Mexico- 5 Perfect Travel Destinations for Beginner Spanish Speakers

5 Perfect Travel Destinations for Beginner Spanish Speakers

Traveling to a Spanish-speaking country can be intimidating for a beginning Spanish speaker. Here, language tutor Jackie A. shares her recommendations for beginner-friendly travel destinations…

So you’ve finished your first couple of Spanish lessons and you’re ready to practice your new skills. Traveling and experiencing a new culture is a great way to learn Spanish for beginners. Here are five travel destinations that are perfect for beginning Spanish speakers.

1. Costa Rica

If you feel nervous about your Spanish, you can rest assured, the “Ticos” will embrace you and teach you how to live la Pura Vida! In Costa Rica, you can explore the Caribbean, the rain forest, and the Pacific. Although the country has its own currency (the Colon), many stores advertise with USD.

Costa Rica- 5 Perfect Travel Destinations for Beginner Spanish Speakers

Photo by Jane Boles

2. Panama

This country has become an expat haven with many settling in the capital, Panama City. It’s the only country where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic. The official currency is Balboa, but you can find a lot in USD as well. Bonus for you introverts, it’s not overpopulated, so you can truly get away from the hustle and bustle.

3. Dominican Republic

This beautiful country on the island of Hispaniola is a popular tourist destination. You’ll be able to find plenty of English speakers, but you’ll still have a great opportunity to practice your Spanish. Should you get stuck, the locals can switch languages for you. The Dominican Republic has an interesting history, and lively culture filled with food, music, and dancing.

4. Mexico

Visit our friendly neighbors to the south to explore the country and practice your new language skills. Tourism is a big industry, so you’ll find lots of English speakers. There’s so much to do in Mexico; you can explore the beaches, rain forest, cities, and ruins. There’s not a beginner Spanish speaker that can’t find something they’d like to do here.

Mexico- 5 Perfect Travel Destinations for Beginner Spanish Speakers

Photo by ruimc77

Y finalmente… (and finally)

5. Puerto Rico

Passports are optional for this Caribbean island that’s filled with friendly Spanish speakers to help you with your new language. Many Puerto Ricans learn English in school, so the locals may be able to help you if you get stuck. Enjoy the culture, food, dance, music, art, and breathtaking views.

Puerto Rico- 5 Perfect Travel Destinations for Beginner Spanish Speakers

Photo by Giuseppe Milo

No matter where you are in your Spanish learning journey, there are so many wonderful places that you can visit and practice your skills. Need to brush up on essential Spanish travel phrases? Check out the video below before your trip.

By now you’re ready to take off and explore all that the Spanish culture has to offer. Want to work on your Spanish-speaking skills without leaving home? Find a Spanish language tutor in your area!

Jackie A

Jackie A. is an acting, English, French, and Spanish instructor in Essington, PA. She taught English as she studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland and is an active member of her local improv troupe. Learn more about Jackie here!



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