15 MORE of the Best Tutor-Approved Spanish Apps

15 best Spanish learning appsWe’ve reviewed some of the most popular Spanish learning apps out there — but there’s always more to talk about! Read on as tutor Breeana D. shares her recommendations for 15 MORE of the best Spanish learning apps to check out…

These days, it’s easier than ever to learn Spanish. When you’re not getting conversation practice in with your tutor, apps are an excellent way to review things like cognates, vocab and grammar. And since Spanish learning apps can be accessed 24/7, you can practice alone — any time, and practically anywhere — while having fun at the same time!

If you’re curious about the BEST Spanish learning apps, though, I’ve compiled the list below to check out. Here are my reviews of 15 useful, affordable, and worthwhile Spanish learning apps for either Android or iOS.

Android and iOS Spanish Learning Apps

1) TakeLessons Live [Android]||[iOS]

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TakeLessons Live offers live classes led by expert instructors in a group setting. After signing up for the free membership option, you have access to a variety of classes to choose from. Whether you want to improve your basic vocabulary or conversational skills, you can join a Spanish class right from your phone.

From a tutor’s perspective:

With instant feedback and guidance from an expert, this app will help you see significant progress in your skills in no time. You’ll also get to meet and interact with other students at your level, from around the world.

2) Learn Spanish Quickly by Priya Yerunkar [Android]||[iOS]

This app has 33 categories, from body parts to colors to numbers! Simply click on the picture category and the words that you want to learn to hear a native speaker pronounce it in a clear voice.

From a tutor’s perspective:

I would definitely recommend this app to a student who wants to learn basic Spanish words quickly, due to its wide range of categories.

3) Learn Spanish by Bravolol [Android]||[iOS]

Learn Spanish has 24 categories that focus on Spanish vocabulary and phrases. Nine of those categories are free, including lessons on greetings, shopping, driving, sightseeing, weather, and eating. You can access the other categories through a free trial, or you can purchase them for $4.99.

Each category lists vocabulary and phrases that are said out loud when clicked. You can also repeat the phrase or word while recording your voice to make sure your pronunciation is accurate.

From a tutor’s perspective:

While other apps may be more colorful and exciting, this app allows you to practice your accent and Spanish pronunciation — a must for conversing with native speakers.

4) FluentU by FluentU [Android]||[iOS] 

Fluent U engages you in the Spanish learning process by using interactive tools, such as music videos and the news. The videos can be played with the Spanish translations appearing underneath, and you can click on any word to read the English definition.

From a tutor’s perspective:

This app is great for Spanish students who enjoy popular culture. Teens will especially appreciate the social relevance of this trendy app.

5) Spanish Class by Cognitecco [Android]||[iOS]

The free demo for this app includes reference material (vocabulary, verbs, grammar, and phrases) and four exercises (vocabulary, verbs, grammar, and listening). The full version can be purchased for $2.99. Each activity has multiple-choice responses that incorporate reading; there are no recordings for either questions or answer options. Each activity also has a reference page or “article” which explains the correct answer.

From a tutor’s perspective:

This app has no bells and whistles. It gets the job done; students who don’t mind the silence will find it useful.

6) Speak Easy by Pocketglow Inc. [Android]||[iOS]

Speak Easy is an excellent app for students, especially those who travel! It teaches greetings, basic phrases, travel essentials, and more. Each Spanish word shows the English word above it, as well as the phonetic spelling below, and an audio recording. The free app has more than 100 free words and phrases to learn, and the full version (with 750 more words and phrases) can be purchased for $3.99.

From a tutor’s perspective:

If you are going abroad to a Spanish-speaking country, this is the app for you. It doesn’t have any games, however, so keep that in mind if you need interactive activities to stay engaged.

7) Learn Spanish by Codegent Ltd [Android]||[iOS]

This free app teaches more than 200 words and phrases, with audio recordings from native speakers. Students who want to practice their accent will benefit from this app.

From a tutor’s perspective:

This app is ad-free, which is great! It’s especially helpful for travelers, because it includes traveling tips.

Android Spanish Learning Apps

1) Spanish in Pictures: Food by Mind GA  [Android]

This app offers a dictionary of vocabulary for the following categories: foods, drinks, spices, vegetables, fruits, meat, and seafood. After learning the Spanish vocabulary (which includes pictures and audio), you can test your knowledge by clicking on “words to pictures” or “pictures to words.” This is great for catering to different learning styles. (Hint: Take this learning styles quiz to determine yours!)

From a tutor’s perspective:

I like this app because it has a variety of food vocabulary and pictures; however, they do not provide the English words for any of their pictures or Spanish words. So this app may be difficult to use if you are not familiar with certain fruits, veggies, spices, drinks, and food. For instance, a picture of la alcachofa (artichoke) is listed under vegetables with no English word beside it.

2) Spanish Word of the Day by Declan Software [Android]

This free app teaches you a new Spanish word each day. You can also click on the word, which has the English word beneath, and hear a pre-recorded voice say it.

From a tutor’s perspective:

This app is a simple and useful tool to enhance your Spanish vocabulary and to impress your tutor! However, one precaution to keep in mind is that practicing words in isolation is not as useful as using them in context. Your tutor can help you establish an appropriate context for the word of the day.

3) Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe by Edushire [Android]

Before you begin using this app, you’ll be asked to choose your current level of Spanish: absolute beginner, a few words at most, can read somewhat, can follow slow speech, or can speak basic language. You’re also asked to input your age and why you would like to learn Spanish (for social reasons, academically, etc).

After you’ve gone through the set-up, this Spanish learning app quizzes you on the basics, such as conversational Spanish and grammar. It has 29 levels, and levels one through four are free. The higher the level, the more difficult the learning; for example, Levels 15+ focus on commands, adverbs, and the imperfect and subjunctive tenses. If you want to spend more time practicing your grammar, this is the app for you!

From a tutor’s perspective:

The flexibility of this app makes it an attractive learning tool for students of all ability levels. Even the levels that aren’t free are worth the price, as the lessons are great for reviewing important concepts!

4) Spanish for Kids by D.G.S. [Android]

Spanish for Kids, or Español para Niños, is a great Spanish learning app for kids! Users can learn the Spanish alphabet, numbers one through 10, colors, animals, clothing, and much more.

As you are learning the vocabulary words, you click on the pictures to hear the Spanish word. You can also play it in a “game” mode, which can be really fun! Overall, it’s a colorful and engaging app with a lot of categories.

From a tutor’s perspective:

While this app is kid-friendly with its colorful appearance and fun activities, beginner students of any age will benefit from this app, as it focuses on the fundamentals.

iOS Spanish Learning Apps

1) Learn Spanish + by Vidalingua [iOS]

Learning Spanish + is great because it goes beyond just seeing pictures or hearing a recorded voice. The pronunciation features allows you to enable your microphone and practice speaking yourself with the voice recognition feature. There are also quizzes and games you can play within each category to make sure you really understand.

From a tutor’s perspective:

The voice recognition feature can be a bit tricky to use. However, the categories they include are much more helpful than your basic greetings and animal names. They include real world situations such as “At the Airbnb” or “At the Market,” although some of these categories are under the paid version.

2) Basic Spanish by Greg Vick [iOS]

This app is my personal favorite. It offers several free activities that cover many different topics. Basic Spanish has 27 free categories from which to choose — including directions, sports, clothing, feelings, and health. Each category includes a study list, a memory game, flashcards, a quiz, word exercises, listening activities, meaning matching, spelling, and a review list. You can also see your score at the end of each activity.

From a tutor’s perspective:

With 27 free categories, you’re sure to find an area that is useful to your study needs! In addition, the app provides ample activities with a great deal of depth.

3) Mirai Spanish by Mirai LLP [iOS]

Mirai Spanish has 20 chapters, each with five lessons. The lessons focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Each lesson includes background information about the topic, a summary list, vocabulary list, and a quiz. Chapters one through four are free, and the other chapters can be purchased.

From a tutor’s perspective:

This app will be most beneficial for students who enjoy a more formal way of learning. There are no games.

4) Cat Spanish by Memrise [iOS]

This free app teaches you conversational Spanish, with a focus on grammar, by using pictures of cats and an activity called, “chat practice.” In this activity, you match Spanish phrases with pictures of the cats. For instance, there may be a picture of a cat eating fish and the phrase under it will say, “es delicioso” (it’s delicious).

After learning the new phrases, you can apply your skills with chat practice.  During chat practice, you “text” another cat by responding to his questions and selecting from phrases you’ve learned during the picture lesson.

From a tutor’s perspective: This is a good way to practice engaging in conversational Spanish. It is also purrfect for cat lovers.

5) Lingo Cat by Lingo Cat [iOS]

Lingo Cat is a free app with 10 categories, including los colores (the colors) and la hora (the time). It includes a dictionary that lists and describes all of the words included in the app, and each category includes several activities to practice Spanish vocabulary. At the end of each activity, you receive a grade based on your performance.

From a tutor’s perspective:

This app’s inviting and invigorating music and sounds keep users engaged, which makes it much easier to remember your daily practice! It offers lessons in several categories, and some activities as well.

6) Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade by Alligator Apps [iOS]

This app costs $4.99 to benefit from all of their 150 levels. Levels one and two are free. Each level has a timed vocabulary game. As you play, you will hear a Spanish word and have to click the correct picture before the time runs out.

From a tutor’s perspective:

I like this app for practicing basic vocabulary. The voice is pretty monotone, but the pressure of the time limit offers enough positive stress to work up “brain sweat.”

These 15 best Spanish learning apps are sure to assist you in your language endeavors! If these apps don’t interest you, try checking with your Spanish tutor to see if he or she has more recommendations. And of course, consider your learning style and goals as you practice on your own. Good luck!

Which apps do you use and recommend? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 

Breeana D.Post Author: Breeana D.
Breeana D. teaches Spanish lessons in Abington, PA. Specializing in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education, she is currently enrolled in Temple University’s Elementary Education program. Learn more about Breeana here!


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