with Katrina Z.)

My daughter told me that she learned a lot and that it would definitely help her with the ACT test.

Camille (ACT lessons with Joanne T.)

We were given Matthews name from a friend that used him for her two sons ACT tests and were happy with the results. My daughter studied with him multiple times at a mutual site preparing for her ACT t

Sheryl (ACT lessons with Matthew H.)

My Son loves his sessions and has gained so much knowledge from him. Highly recommend him.

Madhulika (ACT lessons with Christopher A.)

My son enjoyed ACT prep with Katrina. He said that he learned several different techniques that he was not aware of. We will continue Act Prep with Katrina. Thank you !

James (ACT lessons with Katrina Z.)

My daughter told me that she learned a lot and that it would definitely help her with the ACT test.

Camille (ACT lessons with Joanne T.)

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