5 thoughts on “What is the Best App to Learn Spanish? 21 Best Apps to Learn Spanish On the Go

  1. I like the suggestion in this article. I have wanted to to learn Spanish for many years and I finally started duo lingo. It has be fun but I can tell I need more than what it offers. For instance I was really looking forward to leaning number, and after finishing the lessons I realized I didn’t know how to put it altogether. I was very disappointed. Is there any app that would get me on point with Spanish numbers? In my business I deal with Spanish speaking customers alway I need to know how to tell them the amount of money owed. Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Daniel! I’m not sure about a specific app for this, however, we do have a free online class targeted toward business professionals. Here’s the link to sign up: /class/33/spanish-for-business-success. It’s a live class, so you can let your teacher know you’re specifically interested in learning numbers. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. If you have an iPad, the hands down best app I have found is Spanish Solo from Solo Language. Really cool app with excellent speech recognition that really got me talking and pronouncing correctly in Spanish. Apps like DuoLingo and Rosetta were a real drag for me, but Solo Language has it more figured out. Things are explained, exercises and cool, story line in interesting. Definitely check them out, my girlfriend could not believe the improvement in my Spanish.

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