14 thoughts on “Too Many Piano Key Neckties and 14 More Problems Only Pianists Understand

  1. 1: I tape together ribbons of 4-5 pages at a time to help with this issue (since I’m mostly a collaborative pianist and scores can get very long). At least, then, you might only have 2-3 potential page turn disasters per piece.
    3: Huge problem since I have poor circulation in my hands and feet. But Hanon is not the answer–it’s just a good way to get injured.
    5: NO NO NO. Trying to “stretch” your hands will almost inevitably lead to injury. Be sensible about the type of repertoire you can play with the hand span God gave you.
    8: If you learn to “think in keys” this should be no problem. Think of scale degrees rather than “oh gawd 5 flats…”
    11: totally unnecessary if you have a notation program like Sibelius and can create a new score in the new key. And I’m a collaborative pianist who you’d think would have to deal with this often. The few times I’ve been asked to learn selections in a new key, though, there has always been a new score available, either through Sibelius or some sleuthing on the part of the teacher.

  2. I need practice with diatonic scales –runs in all keys I DO have a Blues scale book –but id like to make ‘runs’ like the pro’s (Kenny Barron) 🙂 I am ‘self taught’ what do I need??

  3. im tryg to get in with a trio bass and drums– this will ‘inspire ‘ me more to play like the pro’s– but I need ;discipline–and more theory practice ineed to play scales in jazz ???

  4. I love the tone & easy touch of my piano…and when I play the piano at our group’s monthly “gig”….it makes such a difference in my playing. Also, I don’t know why I’ve ALWAYS had such a problem playing “sharps”….it’s so much easier for me to play “flats”, so except for the key of G, I change the key of D to D flat….E to E flat…..etc……?

  5. How about when your kids put a whale beanie baby on the cover, then open it so the whale is lying on the strings where you can’t get to it and 4 of them won’t play? Then, when the piano tuner comes and asks, “What’s the problem?” you have to tell him, “There is a whale in the piano.” That doesn’t make you look crazy at all.

  6. When visitors come and you hope to God that they don’t go near your most treasured possession – your piano 🙂

  7. I can totally relate to everything especially number 11 haha xD I’d be like… “Should I ask if I could play or… play” haha :p

  8. No 1….easy…..you photocopy the pages and sticky tape them together sideways and get them laminated in the printshop…..you can play maybe 7-8 pages long piece without turning……..this is how I do it…..simple

  9. My friends overrate me and want me to play every time I visit. I’m sure I’ve made Rubinstein roll over in his grave many times.

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