TakeLessons Honors our March 2011 Teachers of the Week

Each week we recognize a TakeLessons teacher on our Facebook page that has shown outstanding commitment and dedication to our program. If you missed any of our recent posts, take a minute to learn more about each one of the phenomenal teachers that we honored this month!


Christina L. from Carrollton, TX


Inspirational, professional and friendly are all words that have been used to describe Christina, who teaches piano & voice lessons in the Dallas area. Christina has been teaching with us for just over a year and has worked with 24 students in that short amount of time!  She grew up studying music & knows how to keep her students on track while also making their lessons productive and fun, which is why they love working with her!

Mark H. from Osseo, MN


Mark has been teaching music for over 20 years, and specializes in a variety of subjects including guitar, bass guitar, singing and acting.  He loves what he does and his passion and enthusiasm for his students and his music shines through in every conversation we have with him. In addition to teaching, he has done his fair share of performing and touring. He has even composed songs for many local bands and produced musical scores for local theatrical productions.

Dorothea G. from Sherman Oaks, CA


Dorothea has been teaching piano lessons with us for over a year. Her students love her because she is great at challenging them and encouraging them to keep setting goals.  In addition to teaching, Dorothea has experience composing and has even composed for movies! She is currently working with some of the other TakeLessons teachers in her area to create a TakeLessons recital down the road. If you get a chance, check out the amazing introduction video on her profile!


Scott F. from Rutherford, NJ


Scott has been teaching voice lessons with us since 2008 and comes with the highest recommendations from all of his students, who say he is patient, charming and talented. He helps them gain not only vocal skill, but self-confidence as well.  Here’s a quote from one of his students: “There is nothing worse than a teacher who’d rather show off the entire lesson than teach; thankfully Scott is nothing like that.  He is a very fun, energetic and uplifting teacher who, still after eight months, leaves me waiting for my next lesson with fervor.”  What a gift!


Congratulations to all of our outstanding Teachers of the Week for the month of March!

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