From Toy Pianos to Ukes: Gift Ideas for Musically-Inclined Kids

Music Instruments For KidsWould you love to give your child the gift of music? Introducing music into the life of your child provides an array of benefits, from the sheer joy of music to improved coordination, social and verbal skills, core competency skills, and more. From toy pianos for kids to technological fun, there are a variety of ways to introduce music into the life of a child.

Pass the love of music on to your child with these great gift ideas:

Toy Pianos & Keyboards
From stomping piano dance mats to mini baby grands with microphones, you can’t beat tickling the ivories for having a little musical fun with your kids. What’s more, toy pianos for kids can teach a multitude of skills, from focus and commitment to the confidence that comes from learning notes and playing their first song. Keyboard skills can build coordination and hand strength as well as spatial cognitive skills that help with math later in life.

Drum Sets, Bongos, & More
What kid doesn’t love whacking things? Add a stick and double the pleasure! Beyond the sheer fun factor, percussion instruments have a lot to offer, including increased physical stamina and better coordination. They also aid children academically, improving concentration, increasing the brain’s development, and complimenting core studies. Go pro with a 5-piece drum set with cymbals, or go light on your wallet – and the gear – with Paper Jamz drums. There are also an array of percussion options for babies and toddlers as well, including the fun and saliva-proof Nino by Meinl Fruit Shakers and Melissa & Doug Band in a Box. Special note: Sound-proof room not included!

Guitars, Violins, & Things With Strings
String instruments help with upper body strength, flexibility, coordination, and fine motor skills. Some instruments, such as violins, can also improve posture. Like other musical instruments, string instruments also improve memory, self-discipline, attention span, and focus, in addition to boosting intellectual and creative development. From inexpensive and simple electronic violins and guitars for little tykes, to Paper Jamz guitars, lap harps, ukuleles, and inexpensive “starter” instruments for older children interested in lessons, you and your kids will be happily plucking away in no time.

Wind Instruments
From simple and inexpensive harmonicas and recorders to Bontempi’s array of inexpensive, color-coded wind instruments including saxes, trumpets, clarinets, and more, wind instruments enhance lung and diaphragm function, decrease respiratory ailments, improve hand and eye coordination, and improve finger dexterity. Want something fun and different for younger children? Go for Quercetti’s Saxoflute for a variety of build and play fun from this 16-piece interchangeable set.

Musical Games
Don’t neglect the benefit of musical games and board games for improving memory recognition, pitch recognition, and more! From old favorites like Simon to new additions like Nino Percussion Shake ‘N Play Memory Game and Spontuneous, musical games offer fun for the entire family.

Music Apps

And there’s many more out there… Just search ‘music education apps’!

The Gift of Music Itself

Playing music for your child, whether that means purchasing CDs, downloading individual songs, or simply streaming music, is important for introducing children of any age to the joys of music. Opt for a variety, from classical symphonies to folk, jazz, rock, and more. There are many groups out there that create music specifically for kids, and these can be great stocking stuffers.

Finally, if your child is a bit older, consider signing him or her up for music lessons. Private, one-on-one lessons with a great teacher and the instrument of your child’s choice can help foster a lifelong relationship with music.

Incorporate the joys of music into the life of your child. Making music a part of your daily world with musical toys and gifts will foster a love of music in your child that will last a lifetime. There is no better gift you can give!

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