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About Jihye L.

San Gabriel, CA

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Are you interested in learning Korean?? Love Korean dramas and Kpop? Are you planning on visiting Korea? 안녕하세요! I am a CERTIFIED Korean language teacher and have been teaching Korean at Korean language schools in America since 2000.
If you register my classes you will learn not only speaking, writing, listening skills but also culture and manners of Korea. Are you ready to learn "Hangeul"?
Now you know who to contact!!

About Jihye
Hello, future students!

My name is Jihye and I teach Piano and Korean language. I grew up in Seoul, Korea and currently living in LA, California. I graduated from Kyung Hee University and earned a Master's degree at the California Institute of the Arts.

I have been teaching piano for 20 years and Korean at Korean language schools. In the past, I have met many K pop and K drama lovers so I decided to share my culture and language with them.

So far I have met many passionate and enthusiastic students whom I feel very lucky to work with. I offer personalized curriculum to each of my Kor
ean and piano students. Also, help students who prepare piano level exams such as CM, ABRSM, and SATII for the Korean language. I sometimes use clips of songs and dramas to help students who learn Korean.

Are you ready to learn?? Let's begin taking lessons!!
Irene (Haejin) S. July 13, 2018
· Korean · Online
Jihye is very personable and easy to talk to. She is an experienced teacher and does a great job at making you feel comfortable from the very first lesson. My primary purpose was to learn Korean for work and she was able to customize a plan specific to my needs. Would highly recommend Jihye for future students!

A side note: the lessons go by very quickly and in order to maximize your time, I would recommend purchasing lessons by the hour.
Carol July 6, 2018
· Korean · Online
Maggie W. June 19, 2018
· Korean · Online
Jihye is a fantastic teacher - Super personable and professional. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to learn Korean.
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Jihye L.

Jihye L.

starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Youngju S.

Murphy, NC

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Hello Korean lovers!! Do you want to learn Korean with a CERTIFIED and EXPERIENCED Korean teacher? I have been teaching for 30 YEARS including K-8 and COLLEGE as well as private tutoring in Korea, China and India. I am a student-centered, patient and dedicated teacher with teaching certificates from the Ministry of Education in Korea. My students have always been happy with my teaching because I always focus on students’ interests in what they are learning. I graduated from the graduate school of Seoul National University, the best university in Korea. Please check my profile and judge whether I can be your Korean teacher. I know everything Korean!! Let me share it with you!

About Youngju
Dear Prospective Students,

I know how to teach you the Korean language EFFECTIVELY and QUICKLY.

I’m a CERTIFIED teacher with 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE, from elementary school to college. I have had many international teaching experiences and live with a multilingual family. I also completed the Program for Training Korean Language Instructors for Foreigners. This means I am aware of what the most difficult problems are when students learn Korean and I can provide the most simple and effective ways to acquire the language quickly.

I am confident that I can teach you authentic Korean at AN

I finished my academic history as far as the phd (I never finished my dissertation, alas). I received my Masters degree and completed all of my post graduate work at Seoul National University, which a point of particular pride with me; after all, Seoul National University is the Harvard of Korea. I have a number of published works in my academic association's annual journal. And I have a Certification in Reading and Essay Instruction.

I also know KOREAN VALUES and CULTURE inside and out.

I was born in Korea and spent most time of my life there in a traditional family. I have a deep understanding of Korea and its history and life style which I could share with you. If you want to learn how to cook Korean food such as kimchi, seaweed rolls(sushi) or jabchea(noodles), of course, I can teach you! I’m a housewife, too!!

I can give you ADVICE about getting GOOD JOBS in Korea.

I taught in Korean public schools as a homeroom teacher, art teacher and English teacher. Most of my responsibilities as an English teacher were executed with native English teachers. As you know, there are many qualified English speakers in Korea who want to be full time English teachers. I worked with teachers from EPIK(English Program In Korea), TaLK(Teach and Learn in Korea) and even Fulbright scholars. Native English teachers and I worked together very well; indeed, I won an award, due, if I may say so, to my organizational pedagogical contribution. I interviewed prospective teachers, taught them how to teach and prepare classes, how to get along with students and other colleagues, housing matters, and so forth. (In addition, I can give you advice on how to apply to a Korean University and handle an interview as my husband taught for many years in Korean Universities.)

I am a certified and experienced teacher who can help you with your ambitions and needs with Korean.
Let’s have fun while improving your Korean Language ability on Skype, at my home, or at your place at your convenience!
I’m totally ready to work with you.

Let's get together!! See you then!!

I would like to post answers to questions that my prospective students usually put to me about my Korean lessons.


A: Yes, I'm good at that. I'm a trained teacher of Korean with more than 30 years experience.

I would like to say my teaching style varies depending on the learner's condition: age, learning style,present level in Korean, purpose of getting lesson, etc. What I usually do is use visual materials, songs and even physical gestures for children, since they have not fully developed their logical reasoning and use of abstractions. I also introduce online Korean practice programs. I also use these with adult learners who are totally beginners. Generally speaking, visual, audio and TPR approaches are more effective for beginners.

I give learners lots of chances to express what they are learning. I always link their Korean knowledge between what they learned and what they are learning. I give homework as much as they can handle, too. Regarding writing, we can share simple words or sentences on the Skype and the more you are advanced the more things we can do. One of my advanced learners is writing a diary and proofreads with me when we start every class.

Q: WHERE DO YOUR LESSONS START AT? Do they start with learning how to put the vowels and consonants together or just starting off with words you need to know?

A: Again, mine are individualized lessons. One of my students wants to just learn how to communicate verbally in Korean. It means he doesn’t care about written Korean. If the learner already knows the Korean alphabet and knows how Korean syllables are structured then I don’t need to repeat it. I don’t prolong the process or time without reason. Other than that, I start from vowels and consonants and how to combine them, and how to make sounds, and read, etc.

Q: Do you teach how to properly READ KOREAN?

A; I teach learners how to read Korean and let them read it and correct their mistakes. My pronunciation is very clear. Prior to my more than 20 years teaching history, I had worked for a Korean public TV station, KBS, as a reporter.

Q: Do you teach FORMAL and INFORMAL KOREAN because I know there is a difference between them.

A: Yes, I teach formal and informal Korean both, in addition to the Korean basic sentence structure. Of course, if you want to learn specific form only then I can do it for you. As I said, it’s all up to you.

Q: How do I PAY for the lessons?

A: All of the administrative work happens through takelessons.com except the actual class. It means you have to pay to takelessons.com. You can find how to do this on "How it Works" on the main page of takelessons.com homepage

Q: WHERE the lessons occur?

A: My lessons have four possible venues.

1. At your place (presently not available): To know my travel area, pleace check "Select a location" on the top right of this my profile page( https://takelessons.com/profile/youngju-s1?online) in the box.

2. At teacher's place(presently not available): If you live in Baltimore and can come to my place then you can take face-to-face lessons. That is a choice too.

3. Online: Online lessons are conducted through live 1-on-1 video chats using my personal meeting room.

4. Online TakeLessons Classroom: I also teach online group classes.

Q: When the lessons are AVAILABLE?

A: You can find my availability at "View availability" on the top right of this profile page( https://takelessons.com/profile/youngju-s1?online) in the box. Once a schedule is set, the classes occur according to it. You can reschedule whenever you need to, just for a short time or longer as long as both sides are available.

Q: Is there some way we can schedule a "TRIAL" session with you?

A: Actually, I handle all requests through takelessons.com's direct messaging system until students are officially on my roster. You and I will receive all our contact info once you book lessons and we can communicate directly then. Sorry, this means there can be no trial session short of five lessons, which is the minimum they allow. But trust that 100% SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED!! :-)

I hope that I gave you the answers what you are looking for. If you have more questions then never hesitate to ask. I welcome questions from learners!!
Sandra M. June 18, 2018
· Korean · Online
Great teacher! Helps me meet my goals and goes at a speed that I can managae and learn a lot from. Very kind and funny instructor. Really knows what she is doing! <3
Eva March 8, 2018
· Korean · Online
I felt very comfortable with Youngju when we spoke on the phone and when we met online for our first lesson I felt confident that she was the right teacher for me. She’s engaging and warm and I felt so at ease with her. I was not afraid to make a mistake. She was also very supportive and encouraging. I look forward to future lessons with her!
Adeline March 4, 2018
· Korean · Online
I could have not chosen a better instructor. Youngju is very patient and teaches at my pace. My main goal is to communicate with my in laws in their native language and week by week Youngju helps me get one step closer. I highly recommend taking classes with Youngju!
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Youngju S.

Youngju S.

starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Jeehyae D.

Chicago, IL
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I am a recent graduate from Northern Arizona University, but spent all of my childhood living in Seoul, South Korea. Because of this I have become tri-lingual (English, Korean, Japanese). While at university, I was the vice-president and a teacher of the Korean Club which specialized at teaching university students how to speak, write, and read the Korean language since the university did not offer classes. Being from, and spending my life in Korea, I am very familiar with the culture which would greatly help me teach you relevant phrases / vocabulary that would be useful in conversation.

About Jeehyae
I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I spent my first 20 years in Korea. I earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University. While completing my studies at NAU, I was the vice-president of the Korean club teaching college students the Korean language (reading, writing, speaking), and culture.

I have experience teaching Korean to students ranging in skill from beginner to advanced. Students can expect to learn not only the language but also Korean culture and how the language is actually used outside of textbooks.

I also worked at the international of
fice at NAU and Ajou University in Korea. So because of this, I am very experienced in teaching and speaking to students who are either learning English or Korean, and have a strong ability to increase their learning speed.
Alyssa June 15, 2018
· Korean · Online
I am so happy to have finally found the perfect language instructor through TakeLessons! Jeehyae is incredibly patient and willing to help me understand Korean at my pace. I can always count on Jeehyae whenever I feel stumped and would like to review anything to improve my foreign language abilities. I can't wait for my next lesson :) Thank you Jeehyae!
Tracey November 8, 2017
· Korean · In studio
Jeehyae has been working with my daughter Samantha who is studying Korean. She is an amazing, patient, wonderful teacher, and I would recommend her very highly to anyone wishing to study Korean!
Samuel K. November 2, 2017
· Korean · Online
Jeehyae was very easy to learn with and I am looking forward to my next lesson!
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Jeehyae D.

Jeehyae D.

Chicago, IL 60610
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Billy K.

Vernon Rockville, CT
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Hello guys,

My name is Billy Kim currently live in Vernon CT. I was born and raised in Korea till age of 20 and moved to U.S for study. I finished my BA in accounting and MBA. Currently working as an accounting manger in a company (Korean conglomerate). I frequently communicate with people in Korea HQ. Also, at home, I only communicate with my wife and two sons and my wife is a big fan of K-POP and Drama so we talk about those a lot. I can provide teaching not only general Korean but also business Korean. Please join me and guarantee improve your Korean.

About Billy
My name is Billy Kim in Vernon CT.
I am an accounting manager in hi-tech related company (Korean conglomerate).
I was born and raised in KOR till the age of 20 and moved to U.S. I finished my B.A (Accounting) and MBA. I have a beautiful family (Wife and two sons) and we talk Korean at home mostly. My wife is a big fan of K-POP and K-Drama and we talk those a lot. AS a mean time, since I am working as an accounting manager for the company based in KOR, I have a lot of chance to communicate with people in KOR HQ. I can provide teaching not only the general Korean but also business Kore
an. Pleas join me and guaranty you to be improved in your Korean skill!!
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Billy K.

Billy K.

starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Sooji L.

Baltimore, MD
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Hi, my name is Sooji. I am a native Korean from South Korea. I have been certified from the Vancouver International Language Academy. In my Alilang Korean studio, you will be given daily words, verbs, adjectives, grammar lists for self-study. Plus, I will provide recordings for pronunciations, sentence structure, and up-to-date information about our lesson plans.

As a language teacher, I don't only teach "Korean language" but I also provide information about Korean culture. From my experience in Canada, language is closely related to culture. I will be giving you details about how Korean culture works, and the importance of K-pop culture and why people want to get to know about Korean language and culture.

About Sooji
I'm a professional native Korean teacher from South Korea, and has been certified by the Vancouver International Language Academy.

For each lesson, students will be provided with daily vocabulary lists and grammar guide along with pronunciation recordings made by a native Korean speaker. As an instructor, I will guide each student in an enjoyable learning manner that each can learn the language and develop their communication skills in a timely manner.

I've been teaching Korean for six years, 4 years in Cleveland, Ohio, and now 2 years in Baltimore, Maryland, as the artistic director of Al
ilang Korean. "Alilang" is a traditional Korean song, which combines Korean heritage, history, and unity of all Koreans. As a Korean teacher, I'll be responsible for making each lesson enjoyable but also a learning-boost. Students will be able to understand the language, its simulation and pronunciation, communication skills, and the understanding of Korean culture.
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Sooji L.

Sooji L.

starting at
$50 / 30-min

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