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Cheol P.

Cheol P.

Would you like to talk in Korean? Do you want to sing along K-pop? Are you going to have a job interview in Korean? Are you going to study abroad in Korea? Let's try it. I can help you. I have a job and adult training related experiences more ten years in Korea. If you have any needs about Korean, I can provide effective and practical solutions. - student needs based conversational learning with more 10 years HR manager experience with more 10 years Business experience with Korean legal knowledge (Master of Law) I know how difficult of leanring a foreign language and understanding the culture. I can help you learn Korean and the culture. If you will get a clear reason why you learn Korean, I can design the class for your goal and needs.
50% OFF$40
/30 mins
Hyojung C.

Hyojung C.

Do you want to know more about Korea and the language? I can help you. I am an experienced Korean teacher of 8+ years available for eager students. I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of language skills.  Overview Korean language course for beginners, intermediate level Goals 1. To read Korean 2. To understand Korean culture 3. To understand Korean grammar 4. To practice writing 5. To have a conversation in Korean Requirement Textbook: 1. Talk to me in Korean, Talk to me in Korean Workbook. by Longtail books. 2. Handouts, audio examples, other materials will be provided at various times throughout the sessions. Materials Please bring the following to each class. Pencil Textbook Device for Video Call Homework 1. Homework in this session will be centered. 2. Homework will be given after each session to your email. (Check your email often) Attendance 1. Talk with teacher prior to a session that you know you will miss or be tardy to. 2. In order to cancel or reschedule the lesson, you need to contact prior 24 hours. Session Schedule 1. Overview of class. Review (if needed). Introduction of Hangeul. Hello, Thank you. Yes, No, What? 2. Introduction of Hangeul. Good bye. See you. 3. Hangeul Reading, I’m Sorry, excuse me. 4. It’s me, what is it? 5. What is this?, This is ... This, That, it 6. It’s not 7. topic, subject marking particles 8. Have, Don’t have, there is, There isn’t. Please give me 9. It’s delicious, it tastes awful, thank you for the food 10. I want 11. Sino-Korean Numbers 12. Basic present tense 13. Past Tense 14. Location marking particles 15. Time, Time marking particle 16. Pure Korean numbers 17. Negative Sentences 18. Doing 19. Who? 20. Why? How 21. From A to B, From C until D 22. Summary for Level 1
50% OFF$28
/30 mins
Eileen K.

Eileen K.

When you request lessons please message me to let me know your goal and your Korean level. This helps me prepare for the class. Unfortunately, if I do not hear from you I may need to reject your request. I love meeting all my students so I do not want to do that unless absolutely necessary. 📢 CANCELLATION, RESCHEDULING, AND NO SHOWS If you need to reschedule or cancel a lesson, I need to be notified 24 hours in advance. If you ask to change after this 24-hour period I will have to charge you the full price of the lesson. This same rule applies if you are over 15 minutes late and you have not contacted me beforehand. I adjust my life and schedule around these lessons, so please understand why I need to be strict about this type of situation. ➫ Over the course of 7 years, I have taught English at a cram school, secondary school, and one-to-one tutor sessions in Korea. During my graduate school, I was a teaching assistant for colleges. I checked the college students’ homework and gave them feedback. I am very familiar with online learning technology and homework review. ➫ ABOUT LESSONS My lessons are basically in Korean. So, I will try to speak Korean as much as possible. But, I still teach in English. My lesson plans are very ✪ personalized. I teach ages 15 and up. ➫ MATERIALS PDF file, Text Documents, Presentation slides/PPT, Audio files, Image files, Video files, Flashcards, Articles and news, Quizzes, Test templates and examples, Homework Assignments ➫ LEVELS If you are an Intermediate & Advanced learner and want to have talks with me, then let me know the following: ▸ Which do you want more, discussion or revision? How much do you want me to speak? 50:50, 80:20, etc. ▸ Do you want me to focus on correcting your pronunciation/basic grammar? Or to rewrite what you said?
50% OFF$40
/25 mins
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She's great all around. Very nice and patient!

Alexis (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

My first session with Panjin went very well. She assessed my needs and current knowledge level of the Korean language. It was a learning experience for both of us. I'm excited to what's in store fo

Jon (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

Great teacher! Just finished my first lesson and I'm very happy with what I learned.

Osvaldo (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

I had a tiring day today at work but as always Panjin brightens my day! I had so much fun and was in a much better mood afterwards. She’s the best!

Alexis (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

She's great all around. Very nice and patient!

Alexis (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

My first session with Panjin went very well. She assessed my needs and current knowledge level of the Korean language. It was a learning experience for both of us. I'm excited to what's in store fo

Jon (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

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Learn Korean in Atlanta

More than 75 million people are native Korean speakers. About 48 million live in South Korea, 28 million in North Korea, two million in China, and one million in the United States. Although there are slight differences between North and South Korea's vocabulary, grammar, and use of Hangul (the Korean alphabet), the basics remain the same.

The rise of South Korea's economy and Korean popular culture across the globe has spurred many English speakers onto studying Korean. Plus, with a phonetic alphabet of just 24 letters, Korean is one of the simplest East Asian languages for native English speakers to learn!

Why Take Korean Classes in Atlanta, Georgia?

Whether you want to learn Korean for a job opportunity, to sing along with your favorite K-pop songs, watch Korean television dramas without the subtitles, or get in touch with your heritage, there's never been a better time to start Korean lessons in Atlanta.

North Atlanta's metro area in Gwinnett County is home to Atlanta's Koreatown, where a large population of native Korean speakers live. Entering Koreatown, you'll notice a cultural shift as street signs begin to change from English letters to Hangul.

In Koreatown, you can experience Korean culture like no other place in the United States. Browse Korean grocery stores or rejuvenate at Jeju Sauna and Wellbeing. You can also sit down for a traditional Korean meal at Jang Su Jang or experience a more modern take on Korean cuisine at The Stone Grill Korean BBQ and Grill, where you can enjoy K-pop music videos with your food and drinks.

Thanks to the large population of native Korean speakers in Atlanta, you can experience several Korean festivals and holidays, too. Participate in the Asian Cultural Experience, a Korean arts festival that happens every July. In addition to all the fun, Atlanta offers a long list of job opportunities for Korean speakers, as there is a high demand for interpreters and translators across industries.

Selecting a Korean Tutor in Atlanta, Georgia

In our directory, you'll find an array of experienced and highly recommended Korean tutors in Atlanta, Georgia. Students of all ages and proficiency levels can learn things like Korean grammar, vocabulary, common phrases, pronunciation, conversation skills, reading, and writing. You can even take a lesson on Korean language survival words to help you navigate an upcoming trip to Korea.

During private lessons, your instructor will provide a curriculum tailored to your unique interests. Our tutors not only introduce students to the Korean language, they also help with cultural immersion and etiquette, as Korean culture requires a strong emphasis on both formal and informal language.

One of our top-rated instructors, Suyeon L., is fluent in both English and Korean. She provides highly organized lessons to make the most out of every session with her students. One five-star reviewer wrote, "Very helpful and very informative. Suyeon was well-prepared and friendly. Her English is excellent."

Where to Take Korean Lessons in Atlanta

Our directory will lead you to a long list of in-person and online Korean tutors in Atlanta, Georgia. The beauty of an online classroom is your ability to take lessons anywhere you go. As long as you have an internet connection and a webcam, you won't ever have to miss a lesson.

You can also take lessons in your teacher’s studio, at your home, or a public location such as a cafe. Wherever you study, be sure to select a place free from distractions,  somewhere quiet where you can hear your instructor clearly.

Additional Resources for Korean Classes in Atlanta, Georgia

Before starting lessons, be sure you have all the supplies you’ll need. Stop by Paper Source for new notebooks, pens, and highlighters. Then visit your local branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System to check out a Korean-English dictionary. Your Korean tutor in Atlanta, Georgia may also have some specific books to recommend.

For inspiration, visit Korean Cartoon on Satellite Boulevard and check out the comic books!

Then, stop by KPOP STORE to listen to the latest albums, pick up a few posters of your favorite groups, and try Korean candy.

You can also join one of the many local Meetup groups created to celebrate the Korean culture and language. Depending on your interests, you might consider the Atlanta Korean Drama Meetup or the Atlanta Korean Language Meetup group.

No matter how you practice your skills, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and culturally authentic experience when you learn Korean in Atlanta!

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