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Average Cost of Table Tennis Lessons

The average cost of 60-minute table tennis lessons is $57. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $42 and $75 per hour.
30 min
$45 average
45 min
$50 average
60 min
$57 average

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Find your perfect teacher in under 3 minutes. Need help finding the right teacher? Call our friendly student counselors at 877-231-8505877-231-8505.


Your instructor will motivate, support, and inspire you. Meet up with your teacher in person or connect with them online anywhere around the world!


Each lesson is customized to help you grow. Learn faster and easier than ever with personal attention from an expert instructor.

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"I really enjoyed the lesson. Morris is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor."
- John
Took Table Tennis lessons from Morris S.
"I was very happy with Richard. My 2 boys loved him. They had a lot of fun a practise table tennis. I recommed him a lot."
- Mia
Took Table Tennis lessons from Richard C.
"Richard Ciz is a great coach. He is been providing me lessons for almost two years and I cannot be more satisfied with my progression. I feel like my game has improved and I would highly recommend Richard, Excellent Coach!"
- albert
Took Table Tennis lessons from Richard C.
"When I booked my first lesson with Morris, I had no idea that table tennis could be such a great work out and so much fun at the same time. For many years I was a teacher - Junior High School, High School, and college. Morris has all the qualities that make for a great teacher. He is a superb player himself, he understands the learning process, he knows how to teach, and he respects his students. He makes learning to play table tennis a joy. If you want to learn to play table tennis, I enthusiastically recommend Morris.

LW - Brentwood."
- Len
Took Table Tennis lessons from Morris S.
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"Great teacher. I had fun and learned so much. I highly recommend Morris! 😀🏓"
- Pernilla
Took Table Tennis lessons from Morris S.
"I am so pleased i came in with virtually no Table Tennis experience besides a few weeks in high school PE, and I am now rallying with coach Morris throughout the entire lesson. interestingly enough I am also noticing my volleyball skills improving! I think what's happened is that I'm training my brain to stay focused on the ball and not take my eyes off it as i hit it.
My game has improved much faster than I expected, and I attribute that to coach Morris not only correcting my technique, but helping learn how to self-correct. this guy knows his stuff and if you listen to him you will improve rapidly as well.
Anyway I feel like I get my money's worth and genuinely enjoy taking lessons with coach Morris. he is always prepared and ready to play. he is full of useful advice and drills to work your week spots.if you really want to learn the game and improve, then Morris is your man."
- mike
Took Table Tennis lessons from Morris S.
"Outstanding. Moris is extremely knowledgeable, and works hard to assess his students abilities. He then works with you to improve and get you playing at a much stronger level very quickly.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson, and feel like I made huge gains in an hour."
- PJ
Took Table Tennis lessons from Morris S.
"Morris is a great coach , he only teaches table tennis ( ping pong ), and he is very good at it. he really is a pro with lots of patience. he told me what to do to improve my game and worked with me to play table tennis with the correct techniques , he is always on time and never late and his schedule is very flexible. he doesn't rush to to do things and unlike other coaches stays over time and answers all my questions. I think he is the best coach for learning ping pong."
- Norma
Took Table Tennis lessons from Morris S.
"great instructor!!"
- Scott
Took Table Tennis lessons from Morris S.
"Richard is the best instructor. We had a lot of fun, and training was awesome."
- Jeremy
Took Table Tennis lessons from Richard C.
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