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Biology Tutoring for Jamaica, NY

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Colin's vast knowledge in so many subjects allows him to find unique approaches to teach and tutor. He knows the material so well that he is always able to find ways in which to break down the process

Gaby (Biology lessons with Colin S.)

Aron has a lot of patience with students and is very passionate about teaching. He explained the subject in a way it was easy for me to understand and remember the details.

Anna (Biology lessons with Aron H.)

After a tutoring session with Camille, I was always left with a better grasp of the material I was struggling with; an appreciation for the material being taught to me in a very understandable way; an

Julius (Biology lessons with Camille G.)

He was super helpful in helping me understand questions that I needed help with, and answered in depth. He explained everything really well.

alfie (Biology lessons with Benjamin K.)

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