One thought on “9 Piano Sight Reading Exercises for Beginners

  1. Thank you for this information about how to sight read. I have taught piano over 30 years, and while those are all great ideas, it doesn’t really help a beginning student to sight read. These ideas, in my opinion, come AFTER the students has played the notes repeatedly (no less than 100 hours) to help in their practicing. These are what I call “practicing tips” ideas. Imagine using these tips for a 1st grader learning to read words. It would help them be a “better” reader, but not a fluent one. There’s a great book for learning to read fluently that I’ve been using for my students called “Drill It and Kill It”, which offers a step by step approach, giving the notes and rhythm in increments, and hours of drills and practice within each step to become a fluent music sight reader.

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