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Sarasota, FL
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Christine delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 18+ and special needs

Teaching since:
January 2003

About Improv:
Improv is a form of theater where everything is made up on the spot. Nothing is scripted, everything is made up in the moment using random suggestions. Improv allows every person & idea to have value. I use the principles of improvisational theater to create better humans! I'm committed to creating an environment safe to make mistakes and providing a very safe and courageous place for people to have fun, learn and play in. You’ll be happily surprised with the outcome.

About Christine:
I have been improvising since 2001 and in 2003 began directing students from ages 5 to 84. My passion is to share the incredible art form of improv with excitement and humor.

Improv is a great learning tool for team building, spontaneity, listening, being present, speaking to groups, communicating one on one, saying yes, respecting one another and so much more. It helps that each game played builds upon the next to reinforce the learning.

What you get:
One-on-One - 45 min - 1 hour of discussion / rehearsal with Christine - working on improv performance skills or personal communication skills. At the end of the session, you will be armed with new tools.

Improv Troupe Notes - 1 hour - for improv troupes needing an outside eye for notes, direction and ideas for marketing your troupe. At the end of the session, you will have new games and ideas to move your troupe forward.

Custom Course - 45min - 1 hour or weekly - Tell me what you would like to improve. Character choices? Initiations? Storyline? You tell me.

Improv empowers people. Let's empower each other.

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Guest Co-Host
Jul 2015 - Present
Suncoast View, ABC7

Dynamic team of co-hosts discussing local hot topics in the news, sharing their opinions and engaging in lively conversations.

Owner, Producer & Performer
Apr 2008 - Present
Lazy Fairy Improv

Laughing Lunches are interactive, courageous, hilarious workshops that bring people together as well as fosters quick and creative thinking. Professional team building also allows co-workers to see each other as people, build trust and communication while understanding how to unite different work styles.

Popular Laughter Lunches:
Corporate Team Building
Employee Appreciation Laughter Workshop
Agree to Agree / Collaboration

More Grounded Working Relationships
Bonding & Learning Experiences
Increase Team Morale

Laughing Lunches can be customized and sized for corporations to small businesses.

De-stress and boost your mood with Laughing Lunches!

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Florida Studio Theatre Improv
Jan 2001 - Present
FST Improv

Last founding performance member of the improv program.

Performances every Saturday & 101 Improv Instructor

My passion is to share the incredible art form of improv with excitement and humor. And my commitment is to provide a safe and courageous place for people to have fun and play in.

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Humor Institute Trainer
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015
McCurdy's Comedy Theatre & Humor Institute

Kids Comedy Summer Camp


Improv Workshops
Jun 2013 - Jun 2013
Upright Citizens Brigade
Improv Intensive - 3 weeks
Jun 2013 - Jun 2013
The Magnet Theatre
101 - Advanced Improv
Jan 2001 - Oct 2003
Florida Studio Theatre

Professional Proficiency


Extempore Award
Mar 2016
SaraSolo Festival 2016
among the 28 Most Powerful People in the Arts
Nov 2009
Sarasota Magazine
40 under 40 Winner
Oct 2009
Gulf Coast Business Review
Best Local Actress
Jul 2009
Creative Loafing
Best Film & Audience Choice
Jun 2009
48 Hour Film
Best Local Actress
Jul 2008
Creative Loafing

Photos & Videos

MBA's in a Management Design Thinking course at USF St. Petersburg Kate Tiedemann College of Business.
The Role of Play and Improv in Innovation lead by Christine Alexander at USF St. Petersburg, FL.
Laughter is Inner Jogging
at Center for Building Hope

Lazy Fairy Improv - Joey Panek & Christine Alexander

The Lazy Fairy Improv girls entertained the 2010 Recipe for Happiness 3 years in a row, for (Christine on far right)
Laughing Love Notes
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34 Reviews

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Francisco May 29, 2018
Improv Acting · Online

Great improv games to use in everyday life !

Vedina S. Sep 14, 2017
Improv Acting · Online

Working with Christine has been nothing short of an amazing experience. I have learned so much about the industry and have received so much insight on what it takes to be a great actress/comedian/etc. When I first started out, I had no idea what direction I wanted to take or where to start. Christine was extremely patient and came equipped with a roadmap to getting started. She takes every lesson at the pace that works best for me. She has helped me to set and define clear goals of what I want to accomplish and has made excellent use of our time together. I chose Christine because of previous reviews and she has lived up to every word of what others have said. It's been a blast and I plan to continue developing my skill set with her help!

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Adam Aug 24, 2017
Improv Acting · Online

Christine is the BEST!
As a beginner improver, I am so lucky I found Christine! She has taught me so many valuable tools that have improved my scene work and my decision making. In addition, she always addresses my specific issues during each lesson and even emails me with advice and fun GIFS! (no, not "gifts", but graphic interchange formats! :D Every class is fun and lighthearted and I look forward to it each week.

My lessons are virtual, but she is still very effective at participating in scenes and even encouraged my fellow classmate to join me during our lessons. We can't say enough great things about each class!!

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Blanka May 10, 2017

Christine is THE BEST EVER!! We started taking lessons with her in person and "Oh my!" She made my daughter (9 yrs) feel so comfortable from the minute they've met that I had no doubts from the beginning that she is THE ONE for us! She has such a warm,cheerful personality and passion about acting that it is hard not to take a note on it. She connected with my daughter instantly and their relationship has been deepening ever since. She knows exactly how to instruct her,talk to her,guide her. Extremely professional!! Gives her very useful advices,coaches her so well that my daughter thrives and improves tremendously. We are getting prepared for a great event and with her being on board I am absolutely confident that my daughter will deliver her best. She LOVES Christine! I highly recommend her! If you choose her to be your coach, great results will come to you! Guaranteed!!! Thank You Christine for everything! YOU ARE one of those rare kinds...-and of course we keep coming! :))

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Brittany Apr 28, 2017
Improv Acting · In studio

Great instructor, made me feel very comfortable. Had a lot of fun and learned some valuable things!

Steve D. Sep 23, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Loads of fun! what a fantastic class! the first day i was honestly scared, within minutes of being around christine it is litereally impossible not to be comfterble! I can honestly say i havent laughed this hard in a long time!

Suzanne Marshall Jul 24, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio

Christine is an incredible teacher, wonderful person, and a great actor. She's fun, positive, creative and extremely talented. I've taken a beginner's improv class with her, and she really helped me overcome my natural shyness. SWFL is very lucky to have such a shining star!

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KT Jul 10, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine Alexander is an amazing teacher. She is so creative, energized, fun, imaginative and inviting with her students. Christine taught a large workshop with students at my theatre, and they absolutely adored her. I give her the highest recommendation.

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David Jul 10, 2015

I have had Christine as a teacher in several different levels of improv acting. We also have been classmates in improv and stand up classes. She has been great. She creates a positive and welcoming environment. Improv is a difficult and rapidly evolving form of acting. It is one of the newest forms of acting, and has some misunderstanding as to what it is. It is flexible and can be applied to several environments, and situations. Christine has been a pioneer in the SWFL area bringing improv skills to business, education, public speaking as well as stage and screen. She is not afraid to try new ideas. As a teacher she brings the latest ideas to the class and is engaged with her students. As student she is helpful and respectful of her classmates. I have learned a lot from her in both situations.

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Fae Jul 9, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio


Denise Jul 9, 2015

Christine brings life, laughter and passion into all she is involved with. It is always a pleasure to work with Christine and her beautiful smile!

monica Jul 9, 2015
Improv Acting · Online

She listens and is always positive.

monica Jul 9, 2015
Improv Acting · Online

She listens and is always positive.

Gabrielle Jul 7, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio

Christine is one of the most well-versed improvisers I have had the honor of working with. She makes classes informative but most of all FUN! She creates a safe environment where we can really try things outside of our comforts and just explore as artists and play around. I would take another class with her in an instant!

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Janis Frawley Jul 6, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine has the unique ability to combine great teaching with a lot of laughter and fun. She allows her students to feel completely comfortable to say and do anything that comes to mind, for that is what improve is all about: staying in the moment. Her exercises to mold that "improv state of mind" are fantastic and opens you up find humor in just about anything. Her classes not only shaped me into being able to feel comfortable in front of an audience, her teaching has shaped me into not taking things happening in my own life sooooo seriously. Thank you, Christine, for helping me in so many areas of my life, all lthrough your sense of humor and excellent teaching skills.

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Kaci Jul 6, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio

Christine is endlessly kind, helpful, supportive, and sweet. She had endless creative energy and her talent is infectious. You won't regret working with her!

Kim Jul 6, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Participated in an improv class with Christine a few years ago. Not only was it great fun but made me feel as though I actually had a tiny bit of a goft for it which has proved useful to me when I give talks in the area. As a journalist and author I do a lot of talks and that improv class has proved very valuable and it was educational too.

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Annie Jul 5, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio

I am the artistic director of Gotta Van Pro. take celebrates solo artists and having be a fan of Christine for many years as an improv actor and comedienne,We challenged her to create a solo improv piece with the four wall up and create a story with a few suggestions if she needed it left on the stageFor our Sarasolo festival. She was brilliant. We had her do an encore performance in our festival. We had Christine teach her master class workshop on improv for humor health, as I would call it... and I am still using her techniques with my students. Thank you Christine for your insight and kindness and humor and guidance. I would take any class with you and would recommend students to you in a heart beat!

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Russ Jul 5, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Hey the truth is I'm a stand up comic and have been for a while. My first Improv was in Bay Side comedy Club in the late 70s before I became a stand comic .
I just recently took Christine Alexander's improv class to help me improve and sharppen my mind body connection and my improvisational skills and creative instincts. - Christine has brought improv to another level for me. Thank You

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Jeanne Jul 5, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio

Christine is entertaining as well as inspiring, with her effervescent personality, her wit, her positive attitude and more. She helps others to find the "clever" in communication.

Faith Jul 5, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio

Christine is the best. She always reminds us that we are in a safe place. We can be ourselves and let our inner child run loose and we will be accepted. She is funny while still managing to get her points across. I have learned so much from her about character development and setting a scene. And she reminds us at the beginning of a performance to just have fun and that is what it is all about.

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Jean Jul 5, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine is amazing! She is one of the best improv people I have ever seen. Her ability to transform the audience to watch her every gesture is magical! She is a gifted instructor with a loving, caring, down to earth attitude. Quite honestly, I cannot get enough of watching her on stage! I wish I could learn all her skills so I could be half as awesome at improv as she is.

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Ken Jul 5, 2015
Improv Comedy · In studio

Christine does an amazing job teaching comedy and makes it an enjoyable experience the whole time. She is smart and attentive and makes sure everyone in the class is getting the material. Great teacher!

Loren Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine is simply amazing!

Steve Jul 4, 2015

Christine is Super Fantastic! She's always in the moment and forever present. Her personable ability to mold a scene into pure entertainment is something very few people have. Everything she touches turns to gold. To have her as an instructor will only bring more crowning jewels to the entertainment industry.

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Cara Jul 4, 2015
· In home

Christine is a wonderful improv teacher. She provides a safe space for you to share your authentic self and gives you confidence to share it with the world! All while keeping you laughing! Love her and she touches every life she meets!

John Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine communicates a well as anyone I've ever worked with. Great sense of humor, knows her stuff, and knows how to get it across to her students. She involves herself constantly in continuing education, so that she always represents a work in constant progress, rather than resting on her laurels and remaining static.
I recommend her highly to anyone looking for a great teacher and coach.

She's the best.

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Gif Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

High level of communication and ability to understand needs if the student. Her skill level sets a great example of what can be learned.

Anny Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine is that teacher you wish you had in school for math. .. she is funny and intelligent and makes you feel like you're doing it right. .. math sux.... Christine doesn't ... She will Rock your reality! !! 💖 🌟 and stuff may come out your nose. Just sign up for her classes.... she's amazing!!!

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MC Jul 4, 2015
· In studio

Christine led me through a fascinating, laugh-out-loud exercise in improv. By example, she helped me cultivate spontaneity, creativity, relaxing in the face of not knowing what is coming next -- a crucial life skill no matter what you do for work or play. I don't "play" easily but experiencing improv with Christine opened a door for me.

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Alexandra Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine pays attention to the needs and level of understanding of each student. The ways she has taken time to instruct me, have not only taken me to another level, but then she'll turn around and explain it to the class, taking us all to another level as a group. She does in one class what some instructors I've had in NYC couldn't do in a month. She's patient and a great listener, which helps make her instruction so clear and incredibly effective. Including classes I've taken in LA, NYC, Indiana and Florida, Christine Alexander is easily the best Improv instructor I've ever had.

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Stephen Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine rocks hardest, bringing her warmth and humor to everything she touches....kinda-like Pixie-dust w/o the pollen count!!

Marie Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine, is not only an amazing person but her ability to teach the skills necessary in improv are first rate. As an instructor she is able to give hands on advice, and challenges her students to take chances!! I looked forward to every class without hesitation !

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Allie Jul 4, 2015
Improv Acting · In studio

Christine is funny but takes teaching seriously. She creates a safe environment for her students to experiment. And she has what all good teachers have: flexibility and sharp intuition.

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