12 thoughts on “8 Beautiful Opera Arias for Beginner Singers

    1. Although they’re not opera, Molly also wrote a piece on the best songs for contraltos, if you’d like to check it out: /blog/best-songs-for-contralto-singers-z02. Hope that’s helpful!

  1. For baritones. Be vary Careful, these arias are all over the map. Neither of the ‘baritone’ arias are sung by real baritones. The Marriage of Figaro, its a bass baritone ( yes professionally there is a huge difference), and the La Boheme aria is for lyric Bass. Singing these will, not be good for your voice. In fact it could cause harm to sing out too much in the wrong area of your instrument. I am a working Baritone, and of course this is just my opinion. I would not recommended any of these for a young baritone. Since i am not any of the other voice parts, i cannot comment on them. This is just some feed back about the baritone selection, from a baritone.

    1. I’d recommend Billy Budd’s aria for a young baritone – very beautiful and lyrical, meant for a young singer, and not overdone.

  2. Lonely house has a high Bb in it, I don’t agree that young tenors should attempt this as a starting out piece. They’ll hurt themselves.

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