10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vocal Exercises Based on Singing Styles, Types, and Genres

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Starlette! I was given a certain list of genres to explore in this article, but Spanish music should be celebrated and performed regularly.

    2. For me to sing pop songs, I do not need much vocal effort. And more when you have at the same time the artist also has to dance! That’s why I’m one of those who believe that anyone with a minimal voice can sing a pop music song right now.

  1. Classically trained prepared artists are by and large thought to be all the more thoroughly prepared and arranged that different artists. The possibility of somebody being a “traditionally prepared” instrumentalist or vocalist suggests that there is some sort of particular Classically Trained Singer associated with the instrument that he or she plays. Classically trained prepared means you were told particularly in established music. It implies you figured out how to play by the hypothesis, benchmarks and style of established music.

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