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Albert D.

Albert D.

I had favored an almost totally grammatical method, such as that found in Wheelock's, for many years. Then I was introduced to spoken Latin. From then-on I taught such that all four linguistic components were featured: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, Hans Ørberg's Lingua Latina per se Illustrata with the available supplemental materials. Now when tutoring a student, I work with what I have. I cannot determine what the student is doing in someone's class, but sometimes I may have to ask for additional work of different types from that being done by the student. I use Latin regularly, but only reading and speaking and the speaking is not so much conversation, and so I recognize my rustiness. I have indicated that I work with beginners and intermediary students the high school level -- the level is high school not necessarily the age or the class -- because I want to be able to give what I claim.
/55 mins
Jenni G.

Jenni G.

I teach Latin of all levels, whether from scratch or to help you in your classes. I tailor all my lessons to your needs, whether you want to ask me questions or would like to revisit lessons, whether you would like to speak Latin or would like to get ahead!
/30 mins
Maria J.

Maria J.

I have tutored Latin for several years and received awards for my own proficiency. I began to learn Latin in middle school, and I was even a member of the Junior Classical League. In College, while I pursued my degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies, I took every Latin education opportunity available to me, including supervised reading and translation work in my undergraduate thesis. I have fulfilled courses through Medieval Latin, which was at the graduate school level. I received an award in Latin Excellence this past Winter semester, at my graduate school.
/30 mins
Ben B.

Ben B.

I have a Ph.D. in Latin, Ancient Greek, and Philosophy, and further degrees in French and German, and thus more experience and expertise - having taught these languages in many countries - than the average teacher.
/45 mins
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