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Rick C.

Rick C.

Peace, My personal experience as an Athlete and Musician has given me the gift of learning how to relentlessly pursue a craft and goals. I've dedicated countless hours to my craft as a basketball player and exceeded my potential. I took the long route to become a Division 1 Basketball Player. Along the way, some great coaches gave me the framework, resources, tools, love, and positive energy I needed to learn the game and develop self-confidence on and off the court. My reason for offering these lessons is to give you these same things. Basketball saved my life. It provided needed structure for me as my family faced unexpected tragedy. My love for the game led me down the path of becoming a coach. I made the unlikely transition from a student assistant to a scholarship athlete as a player on Western Michigan University's Men's Basketball Team. This game is a major protective factor. It's beautiful, poetic, and joyful when played with passion and freedom. The game teaches valuable life lessons in dedication, determination, consistency, and strength in numbers. I want to help you plant seeds that will grow in ways you could never predict. My goal as an individual basketball coach is to identify each student's goals and learning preferences, tailor experiences, and provide tools that if used consistently lead to growth. Much of what it takes to thrive in basketball has to do with our mental health, it's not just about physical training and conditioning. I empower humans by exposing them to mindfulness practices aimed to improve mental health(how we think, act, feel) which directly impacts a human's athletic performance. I want to talk to you and figure out what you need....what you are trying to accomplish on the court, in the classroom, and in life...I want to be a positive force in your life and help you dismantle any barriers currently preventing you from becoming the player you are capable of. On the court at the beginner level, we'll start with learning fundamental rules, skills, and footwork...along with building routines to work on these skills regularly. Off of the court, we will work on breathing techniques, communication methods, watching the game as a student, and channeling all energy in a positive direction. If you are not willing to regularly spend time outside of our lessons using the tools I give you, it's probably best to wait before spending your money. If you are ready to give your time and energy, I'm ready to give mine. You are a Champion, Rick
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