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Popular Mixed Martial Arts Teachers

Azuri M.

Culver City, CA
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Master George C.

Howell, NJ
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Keith G.

Long Beach, NY
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Azuri M. Culver City, CA

-Wing Tsun

About Azuri

I Love music, and I love people. I feel that music is and has historically been a way of interpreting and expressing all the diversity in life and our experiences and that our instruments are our tool of expressing, whether it be the drum, guitar, piano, voice, sitar, etc. My inevitable goal here is to help you(student) obtain the technical, theoretical understanding to help you express your own message and story musically and or achieve any musical standard that one connects too and wishes too achieve. Teaching Philosophy - My teaching philosophy is really built on well rounded communication and multiple facets of explanation and examples so that a student can truly understand and learn a topic, surrounded in a very humorous, light and supportive environment. I feel that along with


Ingrid B. December 21, 2012
Verified Student
Azuri is a fun teacher!

I love working with Azuri. He is patient and encourages me. Everytime I have a lesson he says something that opens my eyes. It usually just takes that one meaningful statement he says throughout the lesson for the time there to be worth it all. Moreover, he is a great teacher! It's very fun learning from him.
SandraF1 June 5, 2012
My son Loves this teacher!He is prompt, well mannered, nice personality and has inspired my son in a great way. He is excited for his lesson each week!:-)
Master George C. Howell, NJ

Boxing, Taekwondo, Jiu jit su, Grappling, all bundled into one martial art.

About Master George

Hi, my name is Master George C., 7th Degree Black Belt with 40 years of Martial Arts knowledge, experience, and member of the Ernie Reyes' World Martial Arts Association. Ernie Reyes' World Martial Arts is a blending of traditional and modern day Mixed Martial Arts training. It is a state of the art, martial arts system for the 21st century. Our base is Tae Kwon Do, a Korean style of martial arts, but our system is now more of a mixed martial arts style of Kickboxing, Filipino Stick and Knife defense, Submission Grappling, Chinese and Japanese Weapons training as well as incorporating practical street self-defense techniques. Our goal is not only to develop Black Belts in the martial arts, but Black Belts in life. Our classes are fun, dynamic, educational and empowering ...


Tyler L. March 10, 2014
Mixed Martial Arts
Real deal

George's true devotion to the martial arts is nothing less than exceptional. You cannot put a price tag on the skills that he teaches and the experience he holds. With George's detail-oriented instruction and amazing ability to teach, it's easy to call him one of the best in the business. For the past 3 years, I wouldn't have rather spent my time training under anybody else, anywhere in the world. Martial arts for life!
Omar M. March 7, 2014
Mixed Martial Arts
Life changing decision

Training with George C. has been absolutely one of the best choices of my life. Besides his outstanding professionalism and unwavering respect, he is truly a master of his craft. He channels his passion for the martial arts into his students and ensures them the best quality training possible. Look no further for a martial arts instructor.
Keith G. Long Beach, NY

From the introductory to the advanced, from learning stances, punches, kicks and blocking, to learning how to move and to flow. From single attackers to multiple attackers. Locks for fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder and more.

About Keith

I have an MBA in finance and more than 10 years of experience in Capital Markets & Banking, as an Investment Analyst. I have conducted financial analysis of companies across most industry sectors, and I have tutored clients through their Executive MBA programs resulting in a 3.96 G.P.A. I specialize in taking the most complex subject matter and simplifying it, as well as, relating it to real world examples. I can provide tutoring in such business subjects as: accounting, business, financial management, financial analysis, economics, management, marketing, social media training, investments, sales training, technology, marketing, and investment analysis. I have over four years in toastmasters, which is an incredible organization for improving your communication skills. I attended ...


David M. January 16, 2015
Economics · Online
Verified Student
Keith is awesome. Keith has a lot of knowledge in the field of finance and economics. He has provided me with both academic and professional advice. Keith maintains a positive attitude during tutoring sessions and really is a pleasure to work with. Studying with Keith makes me not dread studying like all of times. I would highly recommend Keith if you are studying economics, finance, or accounting.
Jacqueline R. September 2, 2014
Sales Training · Online
Verified Student
Keith was a great help to our sales staff. It was apparent that his ultimate desire was to help us succeed in our sales training efforts when he went out of his way to stay in touch with our management staff through phone calls and email. We would recommend Keith because he is a stand-up guy and truly cares about those seeking his expertise. He will also tell you if he is not able to help in an area, his integrity is top of the line.
Alex P. August 22, 2014
Finance · In studio
Keith is a fantastic Instructor. He has helped many of my students understand some very difficult concepts in Finance and I have sought refresher sessions with him and its a pleasure to work with him. Keith can breakdown some really difficult financial models and help you demonstrate efficiency with them. I highly recommend him, as I recommend him to all my students at the University.

Baruk N.

Orlando, FL
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Ippolito D.

Carlsbad, CA
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Brian R.

Mount Dora, FL
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Baruk N. Orlando, FL

Learn how to defend yourself in any stand point, ground and in difficult situations
Kick boxing/ ground fighting and more

About Baruk

IV BB Martial Arts (taekwondo/hapkido) Reiki therapist Yoga instructor Personal wellness coach Personal trainer


jessica F. August 30, 2014
Reiki · In home
Wow... Where do I start with Baruk Neko's reiki treatment. It's like bringing a dead flower back to life. At first it was hard to believe and I was fighting because I was unsure what doors he would unlock. It was a 3 day treatment at night a minute meditation where you just lay and then we would talk about everything for a good 30-45 minutes. So close to an hour every night.

Think of being striped naked of all your insecurities and walls you build up around yourself. You are completely vulnerable but in the best way possible. He's always so kind and gentle and supportive through the whole process.

For me the first and second day were the hardest because my body carried a lot of the energy and transformation with me. I had a throbbing headache for two straight days not in the front of my head but in the back lower part of my head. My whole body ached like I was getting a fever or sick. And my right foot killed me. But he assured me this was all normal and part of the process. Energy leaves the body through the feet and hands. It all made sense.

I'm still going through changes. Emotionally it is a rollercoaster. You will feel highs and lows and he will GO THERE with you but very lightly and gently. I feel way more secure and strong it's like I repaired my foundation of life. I'm still working through it all but I recommend everyone to try this at least once in your life. It truly is a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING :)
Manny G. August 12, 2014
Boxing · In studio
Master Antonio has helped me to get into the best shape of my life. With his personalized training I have lost 20 pounds and have increased my muscle tone significantly; so much that i quiet going to the gym and i now just go to him. He has help me with my flexibility and strength. The boxing training is my favorite. My hands have improved a lot. I will continue to go there and see how much I can learn and how far I can push myself
K M. July 19, 2014
Mixed Martial Arts · In studio
My entire family (ages ranging from 8 to 75 years old) takes classes with Antonio, ranging from boxing and JiuJitsu, to Hapkido, to meditation, yoga, and personal wellness coach to Reiki healing. He is a great motivator, very knowledgeable about his subject matter, and adds variety to every class....there is never a dull moment!! We highly recommend Antonio to anyone who is looking for an excellent cardiovascular workout, a trainer with a holistic approach, and a personal wellness coach who settles for nothing but the best! Class times/days are flexible which is a huge plus!
Ippolito D. Carlsbad, CA

I was the MA Club Pres. at PLNU and coordinated conferences and workshops with practitioners of many arts and disciplines

About Ippolito "Paul"

EDUCATION: High School - Tri City Christian High School (Graduated '09) AP's: English Language and Literature University - Point Loma Nazarene University "PLNU" (Graduated '13) Degree Training: Business Admin. - Concentration in Finance & Entrepreneurship Master's in Business Administration (MBA) - PLNU (currently enrolled until Fall '15) EXPERIENCE: Various industries including, but not limited to, Real Estate, Accounting, High End Wood & Vinyl Flooring, Law, Chat Sales - Auto Accessories Industry, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, and Life Coaching. I have done some volunteer work with SALT Missons (through PLNU), Missions work through Carpathian Mountain Outreach in L'Viv, Ukraine, and Calvary Chapel Oceanside. OTHER


Melanie H. October 28, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In home
My son had the pleasure of taking guitar lessons for 3 years from Ippolito. His passion for music and teaching style was very inspiring, as well as, his patience and motivating demeanor kept my son interested and wanting to improve his musicianship. Always encouraging, with guided interaction, he kept my son on task during lessons. He was very professional and punctual in all our interactions. Above all, he was appreciative and accommodating to my son's style of music without compromising the basic core instruction for guitar. His goal, as an instructor, was to instill a lifelong passion and appreciation for music. I would highly recommend Ippolito as a guitar teacher. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Brian R. Mount Dora, FL

Combine BJJ, Wrestling, and Muay Thai and advance your career in MMA with a high level BJJ, Wrestling, and MMA Coach!

About Brian

Head Instructor of Grappling Mastery, Gracie Barra BJJ Black Belt, Professor Brian Ruscio has been competing in Grappling since he started USA Wrestling at the early age of 5 and started coaching in 1995. He started his training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a Gracie Barra school in 2005, winning the Florida State BJJ Championships in both the Gi Division and the Advanced No Gi Division while only a blue belt and achieved his Black Belt seven years later in 2012. Most recently he won the North American Grappling Association Pan-American Expert Championship at Light Heavyweight. Professor Ruscio is currently undefeated in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling Competition.


tim D. January 25, 2015
Jiu Jitsu · In studio
I have known, and trained with, Brian for almost 6 years. Not only is Brian a great trainer, but he also offers a unique approach since he was experienced in freestyle wrestling before becoming a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This creates a training curriculum you just won't find anywhere else. Whether you are an experienced grappler or just testing the waters to see if you will enjoy training, Brian will be able to help you.

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