Unique Gifts for Musicians and Music Lovers

unique giftsNow that the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time to start looking for unique gifts to show the people in your life that you care. Thoughtful gifts that reflect the recipient’s interests are always appreciated, and music fans in particular love gifts that help them feed their passion for music.

Even if you’re not especially musical yourself, shopping for the musicians or music lovers in your life can still be tons of fun! Here is our guide to the quirky, fun, and musical gifts we’d love to unwrap this year.




This thoughtful gift for guitar players lets the guitarist on your list practice chords and work on finger strength quietly, from anywhere. PocketStrings is a small, portable guitar neck that makes practicing a little guitar on the go a breeze! Even beginning guitarists will appreciate this tool that creates more opportunities to practice guitar technique.


dj cat scratch

This DJ Cat Scratching Pad is a hit with musicians and animal lovers! Kitty gets a fun new toy to scratch, and the music lover in your life gets a fun conversation piece for their home. Unique gifts like this are purrfect for felines and their musician friends.


pick punch

The DIY Guitar Pick Punch is a great gift for the guitarist who is constantly running out of picks, and let’s face it, that applies to basically ever guitarist ever. It’s hard to say where lost guitar picks go, but with the help of this handy tool, any flat surface you can punch through can become a new guitar pick.


custom sticks

For the drummer on your list, why not consider Custom Engraved Drum Sticks? Each time he or she sits down to play, they will pick up the sticks you thoughtfully customized and think of you. Nicknames, lucky numbers, or even band names are all great ideas to get you started customizing this totally personal, unique gift.


ukulele kit

Crafty musos will love this DIY ukulele kit! Build and paint a custom instrument that always brings home the sound of the islands. The quirky, fun-spirited ukulele has been quite trendy lately, plus it’s a fairly simple instrument to learn, making this kit a great gift for a very special, creative individual.



One thing that the greatest musicians have in common is a passion for life-long learning. After all, there is always a new skill you can learn or another piece to add to your repertoire! Show support for the musician in your life with a TakeLessons Gift Certificate. TakeLessons Gift Certificates can be redeemed for private lessons with a qualified music instructor in-person or online.

These are just a few of the unique gifts we’ve found for musicians. Did we miss something epic? Let us know in the comments!



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