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About Fiona K.

Saint Augustine, FL
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I have a very solid academic background in math and science and rich experience in working with students to improve their math proficiency.

About Fiona
I view teaching/education as my calling, by that I mean it is a profession that deserves life-time effort and dedication. I ascribe who I am and what I have accomplished to my parents and all my teachers. They instilled knowledge, the skill to learn, and the moral compass in me, which transformed me into an independent and contributing citizen who knows how to and when to make the right decision. I feel that to do the same as my teachers did to me is my responsibility to younger generations.

I hold a Ph.D. in chemistry. With a strong academic background in science and math, I have successfully helped many students improve their academic performance in math and science through tutoring.

In recent years, I have also tutored students in standardized exams. My expertise is MCAT chemistry and physics, SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

I can hel
p you achieve the score you need to enter your dream school.

*** Lesson Details ***
I can provide one-to-one private tutoring according to your study needs or small group classes.
Poojaa A. April 9, 2019
· Chemistry · Online
Highly unprofessional. Doesn’t know the subject well didn’t help my son at all. Not accommodating with the student’s schedule. Pls don’t waste money with her as your teacher.
Angela C. January 5, 2019
· Chemistry · Online
I enjoy having Fiona as a tutor for both chemistry and geometry. She is kind and makes the material easier to understand. Also, she is patient and takes her time in explaining the concepts to me, step by step. I love how she types some parts of the problems in the chat box. ~Genesis C.
Angela C. December 1, 2018
· Chemistry · Online
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Fiona K.

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$60 / 60-min

About Asa A.

Baltimore, MD
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Topics include (but are not limited to):

- functions (theorems, polynomials, graphs)
- derivatives (differentiation, first & second order)
- integrals (integration by parts/substitution)
- limits (evaluation, estimation)

About Asa
I am an MIT graduate in Computational Biology with a passion for teaching students and years of one-on-one tutoring experience. I will help you or your child break down difficult concepts and improve class performance. I provide tutoring in:

- Pre-Algebra & Algebra
- Geometry
- Calculus I & II
- High School & College Level Statistics

Computer Science
- Java
- Python
- Javascript

- High School Biology
- AP Biology
- Genetics
- Microbiology

Test Prep
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Asa A.

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$40 / 30-min

About Prof. Thirunavukkarasu

Bellevue, WA
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My effective tutoring in any part of CALCULUS will lead you to do easy homework and understand by my simple techniques and guidelines to achieve your goal. Several students had joined and completed in Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, IT, etc.etc, through my 12+ years of my tutoring in USA. Students from other countries are receiving my guidelines to develop their studies in Chemistry/Math/Physics.

About Prof. Thirunavukkarasu
Prof. Thirunavukkarasu.C., also known as Prof.Arassu.
1) Bachelor in Chemistry with Math and Physics
2) Master in Chemistry
3) Master in Organic Chemistry

1}15+ years of expert tutoring experience in Math,Chemistry and Physics in USA/Canada
2) 30+ years in overseas.
1) Online tutoring using Classroom of TakeLessons.com,
2) Online using SKYPE
3) One-to-one in Bellevue,Seattle.
Students save money and time by my tutoring.by about 300%!
Example: When
a student pays $30/= per hour he / she gains
about 3 hours of tutoring benefits in one hour by way of
money and time following my instructions. Therefore, student
benefits 2 to 3 hours in one hour of my tutoring.
!) Able to teach all levels of Chemistry / Math/Physics from the
fundamentals to advanced level in a simple and interesting
ways to achieve the goal of students.
2) Capable of clarifying doubts in any part of ChemistryMath and
Physics at any time.
3) Guiding easy techniques to solve difficult problems.
1) Most of my students have scored high rank in their quiz and
final exams from low scores.
2) Helping students for home assignments, web assignments,
quiz and exams.
3) My teaching style will be motivating,inspiring and guiding to
4) Students will find elevation to achieve high ranking position
after my tutoring.
6) Thousands of my tutored students have joined in Medicine,
Pharmacy, Engineering, Bio-engineering,Biotechnology IT
etc.,etc. both in US and overseas.


Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra,College Algebra, CLEP Calculus IB Mathematics HL, IB Mathematics SL,
AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Calculus 1,Calculus 2, Calculus 3,DUPE, Differential Equations, Pre-Calculus,
Pre-Algebra,Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra 3/4,Elementary Algebra, Elementary Math, Statistics.
PSAT Mathematics, SAT Mathematics, SAT II:
Subject Test in Mathematics – Level 1, SAT II:
Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2,
Algebra 3/4, CLEP College Algebra,Geometry, Elementary Algebra, Elementary Math,
ACT Math, COMPASS Mathematics

LSAT,IB Chemistry SL, IB Chemistry HL GRE Subject Test in Chemistry
Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,
Organic Chemistry, CLEP Chemistry,
SAT II: Subject Test in Chemistry, PCAT Chemistry

AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Physics, AP Physics 1 – DUP
Vik May 12, 2018
· AP Calculus · Online
Very Good instructor... really works through problems and focuses on what you want to do and need.
Susan May 2, 2018
· · In home
Very helpful in reinforcing and teaching concepts
Dana November 8, 2017
· Math · In studio
Mr T is excellent! He puts time and effort into teaching. So glad to find him. I highly recommend him.
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Prof. Thirunavukkarasu

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$30 / 60-min

About Brandon R.

Miami, FL

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Learning math can be an easy and fun process. We will break down concepts to simple terms and help develop a thorough understanding for each problem. By the end, you will feel confident for solving difficult problems and be prepared to ace all your exams. I am an experienced tutor for 4 years in this subject and have been involved in several math clubs/activities. I have also taken several university calculus courses and excelled and in every one.

About Brandon
I am an engineering student at the University of Miami and have been challenged to help students understand and excel at my FAVORITE subject, MATH. I have become well accustomed to the testing atmosphere and have developed shortcuts, testing tips and strategies, and easier methods for remembering and understanding the subject material. I am committed to helping my students comprehend the foundations and core principles required for excelling in mathematics. I am patient with my students and will show them how much FUN learning math can be!

In the past, I have provided instruction and tutoring to many of my peers and have helped them receive the grade they wanted in these subjects. I was also employed by a tutoring agency called "Clutch Prep" that offers extra teaching in math and science fields. Students are expected to dramatically i
mprove their math skills, testing techniques, and work ethic.

Please consider choosing me for an exciting, learning-filled adventure!
Cynthia January 15, 2019
· Pre Calculus · In studio
Brandon was extremely helpful in teaching me the unit circle and trigonometry. Definitely use him again!
Jeremy January 9, 2019
· Calculus · In studio
I had trouble with taking integrals of equations but Brandon showed me some great tips on how to do them quickly and easily
Tim January 9, 2019
· Algebra · In studio
Very happy with the help Brandon could offer, would definitely reach out in the future for any problems I have in understanding math
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Brandon R.

starting at
$34 / 30-min

About Joseph H.

Bedminster, NJ

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Expert at BC Calculus, Calculus 2

About Joseph
Johns Hopkins math degree, spectacular reviews and results. Expert at math SAT/ACT, calculus, precalculus, algebra, honors classes, math level 2 exam, and AP Calculus AB and BC exams.
Devraj June 17, 2019
· Pre Calculus · In home
Joseph has been a great teacher in math and I am thankful to know him since freshman year. He has been helping me get A's in all my tests and I am thankful to have a teacher like him
Dawn June 17, 2019
· AP Calculus · In home
Brilliant math tutor!
Joseph taught my son a few difficult topics in honors Pre-calculus. In 2 hours my son went from knowing nothing, to understanding the topics fully. Joseph is an expert in this field and was able to clearly and patiently explain everything that my son did not know. We used him multiple times including the following year for AP Calculus. We highly recommend him!
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Joseph H.

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$67 / 60-min
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About James H.

Miami, FL

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I have 30 years teaching experience in Mathematics.
From limits, to derivatives, to integration, I cover it all!
I will explain these hard topics in a simple step by step easily to follow instructions so you will be on your way to problem solve.
Once I teach you a topic, you will have to demonstrate to me that you understand.
Parents are always welcomed to actively participate in the learning process.

About James
Hi there!
My name is James. I have 30 years teaching experience in Mathematics and Sciences. I teach all ages, from K-12, college and university levels.
I teach all levels from the most remedial to the most advanced.

I am patience, student and parent friendly and will devote all my efforts to make sure you understand the material in order to succeed in school.
I will help you pass you quizzes and tests. I will help you with your homework and science projects.
I will help you pass your class, graduate from school and enter the career of your choice!
I will explain problems to you in a very simple step by step yet effective way how to problem solve.
I teach from simplicity to complexity. Once you have learned a topic, I will ask you to demonstrate to me that you understand the material.
I wish I had an experienced tutor when I was in schoo
l. Things would have been so much easier to learn.
As parents, we know how important an education is and how important it is to fully understand the material presented. My job is to make sure you fully understand the materials to be learned so you can succeed in school. You can count on my 30 years of experience to get the job done!

Parents are always welcomed to attend and actively participate in the learning process. Your input means alot to me and can make a huge difference on the student's success.
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James H.

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$75 / 90-min

About Evan L.

Tempe, AZ
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Calculus is my all-time favorite subject. I would have majored in it if it were possible. I took both AP tests 3 & 4 years ago (AB: 2015, BC: 2016) and received a 5 (akin to an A) on both. In college, I received an A in my Calculus III (Multivariable Calculus) course as well. In aggregate, I have more experience tutoring this subject than any other (~300 hours).

It’s no mystery why Calculus is my favorite. My classmates and I lucked out with our AP Calculus teacher. In no other class of equivalent caliber have I seen both my classmates and I learn so much with such little effort and those who have had a teacher like this know what I'm talking about. I considered the class to be an important step in deciding that I want to do physics and given the stigma surrounding the difficulty of the topic, I want to show that it's not nearly as incomprehensible as many claim. I walked away from Calculus with the overwhelming feeling of "that wasn't so bad; it made sense" and I want others to ...

About Evan
Hi! I was born in Irvine, CA and moved to Gilbert, AZ in 2008. In 8th grade, I became interested in chemistry but soon realized a year later that physics was more of what I really cared about. One thing led to another and in 2019, I finished college in 3 years and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in physics from ASU.

Despite specializing in physics subjects, I've actually spent more time tutoring math than I have physics. I've tutored in different fields of the subject at the upper high school and collegiate level since 2015. The main subjects for which I offer services are Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB/BC, Calculus I/II/III, AP Physics I/II/C (Mech and E&M), and University Physics I/II/III.

Paul Erdős (world-renowned mathematician) passionately advocated the view that math was something best practiced in a small soc
ial context, as opposed to alone or in a large classroom setting, and tutoring has made it easy for me to see why he felt that. I've tutored a handful of people I've met through school, family friends, etc. and have really enjoyed my experience throughout. Meetings with my tutees are something that I found myself looking forward to each week and nothing is more encouraging than when I can clearly see that my tutees feel the same. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy building personal relationships with my tutees (this can make summer break a bittersweet moment) and I've found that many of the times where not only my tutees but even I found math/physics most enjoyable were in a one-on-one setting.

I do my best to try to make learning a topic as pleasant as possible and will try to break up the monotony by bringing up something off-topic if I judge that it is interfering with your ability to learn. This is especially relevant for a long session. This should go without saying but I want you to be as comfortable around me as possible and unafraid to ask questions. Otherwise, it defeats a lot of the purpose of my assistance. Nonetheless, I look forward to tutoring you and I hope you consider reaching out!

Evan Lambertson
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Evan L.

starting at
$23 / 30-min

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