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Dr. Geoff A.

Dr. Geoff A.

Sample, ... normal distribution, ... hypothesis tests ... fewer words have struck more fear in the hearts of learners. If you have the Statistics blues, have no fear -- I've been teaching and tutoring Stats for over 20 years. In a typical session, I ask lots of questions rather than do a lot of lecturing. I feel like questions help me to understand your thinking process and your habits of mind. Since I know which Stats concepts will be covered in your course, I can help shape your thinking so that you can crush those problems when you get to them. I have found that using the shared whiteboard on Zoom works awesome for doing math problems together, especially if you have a tablet that you can write on too. Since I am on an iPad, it is a little awkward using video, so I typically conduct sessions using audio only. Feel free to use your own textbook - just please send me a few pictures or screenshots of the type of material you would like to cover. And we can use specific problems you select, or I can often make up my own problems. Whether you feel completely lost or just need a bit of help on some of the more challenging statistics questions, I'm happy to be your guide!
/45 mins
Molly S.

Molly S.

I am a lifelong educator with a passion for helping students reach their potential in science and math. I'm an astrophysicist by training (PhD from MIT) and taught high school physics and math for 8 years. I love working one-on-one with students and asking the right questions to lead students to figure out solutions for themselves rather than telling them exactly what to do. I've worked with middle school, high school, and college students in math courses ranging from pre-algebra to multivariable calculus. As a tutor, I work to meet students where they are and guide them through problems at the right level to build their confidence to work independently. I love helping students with physics problems and take great joy in helping students see the beauty of mathematics through the lens of applying it to the physical world. I have a special passion for astronomy and did research in cosmology for my PhD and can tutor in topics up to graduate level in astrophysics. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring nature, working on creative projects, and snuggling with my miniature dachshund. I'm eager to get to know potential students and would love to hear from you!
/30 mins