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Popular Parkour Teachers

Jesse D.

Brooklyn, NY
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Joey A.

Portland, OR
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Harrison M.

Austin, TX
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Jesse D. Brooklyn, NY

Whether you are completely new to movement or an experienced athlete, Come out and learn how to move in your urban environment. We will blend parkour, movnat, and functional fitness principles in a course that will make you stronger, faster, and more in-tune with your city.

About Jesse

When Jesse D. discovered Parkour, it became the cornerstone in his approach to physical training. With over 9 years of experience training and teaching, Jesse has been a part of the New York community since it emerged. Drawn to Parkour by its utilitarian nature, he connected strongly with the founders’ “to be strong, to be useful.” Over this time he has broadened his understanding of the discipline to realize that the movements themselves are only a small part of what it means to be strong, and that Parkour’s true usefulness lies in the physical preparation and mental fortitude to see any challenge as an opportunity to better oneself. He constantly seeks out unconventional training opportunities and challenges that push him and help him continue to grow. Presently his focus is ...

Joey A. Portland, OR

I'm comfortable teaching anyone from absolute beginners to people at the top levels of the sport.

About Joey

I've been training Parkour for about 4.5 years now. Since the start I dedicated my life to Parkour! I became a professional Parkour Athlete 2 years ago, since then I've traveled to many places around the world to participate in jams, workshops, and competitions (taking home first at the North American Parkour Championships freestyle event two times running) I've done a number of stunt jobs as well as performances for companies like Nike and Columbia Sportswear. I Began officially teaching Parkour almost 3 years ago.

Harrison M. Austin, TX

Want to learn parkour?! Then you've come to the right guy. My background is in gymnastics, which I have done for most of my life and I started doing parkour about 6 years ago. I was on the Division I gymnastics team at the U.S. Air Force Academy and the collegiate team at the University of Texas.

Naturally, my parkour style has many gymnastics elements in it, which means clean and proper form, proper take off and landing techniques, precise rolls, and of course flips of all kinds.

About Harrison

Hi, I first got into teaching through gymnastics. I was a competitive gymnast for most of my life as a part of the U.S. Air Force Academy's team and the University of Texas at Austin's team. I coached gymnastics for about five years and during college I got my personal training certification. I have been a personal trainer for three years, primarily teaching clients in their homes and local gyms. Last year I lived near Aspen, CO where I worked for an organization called Challenge Aspen and Extreme Sports camp. These organizations specialized in taking kids with disabilities on adventures such as river rafting, camping, rock climbing, and skiing. I had a wonderful time with all these kids and I am thankful I got the opportunity to be a part of their experience. Currently, I am ...

Ryan W.

Atlanta, GA
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Leonard B.

Van Nuys, CA
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Phillip P.

Blackwood, NJ
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Ryan W. Atlanta, GA

I've been teaching Free Running for 2 years at the MJCCA's Gymnastic Center to children ages 7-11. My curriculum is completely based off the skill level and desire of the student and what he/she would like to learn and accomplish. I do not believe in teaching Parkour and Free Running by the book as it can hinder the creativity of the student. Creativity is the major focus and philosophy of my lessons and my goal is for students to learn self sufficiency both physically and mentally.

About Ryan

I've been doing Parkour and Free Running for about 4 years now. My background originates from the gymnastics I've learned form my 10+ years of Karate as well as several years of tumbling. I currently teach Parkour and Free Running at the MJCCA's Gymnastic Center to kids age 7-11, but I am comfortable at teaching any ages above 7 and any skill range. I have also taught high school age students in the North Springs Parkour and Free Running and find no struggle in teaching students older than myself.

Leonard B. Van Nuys, CA

Level 1: Basic Vaults, Precisions, Balance, Strength, Conditioning, Safety
Level 2: Intermediate Vaults, Rail Precisions, Calisthenics, Safety, Explosiveness
Level 3: Advance vaults (ie, triple kongs), Kong precisions, Freerunning, Long Strides, Balance, Big Drops, Safety, Explosiveness, Elite Fitness

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Questions From Clients :)?

Jayden wrote:
I can't get down the Parkour Roll. Is there a certain way I should try it?
Hey Jayden.
When doing the parkour roll here are some essential things to keep in mind.
1) If landing from a jump, land with both feet somewhat close together to shoulder width apart, (which ever is more comfortable).
2) Place your hands together like you're catching a football and place them to the ground absorbing impact.
3) As you begin to roll, push off with your back foot unless its a roll from a run, ( then you will have enough speed already to complete your roll)
4) Tuck your head into your armpits, getting your chin

About Leonard

Hello parents and students. I've been teaching and tutoring since I was on deans list almost ten years ago. I teach a variety of academic and athletic courses that will definitely help you meet your goal and beyond. I'm a licensed trainer, coach, and equipped with many resources to help you excel. Want to know more? Just hit that button :).

Phillip P. Blackwood, NJ

Pinnacle Parkour lessons focus on safe, progressive training that increases both the students' skills and their knowledge of the history and philosophy of the discipline. With a foundation in hard-fact physical development and constantly evolving techniques and coaching methods, our coaches are CERTIFIED PARKOUR INSTRUCTORS and will help any practitioner, beginner or advanced, reach a new level of ability and understanding. The sessions may not be the cheapest but are certainly the best value.

About Phillip

A Nationally Certified Fitness Professional and Certified Parkour Instructor with a BA in Exercise Science from Rowan University, Phillip Pirollo began his professional life in 2002 focusing on Personal Training, Group Exercise, Martial Arts, and now Parkour Training. Pirollo has specialized in obstacle course training for US Military personnel from the Army, Marines, and Air Force as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement. As the co-founder of The Pinnacle Parkour Academy, Pirollo takes pride in developing the mind and body of Parkour athletes of ALL ages. Phillip Pirollo was a finalist on NBC's hit television series "American Ninja Warrior" and his Pinnacle Parkour Academies were featured on ABC News with Diane Sawyer and TBS's Tonight Show with Conan.

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