40+ Best Gifts for Singers of All Ages & Genres

Best Gifts for Singers

Looking for the best gifts for singers? We’ve done the searching for you!

Here, you’ll find more than 40 gift ideas for singers of all ages and musical preferences. Our list includes everything from a home karaoke system to microphone sleeves to a vocal dampener.

No matter your budget, you’re sure to find something for that special singer in your life – whether they’re into rock or pop.

Best Gifts for Singers

Small Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Throat Pastilles ($6.36)

Best Gifts for Singers - Throat Pastilles

There is nothing worse than having a scratchy throat right before singing. These pastilles will keep the throat smooth and the voice clear.

Microphone Charm Bracelet ($17.44)

Best Gifts for Singers - microphone bracelet

Personal touches make the best gifts. This charm bracelet not only showcases a love for singing, but also customizable birthstones and initial charms.

Cozy Headphones ($19.99)

Best Gifts for Singers - sleeping headphones

Does the singer in your life eat, sleep, and dream music? These headphones let them listen to their favorite tunes at bedtime, while remaining comfortable.

Business Card Case ($25.98)

Best Gifts for Singers - business card case

Every artist should have a business card holder that is just as creative and unique as them. They’ll need one when meeting with potential partners!   

Singer’s Oil ($17.32)

Best Gifts for Singers - singers oil

This is one of the best gifts for singers who frequently perform on stage or in front of a crowd. It helps take care of the voice and protect against hoarseness.

Karaoke Key Chain ($10.53)

Best Gifts for Singers - karaoke keychain

Let everybody know who the queen of karaoke night really is, with this fun key chain! It also makes a great stocking stuffer at Christmas time.

Microphone Cleaner ($5.40)

Best Gifts for Singers - microphone cleaner

After all those belts and ballads, microphones really need a good cleaning. This special cleaner easily and safely removes dirt from the mesh head of a microphone.

I Sing Alto” Pin ($3.90)

Best Gifts for Singers - singers pin

Every singer wants to show the world what their true superpower is, and this little pin definitely makes a statement!

For the Singer’s Home

Headphone Bookends ($64.95)

Best Gifts for Singers

A home should be just as stylish as the person living in it. And singers can now pay homage to their favorite pastime with these creative bookends!

Musical Wine Glasses ($64.95)

Best Gifts for Singers

There’s nothing better after a long day than a glass of wine. These unique glasses keep the inspiration flowing as they play the major scale!

“In My Head I’m Singing” Mug ($9.87)

Best Gifts for Singers

Now singers can sip from a mug that tells the world what they’re already thinking about – singing!

Shower Head Speaker ($199)

Best Gifts for Singers

Singing in the shower just got even more fun. This unique shower head plays your favorite songs while delivering a steady stream of water.

Home Karaoke System ($159.99)

Best Gifts for Singers

One of the best gifts for singers is giving them a way to practice their talent (and show it off)! Karaoke nights just got better with this compact home system that includes a speaker.

Best Albums Poster ($16.56)

Best Gifts for Singers

Part decor, part game, this musical bucket list showcases 100 of the best albums ever made. Each album can be scratched off as you listen to it, to reveal the colorful album cover below.

Sound Wave Print ($38.25)

Best Gifts for Singers

Using visual sound waves to portray a favorite song is a great way to remember special moments. Customize your own print and have it showcased in the home forever.

Best Singer Pillowcase ($10.24)

Best gifts for singers

Have sweet dreams sleeping on this pillowcase that is a constant reminder of who the best singer in the house is.

Customizable Mixtape Doormat $37.91

Best Gifts for Singers

Let all houseguests know that a diehard music-lover lives in the house with this personalized doormat.

Best Practical Gifts for Singers

Vocal Dampener ($49.95)

Best Gifts for Singers

Practice is key to becoming a good singer, but that doesn’t mean that everyone around needs to listen in. This dampener reduces sound so that the practice room can be taken anywhere.

Recording Microphone ($29.99)

Best Gifts for Singers

Recording a new song is as easy as can be with this microphone recorder. It plugs directly into a computer to record vocals with crisp clean sound.

Music Teacher Clipboard ($26.48)

Best gifts for singers

There’s nothing that shows a teacher how appreciated they are quite like a personalized clipboard. If the singer in your life is also an instructor, this is the perfect accessory for recitals and practices!

In-Ear Headphones ($87.14)

Best gifts for singers

Not only do these in-ears help amplify sound, but they’re also great for noise cancellation. Musicians know how important both are at any gig or performance.   

Studio Recording Package ($223.13)

Best gifts for singers

This is on our list of the best gifts for singers because it brings the recording studio home in an affordable way. The package comes complete with a mic, headphones, and recording software. 

Hydro Flask ($29.95)

Best gifts for singers

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things a singer can do for their vocal health. A Hydro Flask water bottle is a great reminder to drink more water.

Portable Headphone Amplifier ($59.99)

Best gifts for singers

Headphones just got better! Plug them into this portable amplifier and experience sound that is not only louder, but cleaner as well.

Mobile Audio Interface ($57.36)

Best gifts for singers

Inspiration can come anytime and anywhere. This helpful device allows singers to make studio-quality recordings directly on their mobile phone or tablet.   

Private Singing Lessons ($20-100)

Best gifts for singers

Even the most seasoned singer can use some one-on-one coaching. Private lessons are a great way to help take their skills to the next level.

Headphone Amp ($99.95)

Best gifts for singers

This little USB delivers big sound! It easily plugs into a computer to provide rich clear sound. Now you can listen to music the way it was meant to be heard.

Microphone Isolation Shield ($45.24)

Best gifts for singers

There’s nothing worse than an echo when you’re trying to record a new song. This foldable microphone shield not only absorbs sound, but it’s also convenient to carry and store.

Humidifier ($33.83)

Best gifts for singers

Singers know how important vocal health is, and a humidifier helps keep the voice and throat in top shape. This is an excellent practical gift, especially in those cold winter months!

Vocal Effects Pedal ($281.70)

Best gifts for singers

This compact vocal pedal allows singers to add awesome effects to their songs. Options include a compressor, enhancer, echo, and more.

Best Fun Gifts for Singers

Encore Singing Game ($19.79)

Best gifts for singers

What better way to bring singers together than with a healthy dose of musical competition. This game forces players to come up with as many songs as they can that include a specific word.

Chocolate Record ($28)

Best gifts for singers

What’s better than a vinyl record? An edible one! This yummy chocolate record and cassette tape make a great novelty gift for a singer with a sweet tooth.

B&H Gift Card ($25-200)

Best gifts for singers

This is one of the best gifts for singers who love to shop for new gear. B&H has tons of quality recording equipment, microphones, in-ears, and more! 

Microphone Sleeve ($19.99)

Best gifts for singers

Spruce up any old microphone and show some personality with this fun sleeve! Better yet – get one to match every outfit.

Online Singing Classes ($0-20)

Best gifts for singers

Group classes are an excellent way to develop new skills and meet other singers. With a subscription to TakeLesson Live, your favorite singer gets to interact with a live, online teacher.

Gourmet Tea Set ($34-49)

Best gifts for singers

Tea is a necessity for singers – it helps calm the throat and clears the voice. These fancy tea chests turn a simple, hot beverage into a special and useful gift.

Best Gifts for the Singer-Songwriter

Rhyming Dictionary ($14.63)

Best gifts for singers

Singers often get stuck when writing new material, but this essential songwriter’s dictionary will help keep the verses flowing.

Songwriters Guild Membership ($60-225)

Best gifts for singers

Another one of the best gifts for singers who love to create their own original pieces, an SGA membership will help them get published, work on licensing, and more.

Songwriting Journal ($10)

Best gifts for singers

Every songwriter needs a quality notebook to jot down all their great ideas and lyrics. This customizable notebook is a classic and fits easily into any purse or backpack.  

Concert Tickets ($40 and up)

Best gifts for singers

Concerts are an excellent way for singer-songwriters to get inspired. (Hint: Check out their Spotify playlists if you don’t know who their favorite artists are yet).

Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting Book ($38.68)

Best gifts for singers

Every singer wants their voice to be heard, and this little book offers tips and tricks for writing songs that become hits!

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best gifts for singers. When shopping online, don’t forget to add gift wrapping so the item will arrive ready to go.

For some money-saving deals, shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday! You can also check out a business’s social media page and email newsletter for their current promotions.

As always, it’s the thought that counts. The singer in your life will be grateful for whatever you choose, and may even serenade you in gratitude!

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