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Average Cost of Volleyball Lessons

The average cost of 60-minute volleyball lessons is $61. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $25 and $94 per hour.

30-min $15
$26 average
45-min $20
$47 average
60-min $25
$61 average

For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute volleyball lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. On average, 45-minute volleyball lessons are 23% less expensive at $47, and 30-minute lessons cost 58% less at $26.

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Jordan C.

Orlando, FL
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Annabel S.

Broomall, PA
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Javier R.

Pensacola, FL
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About Jordan C.

Orlando, FL
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Learning volleyball: from backyard to collegiate
What you learn:
How to contact ball
The three major contacts: bump, set, spike
How to pepper
Volleyball terms
Rules and regulations
Court techniques
Ball control and anticipation
Player anticipation
How to Block
How to Spike
How to serve
Serving techniques
How to jump serve
How to float serve
Learning to dig and dive
Player positioning and specialization
And much more!

Ryder December 7, 2015
· Guitar · In home
My son is quickly learning to read and play notes, beats and chords - which was broken down into basics and explained well. I think this will also improve his math understanding.
Gina November 29, 2015
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Jordan was very patient and personable with my son's lesson. It was his first time learning to play his beginner acoustic guitar. Jordan began with the basics, explaining frets, chords, how to pick and precisely tune listening to an online tuner.

The tuning homework exercise was just right for his introduction. He brought along his electric guitar and explained things for us in a way that was easy to understand and pick up. He is looking forward to his lessons.

About Annabel S.

Broomall, PA
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have been coaching for 6 years now. I have coached private lessons, club teams, high school teams, and middle school teams. I developed my passion and interest for coaching when I was in college playing volleyball where we held camps and helped out coaching. With such a wide variety of coaches in my developmental stages, I became a mixture of the many different styles and methods of all the coaches that taught me to be the person and athlete that I am today. I owe all my success to them and my passion lies in wanting to share my knowledge and love for my sport to others.

I have been playing volleyball and lacrosse for 13 years. I have played at all levels from middle school, high school varsity, internationally, collegiate division one, recreationally, and on all platforms such as indoor, doubles grass, and doubles beach.I am a lefty which has provided many benefits as a volleyball and lacrosse player. I have played center, attack wing, d-wing, and even goalie in lacrosse. In ...

Meredith March 1, 2018
· Volleyball · In home
Annabel took my daughter to the next level from sitting on the bench for her freshman team to making the varisty team the next season. She went above and beyond every single meeting. My daughter loves her and always looks forward to their lessons. She has a great personality and great work ethic. Couldn't ask for a better coach.
Kristin February 28, 2018
· Volleyball · In home
Annabel took a lot of time and effort to correct bad habits formed by other coaches. She helped me from when I was in middle school all the way through to helping me get recruited in college. She came to my tournaments and played with me in grass leagues. She does everything in her power to make sure you gain the most out of each and every interaction with her. She has been an amazing role model for me on and off the court and I couldn't thank her enough for all that she has given me. She cares deeply for all of her clients and spends all hours of the day answering calls, texts, emails, and forming plans and strategies that work for each person. She has helped me through all aspects of time management, diet, nutrition, exercise, and even helped me pick out a dress for prom! She listened to me complain about my boyfriend, parents, and school and was like an older sister to me. I struggled obtaining the grades to go to my dream school and Annabel checked in with me everyday to make sure I was getting my work done and studying for tests and always asked if I needed any help. I was a completely lost cause when I came to Annabel and now I'm playing division 1 volleyball for my dream school. I couldn't pass, set, hit, serve, or focus on the court. I had zero court vision or volleyball IQ. I was goofy footed, wore the incorrect shoes, and didn't even think I would ever make it any further than middle school volleyball. My dreams were accomplished thanks to Annabel. I am forever grateful. Literally best instructor ever. Worth every penny and then some.

About Javier R.

Pensacola, FL

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My goal is to provide young athletes with a safe and efficient way to learn how to properly perform the six basic individual volleyball skills. I understand and firmly believe in proper skills execution in order to minimize the risk of injury and maximize performance.

Tim April 22, 2018
· Volleyball · Online
Great teacher of volleyball technique!
Natalie April 5, 2018
· Volleyball · In studio
Javi always goes above and beyond what I could even ask for. He is such a knowledgeable and passionate coach. I couldn’t recommend him more, he’s the best!!

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