7 thoughts on “Does Piano Learning Software Actually Work?

  1. As a piano teacher myself I may be biased, however, as a school teacher, I know that without real guidance from a professional, learners find it incredibly difficult to self-manage their learning in ANY subject.

  2. Who can afford privatee lessons from a teacher. These computer online programs enable the average income noe to learn how to play. Nothing can replace a teacher. Piano teaching programs just level the playing field

  3. I would like some more information on this product and about what my dad should do to learn the piano. He has a small musical i believe it’s 61 key keyboard that he connects to his laptop through blue-tooth. Please give me some suggestions.

    1. Hi Bishop-For more information on the product, try heading over to the product’s website. If your dad wants to learn the piano, you might want to consider signing up for private or online lessons!

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